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Chastanet Declares Victory In Privy Council Case Involving Hilaire


The Honorable Allen Chastanet wins again! On 13 June 2023, the Privy Council delivered
a landmark decision in favor of Mr. Chastanet, vindicating him one more time.

This represents yet another victory for the Leader of the Opposition and the United Workers Party (UWP) in a series of matters brought before the Law Courts, all in an attempt to silence the Leader of the Opposition and to intimidate the court and the people of Saint Lucia.

The Labour Party and its agents have been trying to use the court of public opinion over the last few years for political expediency, to discredit Mr. Chastanet and to quieten him and the voice of the people but the Opposition Leader will not be deterred.

This most recent win sends a strong message to the Labour Party that justice will prevail in spite of their efforts to do and use anything ‘to protect the victory’.

In the  landmark case, Dr. Ernest Hilaire filed a claim in the High Court against Mr.
Chastanet for defamation in respect of remarks made by Mr. Chastanet relative to Dr. Hilaire’s role in the appointment of Dr. Walid Bin Ahmed Al-Juffali as Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Saint Lucia to the International Maritime Organization.

On appeal by Mr. Chastanet, the decision of the High Court was reversed by the Court of Appeal.

It held that the common law and statute law in relation to contracts, quasi contracts and torts were imported into Saint Lucian law by virtue of Article 917A of the Civil Code and that independence per se did not have the effect of abolishing or repealing colonial laws.

On appeal by Dr. Hilaire, the Privy Council upheld the ruling of the Court of Appeal stating that the law of England relating to contracts and torts, including Acts of the UK Parliament made after Saint Lucia attained independence, applies in Saint Lucia.

Mr. Chastanet’s position was completely vindicated by this landmark decision, and he will be assiduously pressing the High Court for a speedy resolution of this baseless claim.

In spite of the efforts made to give the impression that our jurisprudence remains locked in a colonial past, the Privy Council was pellucidly clear that the continuing validity of our pre- independence laws is squarely in the hands of the Parliament and the Law Courts of our independent Saint Lucia.

The United Workers Party is very pleased with the outcome of this matter. The continuous
attempts by the Labour Party to suppress the voice of the people will not go unchallenged.

The people will not be silenced. The United Workers Party reaffirms it’s commitment to law and order and will continue to use every legal means available to ensure we preserve our democracy.

SOURCE: United Workers Party

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  1. Re Article.. Regarding Colonial law sec 197 A .
    That’s smells rotten, and will never end until a closer look is taken in this Matter.
    I suggest that, these people should step aside and fight their battle elsewhere and proceed with establishing a fair living minimum wage system and stop wasting valuable time pointing fingers at each other… When we point fingers, your Thumb points back to you..!
    Let’s enact a fair living wage of $10+ per hourly work for everyone to boost our economy, Currently we are too far behind the 8 Ball..
    We need a financial Stability to combat Crimes in St Lucia.. I would like to have a debate on a livable minimum wage of $10+ per hour to help our working poor…
    That’s my observation and analysis of solving our current problems..

  2. What we need is a minimum wage rate 10 EC dollars an hour how can we have over 80 percent of private sector workers earning wages as low as 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour

  3. That’s exactly why chastnet don’t want st.lucia to join the CCJ .. the white men who don’t even knows if st.lucia exists is on his side .. wow . Privy council is based on slavery. See chastnet never speaks about reparation. Just wants to rule and oppress black people…

  4. Chastanet has set a legal precedent by taking the case to the highest level. given Hilaire’s position he failed to be transparent. this case has repurcussions beyond Chastanet, beyond Hilaire, beyond St lucia. countries have to be careful who they appoint in those positions. unfortunately for st lucia, they take anybody to serve overseas. and this has landed us in this mess. now similar cases, will need to take their cue from this judgement. And it is sad for all of us that one appointment at st lucia’s end proved to be so controversial due to certain actions taken. Vet and vet some more when certain positions are being filled. those posts cannot be left to people who have done questionable things. or those who barely literate. In short, it cannot be a reward position for politician friends, jabals and wives. doing so can land the entire nation in trouble and paint it black overseas. we have our visa free, and other benefits as st lucians to protect not only in the UK but in other countries as well. all governments must be be careful and responsible.

