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Police Probe Double Homicide


Saint Lucia police have appealed for information that may assist their investigations into a double homicide early Saturday morning at Sunny Acres.

Officers identified the deceased as Akeem Henry, alias ‘Ibu’ and Seraphina Smith.

According to reports, both were in a Grey BMW that crashed near Gablewoods Shopping Mall after coming under gunfire.

Emergency responders from the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) Headquarters in Castries initially received a report at about 4:18 am that there had been a car accident.

On arrival, the responders transported both shooting victims to the hospital, where a medical practitioner pronounced them dead.

Earlier, at about 1:24 am, an emergency crew rushed to Marchand, Castries, in response to a shooting report.

Reports indicate that one man sustained gunshot injuries and was transported to the hospital in stable condition.

Investigators have urged anyone with information regarding the shootings to contact the nearest police station or the Crime Hotline at 555 (for anonymous reporting).


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  1. ……and it’s Pierre fault he should have been up at that hr of the morning while the majority of us are sleeping….no rest for the weary he is the minister of national security so he should be securing the place. Archie where hart thou.

  2. The police are too slow, the guys are taking care of business for them . They know who the killers are . Rite in the small circle of Castries .

  3. iIt is the PJP and the govt fault. Govt primary responsibility is to Protect it’s Citizenry. When the govt has an EDUCATION SYSTEM WHICH DOESN’ T MAKE THE SCHOOL CHILDREN EMPLOYABLE. When there is absolutely ZERO EXPENDITURE on initiatives for the children. No public playgrounds where u can bring your kids. When there is absolutely No Policing of our Roads, When there is zero investments that will provide employment. When govt spends more money on perks for them and their buddies, when govt continues to employ retirees rather than young people being allowed to move upward in the sysytem, when politicians are the same lawyers who defend those criminals in court and give them money election time to vote, give them contracts to pay bail and stuff like traffic tickets and gv them contracts to allow them to buy their guns. IT IS THE GOVERNMENT FAULT. UNTIL ALL U REMOVE THIS BIAS POLITICAL BIAS CRIME WILL NOT STOP.

  4. I hope that honorable fool will remain on the ship when it sinks. Pierre is the leader of the government, the country and the NATIONAL SECURITY MINISTER. 6 months after increased investments in the police force, more vehicles and more police officers on the ground what has changed ? The criminals will obviously migrate to other parts of the island. PM Pierre and PM Kenny have also represented the most difficult areas for over 26 years, what have they done to fix the social issues there ? Take that SLP stick out from your rear end you clown.

  5. I have learned to ignore that SLP party hack Most Honourable. Doesn’t seem capable of viewing a single news article objectively. In the modern, democratic world this minister of security would have resigned because the rampant crime reflects a failure on the policies and actions of the department. He is ultimately responsible for that. If you are the head of a company and it is failing, you can’t say you are not responsible because you don’t work on the production floor. It is high time we hold those politicians to account.

  6. The authorities let this fester too long. Soon it will be impossible to contain. Judges and politicians, don’t think they won’t be coming after you. It doesn’t affect y’all now so y’all don’t care. But the chickens always come home to roost.

  7. I think we St Luciana must stop blaming Government for crimes.Either parry I must say.
    We are too ignorant for making such stupid point.
    Luciana be wise and think twice before making comments.

  8. Archieeeeeee….maybe you need to see the doctor Archie your medicine is not working, there there there. Maybe you should call your buddy Allen and ask him for the number of his shrink, but it’s happy hour now he is probably having a Mai Tai to celebrate his victory over that Black Man, I know how you boys feel about them Archie. I washed your Klan Robe Archie I add starch just the way you like it.

  9. This incompetent government lauds themselves for spending $8 million of taxpayers money on a local jazz fete.
    On the issue of internal security, one of the most important tasks of a government, they have failed abysmally and have absolutely no answers but think that Jazz will cover all their sins.
    Yet a criminal member of their clique can come on the airwaves and hundreds of immoral women will offer wonderful words of encouragement to that scoundrel. What kind of people are we and how classless are we ?

  10. This have Nothing to Do with Politricktians. These persons have been involved in Crime of all Classes A.B.and C .persons who have been Affected Deal with it .Because the police Depends on Eye Witnesses .There are Cameras all over at that Location do you all investigation.Stop asking Normal Citizens to put their Life at Risk by giving Police information .The entire Police Roof all over St.Lucia is Leaking when they Receive information

  11. The police can’t be in every nook and cranny of St.Luvis at all hours of the day and night. They have to be strategic in their deployment of resources and target designated high crime areas. Having said this, the police need to be hot on the tails of these criminals and use all legal means at their disposal to bring them to justice. Again it seems our gun laws and criminal justice system is too lenient on possession of illegal guns. Public must help the police solve this case because they can’t do it alone.

