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Ramnaresh Sarwan Questions Daren Sammy’s Head Coach Appointment

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Former West Indies Captain Ramnaresh Sarwan has questioned Daren Sammy’s appointment as West Indies white-ball coach over Shivnarine Chanderpaul.

Cricket West Indies (CWI) hired Sammy last month as white-ball head coach.

The thirty-nine-year-old Saint Lucian has coached Peshawar Zalmi in the PSL and the St. Lucia Kings in the CPL.

CWI gave him the job as white-ball head coach, although the former West Indies captain did not have a level three coaching certificate.

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However, Ramnaresh Sarwan took to social media to question how Sammy got the job over Shivnarine Chanderpaul, who was on the shortlist.

“Chanderpaul is fully qualified with a level III certificate, and Sammy has almost zero coaching qualifications. Shockingly, Daren Sammy confirmed as coach. How is this possible? “Sarwan stated.

He asserted that the CWI President has a professional and moral obligation to the Caribbean people and, without delay, to make public the method used to select the coach.

In addition, Sarwan noted that two people were shortlisted of twenty-two who were interviewed for the white-ball coaching position.

“The big question is why were the other twenty persons/coaches not made known to CWI directors, and also, why is this a big secret and being kept away from the cricketing public? In the interest of transparency, those names should have been made available, at least to directors of CWI,” he wrote.

“Is it because Chanderpaul is a Guyanese and Sammy is from the Windward Islands? If not, what is it?” Sarwan asked regarding Sammy’s head coach appointment over Chanderpaul.

Sarwan said he was always aware that West Indies cricket has insularity, but he asserted that nepotism was becoming very prominent with this administration.

At a recent news conference, Sammy declared that his strongest assets are willpower and self-belief.

“If I look at my journey to being here, no one thought I would play test cricket or even captain the West Indies. Life is about breaking barriers, believing in yourself trusting in the processes that could lead to success,” he told the news conference last week.

And amid criticism of his head coach appointment, Sammy disclosed that he had started the process of being certified.

He told reporters that he was working with the West Indies team and developing himself as a coach regarding needed qualifications.

“Once I understand what is required and I am doing everything in my power to do what is required, that’s all that matters to me. I am paid to try and bring results to West Indies cricket and I am vouching now that I will do it to the best of my ability,” Sammy declared.

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  3. Mr Sarwan do you have a problem with Sammy being selected over Shandrapaul or is it because WI dumped you and made Sammy captain? I don’t think this have anything to do with your love for WI cricket or even your concern for your fellow Guyanese. The whole Caribbean and by extention the cricketing loving enthusiasts of the world is eager to see what Sammy will bring to the table, knowing the passion that he has. You had a problem managing your weight, that’s why you were dumped. Take a good look at Sammy even at 39 he can keep up with the boys.Man what are you talking about? The truth is Sarwan was and Sammy is,put it in your pipe and smoke it. While we St Lucian cheer him on.

  4. If we all west Indians why the cry of nationality? If he’s ask to take up the task it’s only because they saw the potential and requirements within him. Not until sammy came to the party st lucian cricketers were always short handed why cry now. Give the brother his chance to prove u wrong like he always do. Run wit it DS 88.UP

  5. There maybe was some favoritism where Sammy was concerned but these Indian Guyanese can sometime be a bunch of jealous and bitter people.

  6. Whenever someone from the so-called smaller islands get a position in cricket someone from the so-called bigger islands complain and cry nepotism.

  7. Sammy may not have the certification.
    However he has the qualification and passion for the job.
    Remember his captaincy of the team.

  8. Sammy, even without the certificates would be selected over any other anywhere in the would so Sarwan, go suck some salt and figure it out. Suckers always create division.

  9. Sarwan we have great respect for you you were a beast as a middle order batsman let us keep that memory of you however maybe the reason Sammy was picked over chanderpaul is maybe the fact chanderpaul is a softie these young players will take him for a joke not matter the qualifications it’s character Sammy is stern and can authoritative figure unlike chanderpaul he was once captain and how that turn out his players didn’t respect him they did what they wanted with him

  10. i understand where you coming from but dont be a hater sarwan, at the end of the day if you have been a captain of a team and you have served your team well and pushed them to success you are as good as any qualified coach. Chanderpaul may have the qualifications but does he have what it takes just like Sammy to be passionate and everything else that is required of him to even be a leader? Most times people with all the qualifications that dont know jackadams about the job getting the job and getting big pay and they still have to ask the little person how to do the job.

  11. I agree with Sarwan. Sammy was not a good cricket player. He is ignorant and arrogant. First mistake naming the stadium after him.

  12. Why is it that we Looshans are happy Sammy is coach and we have a problem with Sarwan being pissed his country man Chanders did not get the job?

    Sarwan has a point! If the WICB asked only qualified coaches to apply, why did it choose a coach a coach who is not qualified? That’s the question. We can’t hate the man for asking that question. Yes, Sammy’s won 2 World Cups but that does not answer Sarwan’s question. Clive Lloyd also won 2 World Cups. All it says is that Sammy was a good captain. Lloyd was an exceptional captain in all formats. Did the WI coach play any role in Sammy’s successes like by helping to decide the batting order, the bowling changes and field placing? Did the coach help to improve the bowling and batting techniques of the players during the two tournaments?

    Like Sammy, England’s coach Mc Callum had very little coaching experience when he was appointed coach for all formats. Like the ECB, the WICB is banking on Sammy’s positive mindset and his ability to inspire others to succeed. We can only hope and pray that the WICB made the right call to offer Sammy the job and that Sammy made the right decision to accept.

    But let’s accept Sarwan has a point. If the WICB asked only qualified coaches to apply, it must give solid reasons for not choosing a certified coach. Otherwise what’s the point for anybody to seek to become a certified coach?

  13. Shiv has been a great batsman for WI but never a good leader of men. He was appointed captain once and we all witness his laid back style. We all know his personality is not suited for such leadership. Sammy on the other hand has proven thst he can lead and is a wonderful motivator. WI cricket has seen a number of so called qualified people coaching but absolutely no result. My bet is on Sammy. Now ask for insularity Sawan knows this is a joke as the Windwards and indeed Leewards players have to prove themsrlves three times as much ad Guyanese , Bajans , Trinis or Jamaicans to set foot on West Indies. Its reverse phycology. Sammy is the man.

  14. Sarwan is right. A coach needs to be more than a motivator. We’ll see how this goes. Hooefully, it goes well.


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