  5. These clowns all they do is fight each other is that what they were put there for what a shame, victory here victory there where’s the victory for the por working people that are being taking advantage of can anyone tell me?

  6. 3 – 0 for Uncle Chas. In Cricket that would be a great start. In Politics, it is considered “Knowing your constitutional rights.” I think Constitutional Rights should be part of the curriculum in school. Imagine Uncle Chas did not know his rights or did not have the means to fight for his rights – this immediately would have left all Lucians in the dark. I am so glad there is transparency in such cases. I am just leaning everything now

  7. @ anonymous, my sentiments exactly, what is st.lucia parliament? WWE? Chas 3-0? What he win? A belt? Seems st.lucia times have no shame, ‘the honorable Allen chastanet wins again’ . mah te kweh ou sah parle avec lo lo bef an gel ou
    ‘The continuing validity of our pre-independence laws is squarely in the hands of the parliament……of st.lucia’? Way to to talk a lot with big words and say nothing. This article just proved that wrong, everything is controlled by and from England.

  8. The Privy Council was the court of last resort. They simply judged that Chastanet did not do what Hilaire said he did. Investigating someone and presenting evidence of possible wrongdoing cannot be besmirching them or defaming them. Chastanet had a right to ask justifiable questions based on decisions that Hilaire made as High Commissioner. And questionable ones at that. In my simple layman understanding, this is the gist of this case. I think one Caribbean judicial body had decided the same. The Privy Council upheld their decision and rightly so. We can’t have people hiding behind arguments on attacks on reputation when they are being investigated based on evidence. It is up to that person to show that the claims against them are not justified. Sadly we have not seen much defence in that direction and this points to the possibility that perhaps there might be wrongdoings that can’t be entirely ignored.

  9. This is what I gather….st.lucians are so naive and gullible that they will take Jab in sac and run with it then spread it like wild fire…SLP really won the election because of all the propaganda and lies they spread lucians gullibly swallowed with no backwash,now they ripping what they sow.
    An election must be won on performance and not harshly critizing the opp without evidence…..those havn’t collectively done shate for the nation just a few of their cabals that getting good ka vwayay kor yo mutay

  10. Well, this is embarrassing for the current SLP. St Lucia what is going on. Yet another case is won by the ex PM.
    This dot of an Island can boast of having the most Nobel Prize winner per capita of any sovereign country. What is happening to those so called intelligent men who boast of their achievements. Looks like Lucians are going backwards. You cannot defend the indefensible. You do not need to be pro any political party to know this is very embarrassing, inexcusable, for SLP and H. You need to look at the facts. Stop making excuses where rules are broken or of wrong doing.
    Some of you have degrees hanging all over but what’s the point if you lack common sense and political savvy.
    Some of you Lucians believe stories too damn much. You believe blindly and no one can persuade some of you that the facts are there, if only you could allow yourselves to choose to look and understand. But no, Chastanet Chastanet. As soon as his name come up, some of you on it. Some of you to dotish.
    Go check for the full issue regarding the UK high commission and the Rovergate issue.
    Stop making excuses for these men. Stop making excuses where rules are clearly broken.
    The racism some of you have for Chastanet is off the scales. So why the hell are you going overseas to look to make business deals, why? Most of these countries are white, Arabic, Chinese, Taiwanese. If you dislike St Lucian born white Chastanet so much why are you allowing white tourist to visit your Island? You see how dotish thinking some of you are. Answer, you need them. Chastanet is Saint Lucian born, he is a white Lucia. who cares whether he is Indian, white, black skin. The Island is of mixed heritage, all you forgetting this fact or what. Some half Indian, half black, half half all mix up.
    Why the hatred because of his skin colour. And all you running behind other non black people., Looking to get a deal or a hand out. They don’t need you as much as you need them. No one gives you something for nothing, it’s business. Too many of You hate, despise, feel contempt for St Lucian born Chastanet. What do you think other countries will think of all you hating St Lucian white Chastanet. You think they will say, well done. They will judge you by your stupidity. Yes dotish. If Chastanet has done all you wrong, or sold or stolen from the people of Saint Lucia, take it to court and go challenge it in a court of law. That is the best thing to do, go get your justice if you did not like what he did when he was in power. Use your civil rights and take responsibility or stop chatting nonsense over and over about what he did or didn’t do. Do like he did, I taking your ass to court.
    take it to court, or shut the hell up if you too coward to do it. You need money, go to UK and ask for Equality and Human Rights Act.
    Before you come for me, I am not UWP nor SLP, I handle my own because no party is in charge of me. I live and work hard for myself and my family. All citizens can challenge processes, if you don’t like it, do something about it or stop chatting about Chastanet skin colour. He has won his case…

