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‘I Am One Of The Least Travelled Ministers In the OECS’

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External Affairs Minister Alva Baptiste has responded to criticism of his overseas travels, declaring that within the OECS, he is one of the Ministers that travels the least.

“I can say to you; I am one of the least travelled Ministers in the OECS,” Baptiste told reporters this week on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting.

“The kind of places foreign ministers go to. They go all over the place seeking support for their country’s development,” the Laborie MP stated.

Baptiste said he attends meetings concerning treaty obligations, including the Organization of American States General Assembly and the Caribbean Community regarding foreign and trade policy coordination.

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He said he uses these opportunities to engage with bigger countries.

“I know we have limited resources. I do not say, ‘Prime Minister, I want to go to Japan,’ and I just pick up and go,” the External Affairs Minister stated.

“Sometimes Japan comes to CARICOM meetings and I seek a bilateral meeting to discuss our issues,” Baptiste said.

He explained that other bilateral talks occur at the United Nations General Assembly.

Baptiste said he did not like to blow his trumpet and engage in fuss and fanfare.

However, he told reporters that it was on the margins of an OAS General Assembly meeting that he negotiated over seven million dollars for the St. Jude reconstruction project.

“It was on the margins of an OAS general assembly that I mobilised in excess of 13 million dollars for the Dennery water project,” Baptiste, also responsible for International Trade, Civil Aviation, and Diaspora Affairs, pointed out.

“I will stay in politics for the rest of my life, the government will not be able to spend that amount of money for me travelling to create an improved framework,” Baptiste told reporters.

He noted that under the Prime Minister’s instructions, he was able to mobilise hundreds of millions of dollars to support the Youth Economy and infrastructural development.

“I don’t have to go on television and beat my chest about what I do,” Baptiste told reporters.

He recalled that the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) had levelled lavish spending accusations against him, posting a thirteen thousand dollar cheque on social media.

But Baptiste said public servants prepare travel for Ministers according to standard rates that apply not only to Ministers but also for public servants.

The Minister asserted that the $13,000 was blown out of proportion as if he dipped his hand into a bucket and took the cash.

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  1. Well Alva you didn’t go to Mono Largo and stand in the hallway leading to the kitchen with a yellow tin cup like our previous minister did…….and nobody traveled more than him, I recalled when the issue was brought up all he had to say ” he was seeking business for the country”. Nobody traveled more than him

  2. Lucian highgrade,
    Before I used to love reading your comments. But since these days, I am seeing that something is wrong. You’re to upset and stop calling people name take it down a notch. You could place your comments sweet as they are but without name calling. Just saying

  3. @Anonymous agree everyone seems to be a yellow clown to him and i hope if he has kids under the age of eighteen they are reading his comments because this reminds me of the expression “Monkey see Monkey do”

  4. to tell you the honest truth i dont have a problem if ministers have to travel to bring bread back home at least they trying something but is when you doing absolutely nothing the problem lies. I realized that when Chas was in power he used to travel alot and I used to say but why mate travelling so? Only to then realize that in his travelling to meetings during his tenure there used to be cruise ships coming in during the slow/closed season even if it was one ship every two weeks but i now checking in this parties tenure the season is closed and as of now No cruise ship has landed here over a month. I want one taxi driver that working pointe seraphine to come out and say that eh true.

  5. Akve, Alva, Alva.
    Every utterance by you if broken down and examined shows your SLP propaganda policy of BS baffles brains.

    Other OECS Ministers teavel more than you ? Since when? We cannot prove or disprove this statement so you just throw it out to obsfucate and cover you tracks. It also means that maybe ALL of you all are doing the same travel and take.

    “Mobilized hundreds of millions of dollars” – you think we stupid! If you had done that it would be all over the airwaves and you said NOTHING. Additionall hudreds of millions is a significant portion of the annual budget and you saying you mobilized that ? Pure lies! For youth development? You see- you were just sprouting whatever sounded good and came into your head at the time. An examination of the budget shows no hundreds of millions for youth development.
    ‘You do not beat your chest’ of course not because you have NOTHING to crow about but talk, travel and take. This nonsense you saying is the ‘talk’.
    ‘On the margins of the OECS you mobilized —‘ What the hell do you mean by that garbage. These projects take years to materialize so again you sprout vague nonsensical verbage that under examination is pure foolishness.

    But this is what you are fameous for: big words, empty cliches, easily disproved assemblage of sound bits that bring nothing to the table for Lucians.
    Talk, travel and take will be your epitaph.

  6. Alva like you said, although I don’t know if it is factual, other Ministers in the OECS travel more than you to bring back benefits to their country. Honestly speaking most of yours are a joyride. I don’t know whether you are married so I will not say wife, but most times you travel this lady accompanies you. During school vacations there is an additional little boy. I wonder what meetings they attend. What negotiation they are involved in during these trips. Please Mr Baptiste don’t respond to what is being said instead of making matters worse.

  7. George Odlum did more for SLU during his short stint as foreign minister than this gor gor did in how many terms. Always trying to sound intelligent, trying to imitate the great man. Now in parliament quoting some long links in goggle for information to fool the ppl. When put the test, gor gor mode. I can’t understand how some ppl continue to be fooled by this guy.

  8. Living large at tax payers expense. Shameless snake that one. I didn’t vote for Alva to put his buddies in positions………tell me what role is Pel and Dubois playing if not a meal ticket. Never me again with that serpent


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