  12. @Morning Glory! When you have criminals as your leaders what do you expect? When criminals accuse the innocent of corruption and after 2 years in office can’t prove a shit, what do you expect. When leaders (ministers) continue to lie to their people, what do you expect? When You have a government that never had a plane for anything, what do you expect? Let us use Bexon as an example. Bexon community was known for vehicular accidents and not homicide. Are you surprised that today there is an increase in homicide in Bexon? No I am not, because they elected someone who walked into a church with a firearm to incite violence. Our country is being lead by a bunch of criminals and I do not expect anything better.

  13. Most of you here talking bs….crime evolves and revolves as this hit on a moving target is not a random occurrence. There are actually murderers and former hitmen amongst us…at the supermarkets…banks…bus stops…bars and restaurants. The only and quick stop to crime is allow police to access all cell phone data…forget about rights to privacy etc…someone made a call and someone probably received a call or message at the time of this crime…call logs and even historic messages can be retrieved!!!!

  14. I’m suggesting those sagicor cameras got good footage of the action that took place.

  15. If they cared they would be doing press releases and press conferences about crime and proffering solutions to deal with it. Instead every Tuesday during parliamenr it’s Chastenet Chastenent, Chastenent, then on Thursday more of same… Chastenet, Chastenet., Chastenet. Multiple homicides in Vfort and we had to beg PJP to address the country yet let Chastenet make one comment and PR machinery in full swing to “debunk”. Not once has crime been addressed on a Thursday night. We had a bloody weekend in Vieux Fort and on Thursday night instead of addressing this on Can I help me, we got a healthy dose of Chastenet, Chastenet, Chastenet. Our focus determines our priorities.. Chastenet, Carnival and Jazz …

  16. Seraphina..A name I swear I have never heard in St. Lucia before apart from a stage play, yet this year 2 Seraphinas have been murdered so far. What a year for Seraphinas….

  17. @Mad max you are straight up on point. The only issue is that innocent victims can also become casualties in this gundemic..âś…

  18. Why doesn’t President Biden save all Americans…some of you need to get a grip…ridiculous

  19. So now moving vehicles are being targeted. Do you think these thugs would have the courteousness to hold off on their hit if there were innocent bystanders around? This is getting worse and worse, and these fools are doing two things lauding their “successes” and attacking the opposition leader while the country falls into the hands of the criminals. We are in big trouble on this tiny island.

  20. Im sure the restaurant right there has cameras…officers do some investigative work and stop being lazy.

  21. Saint Lucians, the real crime taking place in this country which is silently killing all of us, is that perpetuated by Massy. Day after day we are all being robbed of our hard earned money at their stores in the name of profit. All this while our so called governments says nothing, our chamber of commess says nothing. It is time that we revolt against those high prices. It is time that we demand that we are treated fairly with those price increases. And if you for any reason you doubt that Massy is criminal in its practices compare the prices on their shelves to that in the supplying countries. How on earth can something cost US$8.98 in an online store and in Saint Lucia EC$101.99? Trust me – the increases in transportation and fuel costs can never result in such massive price increases. That something costing $8.98 in the US can cost the equivalent of US$37.54 in Saint Lucia is surely criminal. So Lucians watch your bread and say no to Massy! Let us unite and speak against this abuse for our governments have shown that they will side with the conglomerates over us.

  22. @Morning glory i concur. Such fools to blame Government for crime. Like really? It doesnt matter which party is in power i will never blame them. Un educated fools. Smh

  23. St. Lucia’s and the rest of the Caribbean Islands Crime Wave, Will Create A Fall off In Tourism Numbers, Because I Will Never Visit Again.
    Several Regions On The Continent of Africa Such As Seychelles and Mauritius are Virtually Zero Crime; and Are New Destinations. Caribbean Political Leaders In Suits and Degrees Will Become Macroeconomically Extinct.

  24. Stop Blaming government about crimes in the country That’s a new bold face young people with no regards to others life.They are heartless thugs .Some of u all comments Blaming the government is baseless.And those flambeaus writing their nonsense u all are so desperate for the white masa to come back in power but st lucians don’t forget what he did to them 5yrs ago.

  25. I think government have shares in Massy because no way, can massy be here in st lucia without competition! This should never be! imagine a supermarket without competition that can do what it wants. Remember courts, cable and wireless ect… how they bled lucians dry for years? Now people who working cant afford food far less those who not working! offcourse criminals will all have a supply of new recruits to put devastation on the land! these young people looking for money! st lucian politicians have buried st lucians for more than 50 years hoping you all dont wake up. they were the ones who put things in place for only massy, courts, cable and wireless ect… it took generations to take out the last two and bring competition! st lucia not going nowhere! the same level of development in st lucia 30 years ago is the same thing now. but far more crime. can u imagine? no development in 50 years just politicians stealing, borrowing and doing nothing except beat their ahs!

