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‘We Are One United Team’ – Shawn Edward Dismisses Opposition Claims Of Discord


Thursday night, the Second Deputy Leader of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) dismissed opposition claims of discord within the ranks of government.

“We are one united team. We will stand up with our leader and our Prime Minister. We will stand up with each other. We will support our people. We will put people first. We will spend the country’s money wisely,” Edward told supporters at a Castries Market steps rally.

He declared that after 22 months in government, the SLP was among the best-performing administrations in the Caribbean.

“You telling me that these fellows deserve a chance to be at the helm of government again? We cannot afford that,” the Dennery North MP stated.

“You have to stand up with your MP. You have to stand up with your ministers. You have to stop criticising your party in the public domain. And if you have a problem with your rep, you have a problem with your party, let us do that behind closed doors,” the Education Minister told the crowd.

“Let us argue behind closed doors. But do not wait for when you go on that bus. Do not wait for when you assemble at the cemetery. Do not wait for when you go to the market to criticise and chastise your government,” Edward said.

He told rally attendees that the government works in their best interest and is the best choice for Saint Lucia’s advancement.

“My brothers and sisters, you have to protect the victory. My brothers and sisters they are busy plotting,” Edward noted.

He observed that under the United Workers Party, they were targets of victimisation.

“Do not make the mistake of giving the United Workers Party another chance at government. We have come from too far. Our country is doing too well,” Edward asserted.

He said the opposition was speaking about government infighting, praying for disunity and wanted discord.

“They want implosion,” Edward told the crowd.

But he said the government is united.

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  1. “We are one united team” he said. I wonder if his counting skills are like that of his leader.

    But 3 words for you Shawn Edward – stop lying! 😆

  2. Thank you Mr Edward, now please give us less to complain and chastise you about. Do your jobs! Finish the damn hospital and clean up Guys mess on the highway and give us a livable minimum wage now or we’ll vote you out again. No one in st.lucia wants to suffer the wrath of chastenet again, a man that was born rich and never worked a day in his life telling poor people how to be better. But if you’ll don’t smarten up that’s what’s going to happen

  3. Sean you do not have to cry for your bread it’s already butter. Your pension is secured. So allow someone else to cry . You all are too greedy. The platinum vote are watching . Develop the country . Create jobs for our young ppl . Think out of the box , bring in new ideas.

  4. Looks like Chastanet know what he talking about. There is discord indeed. Seems some party members may not be sure of their positions. A den of snakes I always heard. Things getting tough for certain people. Knives out! Now who gonna tell the dep. U. Tee. that he must step down and out! The support not there anymore! So dem fellas looking to have a feast with dah man and deservingly so!

  5. Were these guys lying on RF during his uwp reign, cause the man to lose his visa, drug dealer, money laundering, acquired how much properties? I don’t understand. King was doing such a bad job. So how can I believe what you’re saying about Chas and Guy. I guess my enemy is your enemy makes us buddies. Never trust politicians.

  6. Where are we compared to 2019? We are climbing out of the depths of the pandemic that destroyed our tourism industry for over a year……… so logically we must grow. From zero tourism to tourists returning in abundance. The Labour party has stopped most capital projects and is bereft of any ideas or substantive policies. They themselves are riding a wave that they had absolutely no part of, no matter the poisonously poetic writings of red Kool-Aid imbibed pop-up journalists with a chip on their shoulders. One might say they are only good for divisive, condescending, racist and hateful rhetoric. People are not stupid. If you think you are doing so well……call elections now.

  7. Bavaah, deep in your mind you believe St. LUCIANS will support Chastanet and Guy Joseph again? Wow!!!!. They sold passports and cannot tell us the amount , they borrowed 863 million dollars, they build no school, no hospital, no housing scheme,np police station. So why should St. Lucians vote for them?

  8. My comment please. Haven’t disrespect or say nothing that is not true to not have it posted. Thank you

  9. Whatever happened to the Carnival Cruiselines? Why do they no longer travel to St. Lucia?

  10. We are one united team or pretending to be. If you have a problem with your mp don’t take it out on the party. Why not as u all are the same. If u have a situation that yr mp choose not to understand because of biasness or because he or she can’t use u any more and u go to a member of the party for assistance what u get is why are u harassing me. They are aware of all the problems and instead of coming together as a united team and advice their colleague they do nothing but lambasts the member or members of the constituency and go out there pretending to be a united supporter Sam. I dislike hypocrisy, greed and hypocrisy and in my eyes that is what this party is now. This is not the party we once knew. They will come to you begging u to vote for them, help them win the seat and when they get there they pretend like they don’t even know who u are. I cannot wait for the next election when they will come begging us to help them stay n power to get their jobs back we stand and tell them to stop harassing us. We got choices so let’s stop allowing them to use us and pretend like all is well. I do not like that party any more. To much hypocrisy. I wonder what’s with the representative for Laborie I am yet to hear him speak or make any comment about the party he once love. That’s right brother don’t allow them to use u an longer. Do what u have to do now and graciously bow away from them. 3 years is just round the corner do meekly wait and murmur not and let us stifle by not speaking on the bus or the market etc. Pearce and love my prople

  11. Its just a march, why are people panicking? Shawn I never saw you here before, what disturbed you Pal? some sounds like they in Election mode; relax guys, seek not earthly grandiose, seek Him the Master & creator of all things on Earth and the Heavens above you, things that are clean Holy and true. To quote “EN BEN BON” above:- Drug dealer, Money laundering, we must ask ourselves, is that all for the advancement of this Island or is it a hindrance when the news gets out? that and all the crime, the killing, shooting etc. do you blame the man and his friends for marching, as long as its done with no noise or fighting.

  12. Waiting for these people to stop worrying about securing the victory and focus on securing the country. Your’ll are doing the same things your’ll criticized the last bunch for. This country is in trouble.

  13. @action well put together and well said. Very simple. During the third year we should move to third gear which the people expect. Do not drop the ball SLP.

  14. The party wants to stay in office for the next 13 years, well start by doing these 3 projects…!) Complete the hospital. 2) Scrap the horse race track or relocate it and finish the Abattroi and 3) Give the people good motorable roads and not roads laden with potholes and when repaired, they are like roller coasters !! Government always believe that they know what is best for the majority, when it is obvious that they have no clue. To be a good government you must do things that impact the lives of the majority and not a few.


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