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Castries Teenager Charged With Illegal Firearm Possession, Assault


On Monday May 15, 2023 about 6:45 p.m. Officers of the Criminal Investigations Department received a report of robbery at Morne Fortune, Castries. A cellular phone and a quantity of cash were stolen from the victim.

On Tuesday May 16 about 12:55 a.m. Officers of the Central division, received a report of assault, whilst on patrol on Jeremie Street, Castries.

A report of assault with a firearm was conveyed to the Officers.

One male, who was later identified as eighteen (18) year old Mickeil Dubois of Pavee, Castries was apprehended on Lewis Street, Castries and Officers recovered one (1) Smith and Wesson firearm, one (1) magazine and one (1) cellular phone.

Whist processing the suspect it was revealed that the cellular phone recovered belonged to the victim of the of the Robbery at Morne Fortune, Castries on Monday May 15, 2023.

Mickeil Dubois was escorted to the first district court on Wednesday May, 17, 2023 and bailed for offence of Possession of Firearm in the sum of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) cash or suitable surety and for the offence of Assault the sum of one thousand dollars ($1000).

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Stock image

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  1. We already knew the illegal firearm bail amount was a joke but $1000 for assault and robbery? The penal system here is a joke.

  2. Let me count my blessings. A teenager with two violent gun confrontations in two days is given bail. Let me thank my lucky star that I may have an opportunity to meet him. Thanks Pip.
    Gassa, change/amend the law that permits that low-life to be back in public circulation.

  3. He was bailed???? What poppyshow is this??? The gunslinging young man spends his nights assaulting and robbing innocent, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens –and giving stress to citizens and visitors day and night, and as soon as you get a chance to stop him from creating further havoc, you set him loose to carry out more terror!!! The political leaders talk a lot about fixing the nation’s crime problem, but their talk is empty!

  4. This is Really Shit Happening at the Courts kn St.Lucia .No wonder the Crime Rate is So High.The Prime Minister Upgraded the Fine for Unlicensed Firearms and Ammunition and these Magestrates Refuse to Comply .Fire all of them and Employ Foreign Magestrates

  5. For y’all ignoramuses blaming the Judiciary. THE JUDICIARY DOES NOT CREATE LAWS. The politicians create the laws. If you want judges and magistrates to impose stricter penalties write your MP and ask them to change the damn laws. Some of you in this country are really embarrassing.

  6. When will that case be heard? I continue to ask magistrate Phulchere what will the other gun cases be heard?
    We have to call the magistrates “Adjourned “.

  7. This situation in St Lucia seriously needs to change. The police do their job on occasions and catch the criminals then the court system let’s them back out In
    society to continue to terrorise communities. I just can’t understand why this is not seen by the current government or the opposition as a main priority to change the way the courts operate. Bail should not be available to anyone that has been caught with an illegal gun or ammunition, if anyone is really serious about gun crime happening in St Lucia do something!

  8. Are they really care about us the people of this country? St Lucian’s , we need to go out there in the streets and protest against those we put at the head to take care of us and protect us . My god where do we stand , they are sending the criminals back in a he streets to kill us. Lord put a hand . Our leaders are weak. Are they doing this just because they do not want to lose votes??? Mr pjp , I know that you are In charged of a getto area, you know very well that they will not kill you , but mr Pierre, please please revisit our criminal laws make us feel safe in our land again pls .
    $30,000,00 and up if caught with an unlicensed firearm. Please . The jumbie bail price is not working . Do something so called Pm .


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