  26. Governments are solely responsible for the crime rate. No, they cannot stop crime completely, but they can reduce it considerably. So the argument should be weather governments have the money and resources to fight crime. Why some countries have a very low crime rate and other countries are riddled with crime? Rightly so, some of us blame parents. But what about those parents who neglect their responsibilities. That’s where governments step in. Who supposed to put policies in place so our children stay on the right track in terms of their education, sports and their social behavior? Governments. In addition to equipments and training for the police. Policies that will speed up the justice system so that the conviction rate can increase. Notice I kept mentioning governments and not just one government.

  27. By the logic of some of the commenters if government is not accountable to running the country when things are going poorly, they can’t claim accolades when things go well. The majority of St. Lucians don’t like holding others accountable because they wouldn’t want to be held accountable themselves. Let it be so you can let me be as well.

  28. Thank you S.T.O.L. I’ve been a target for too long; I guess our democracy is too much to bear. I spoke against a proposal of a Nigerian Airline to buy 70% share into LIAT – & the saturation of Nigerian manner of business & a possible flood of them in the Caribbean and beyond; possible trouble with the U.S. like some one here; was that too close for comfort? who is controlling our freedom of speech & our writing on this Island? I also mentioned why we didn’T go for some Badass tough Cops from the bigger Islands & possibly Cuba, not some Tin-Pan-Alley small Island guys. I guess my comment sounds too much like a white Chastanet which I’m not. May democracy reign in St. Lucia, my dear Lord.

  29. Comments indicate that If a white man rules he is always right and things in StLucia will be so much better. Interesting, but the mentality definitely needs to change my people. Where is the uproar for the reimbursement of the $7.3M vaccine monies which can assist in some of the things mentioned above.

  30. Those same fools that are now saying you can’t blame government for the crime rate were singing from a different song book two years ago. I would like them to answer something simple. Who is responsible for our Education system? Isn’t it the government, hence a Minister of Education. Who is responsible for the health of the nation? The government is, so we have a Minister of Health. Then it goes without saying that if we have a Minister of National Security, that the government is responsible for the security of the nation. Why can we blame them when health care is in a mess, when our Education system is in shambles, when our sports facilities are a lightyear away from any country in the world but hacks are here saying we cannot blame them for the state of crime and next to zero security..

  31. REST MY CASE To add to what you said. If at the end of the year, we register only 40 homicides, those same persons will be lauding the government for a job well done.

  32. @Rest My Case. You are perfectly right. Another of their foolish sayings, “Don’t politicise crime.” You can politicise education, health or anything else… except crime. It screams of government avoiding accountability and responsibility. My favorite is the rebuttal,”there is crime everywhere.” Those people don’t even know that such a thing as crime rate exists. The politicians have managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the sheep… or they are uneducated as the politicians love them.

    Ultimately, Pierre is responsible for the management of crime. His weak approach of bailing gunslingers has an outcome. It may be psychological or otherwise. If he succeeds he gets praises, if he doesn’t succeed, he is criticized. Personally, I doubt Pierre will succeed…not with his catch and release for gunmen.

  33. You’ll must learn to stop politicising crime. With that being said, Mr. Ibu luck finally run out. Just sorry for the female who passed away. Whenever there is an attempt on his life someone else also ends up dying. For those who didn’t know, Mr Ibu was the driver of the car which came under heavy fire on the Morne in which another female died in the back. The car was retrieved in the Marchand Boulevard(his liming spot).

  34. The US can not prevent or solve crime. Why are we of the view that the reverse is possible in St.Lucia. The only solution is Jesus Christ. Just accept him, simple.

  35. MG believe me, we had 74 or so last year if we record 70 or below they will be beating their chest saying that it was because of their policies that we have a reduction. More vehicles for the police, more police on the streets even if they are invisible. I recall in 2020 when there was a reduction in the homicide rate and Chas tried to boast about it, Helaire was first to criticize him and remind him that people were on lockdown and there was curfew for an extended period. I saw someone saying that the USA cannot stop crime so why we think we can. Yes crime is everywhere but there is containment. Singapore has crime but it is minimal, St Kitts, Dominica and Grenada crime figures are manageable. That’s what we should be concerned about not cutting each other’s throat and not putting the blame where it belongs to reduce or contain the crime rate.

  36. The reality is as long as you are old enough and mentally capable of making decisions ..your choices are yours and choices good or bad have consequences…that’s a fact.

    There are some who refuse to find LEGAL employment regardless how much it paid hourly. It is parents responsibility to raise their children. Some of us can not afford one child but we have decided to have several by different guys that are not ambitious and going no where very fast and thereafter we want to blame others. Some refuse to educate themselves ..that’s also your choice to remain illiterate.

    Rome was not built in a day stop envying others who made better choices that you did. Perhaps you should ask them for some guidance.

    People who have something to lose, should not keep company with those who have nothing to lose. You should only blame yourself for your choices.

  37. Accept my sympathy , they will continue killing themselves. But has anyone realized the decline in economic down turn of activity in the north of the island last week. Lucians watch you’ll business . The oven on high…… stop studying jackasses from yellow and red sides. Pay attention to prices of items and economic activity.


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