  11. Someone said Everything is controlled by and from England. Well, if you believe so, start petitioning to become a Republic like Barbados. You don’t like it. Tell Pierre you want out. England is not controlling your government, you the people of Saint Lucia put them in power, go deal with them and their mistakes. England has more political problems, it’s in a mess.
    Boris resigned before the investigation started. You think you the only ones with rotten apples in government? Boris is facing parliamentary ban after damning Partygate inquiry. Rovergate go look it up in UK and what really took place. You all like listening to nonsense without no facts too much. Rovergate, Partygate. Your ministers don’t resign, they just stay put and no one questions their behaviour.
    The only difference in England is, the people demand answers and there must be a full investigation to find what went wrong.
    Sort your own mess out, stop looking for hand outs from Taiwan, because they not giving it because Pierre look lovely and friendly.
    Someday they will want something in return. Harsh as it may sound.
    John Public agree absolutely, too naive and gullible. Too much listening to vicious people spreading untruths. Do your own thinking, question why, how is that possible.

  12. @ shock horror, dude , take a chill pill , the sky is not falling. You look like the white man’s dog, just barking barking barking, because a black person come near your master. Bet if I stamp my foot, you put your tail in your ass and run away.
    YOU brought up the fact that chastanet was white, then you called everybody racist.
    England does control. What’s a Governor General?

  13. England is not a mess if you understand it. No one does democracy like the Brits. Rest assured. Boris Johnson was cooked up by his own party. To get rid of him, little things like COVID rule breaking ect.. was done. But the great thing about Great Britain is that they have to go when they mess up. In a proper functioning democracy, Hilaire would not have been in parliament far less government after that scandal. He would have had to go. It says that anything goes in St Lucia. The Brits can thrive in seeming chaos better than anyone I know. Sunak will be voted out soon. no and IFS or buts. They behave like the Caribbean when irritated. They vote the “lot out.” Protests are a way of life in the UK. They do it less destructively than the French who will burn the house down when they feel aggreived. But nonetheless the Brits have a subtle, nasty way of bringing about change. Never allow them to fool you. If and when pushed they will be destructive. If burning the house down is to obvious, they will bulldoze it and pretend it was an error while achieving the same ends: which is destruction.

  14. Insults and aggressive attack, that’s all you can offer up. Your foot is not good enough for my ass. Grow up, my response annoyed you. I am entitled to comment as I see fit. If you don’t like it don’t read it. Why get so upset to want to kick me up my ass. You have a fetish or what. Disgraceful, You take a chill pill or whatever it is you thing I need to chill. Dude, what makes you think I am a dude. So only dudes respond ? And you dare to call me out for my comments with aggression. Go back and read again, you have clearly miss understood what I said. I did not call everyone a racist. Clearly you are reading with rage and angry, process what you are reading before you lash out with aggression at me. cool down .
    Freedom to comment without using aggressive behaviour of thuggery descriptive words.

  15. Lmao I’m not mad, never threatened to kick you, do you know how to read? I said I will stomp my foot on the ground, the way you do to chase a dog away. Then the dog will put his tail in his ass and run away, feel like I’m talking to a child. Yes, you did call people racist, seems like you’re the one who needs to go back and read.

  16. @,grandson, you must be mad. Shock and horror must have horrified your little nuts and therefore you feel like coming for her. Shut up. Chastanet got you by the balls or gonards, call it what you will. She made perfect sense. Now go rest your case with Chastanet. What a fool to believe that you can get away with the ultimate foolishness for all to see? You practiced the nastiness at all levels and when you took it to the international arena, you got caught and spat on. This is no one’s doing but yours. In fact, I suspect that’s not the end. Suffice it to say you might be facing bars and time at some point. Karma is cruel . Karma is all knowing. Karma is inescapable. Accept it. Become a better person , take your licks and move on.

  17. @don’t come
    you people amuse me. Again, feels like I’m dealing with children


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