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PWA Condemns Victim Shaming, Urges Probe Into RSLPF Sexual Harassment

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The President of the Police Welfare Association (PWA), Camron Laure, has condemned victim shaming amid calls for an independent inquiry into sexual harassment allegations in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

Laure said he had learned that several people, including civilians, had contacted the PWA executive regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.

“After receiving this information, I as President would have understood the period of time which this situation persisted. I took all necessary steps to ensure that these persons had indeed reached out to the Welfare Association and that persons in authority were aware of the allegations,” he told reporters.

Laure recalled writing the then Police Commissioner, Crusita Descartes-Pelius, to investigate or at least hear the individuals who had reported the allegations.

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He said Descartes-Pelius indicated she would respond in writing, but so far, there had been no response.

Laure declared that it was not the PWA’s responsibility nor within its purview to pronounce guilt or innocence on any issue.

But he explained the organisation’s mandate was to ensure fair hearings for members to air their grievances and intervene on their behalf.

His comments came amid reports of sexual harassment allegations against a senior male police officer.

“There is an internal culture of victim shaming and blame which we wish to address,” Laure told a news conference Friday.

In this regard, he asserted that every police officer is entitled to a safe workplace.

And he disclosed that a request for a probe into the sexual harassment allegations had seen attacks of the worst kind against the PWA.

Laure noted that the attacks had been internal and external.

He asserted that the development was unacceptable and would not be tolerated.

“At no point should it be accepted that people are run through the mud for simply requesting work places be made safe, investigations be pursued and that the integrity of the organisation be maintained,” the PWA President told Friday’s news conference.

Laure said it was a sad day for democracy when seeking to represent officers attracts allegations of attempting to undermine the government or influence the process of selecting a police commissioner.

“Every Commissioner during the executive’s tenure past and present has been met with good faith and full support,” the PWA President stated.

In addition, he declared that the attacks against the PWA would not prevail.

Laure said the sexual harassment issue predated the current PWA executive and was no new issue of conversation within the RSLPF.


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  1. no matter what people dont have the right and it should not be an excuse to do this but if half of you women actually dressed modestly instead of so revealing and sexually explicit i am sure 90 percent if not more of the time you would not be sexually harassed at the work place. I said what i said now come for me because people always get offended when you speak the truth

  2. Those attacking the process should also be investigated. They are scared that their own dirty deeds will come to the light.

  3. Just check the leaders who run this country. Let’s see what progress we will in the near future.

  4. To appoint this alleged predator at the helm of the police force is an affront to its members, especially the females. From reading the letter in circulation, it appears that there is not one nor two but several victims of sexual assault, all at the hands of this man. Yet the current government has quickly pushed him up the ranks despite the horrendous allegations. Do I expect anything from a cabinet of questionable characters. Hell no.

    More alarming to me is the part of the document which shows that the past three police commissioners were aware of the complaints and did nothing. That the corrupt public service commission knew of the allegations yet they promoted him to the highest offices in that organization. And for the commissioners, it’s even more baffling that the female commissioner did nothing about the complaint, leaving her female colleagues to face more abuse. Is that the caliber of people that organization needs as commissioner? Hell no!! – but serves the rubber stamping purposes of government. It is shameful that it took the president of their union to raise the issue. What a shame on the part of the commissioners who covered it up. This gentleman should not be appointed to any office in that organization much less to top positions. In fact he should be made to resign with immediate effect and an investigation carried out. But then who will carry out the investigation – the same corrupt police? Hope not.

    From what I have heard, this organization is a cesspool of corruption and sexual misconduct/harassment perpetrated against its females – many of whom are too scared to report or are threatened when they do. Someone needs to rescue that organization and if SLP does not want to do it then the UWP should. The accused male officer should be investigated and made to face justice like anyone of us in society. No one should be above the law – no one. We need a professional police force. We demand a professional police force. Enough is enough. Shame on the government for trying to cover this up. Shame on them.

  5. There is no conformity or discipline in any of the public sectors of government. It is not anything new but just ongoing. Change is no where in site in this generation.

  6. We need a police force like Law & Order SVU. We need a Commissioner like Olivia Benson and a Deputy like Fin. We need an ADA like Carissi. We need to pray for wisdom for our Prime Minister….pray for him and for the country.

  7. Go Too nay was given jokes in school about his nose and always was aggressive towards women. His opportunity to become a police officer was taken and it went to his head. From being turned down by all women to using your authority to molest and harass them. No woman should be subject to that, in fact where is the human rights lawyer who defends all guilt vieux negs! Come stand for a real cause and defend women all over the island being sexually assaulted by ugly men on authority.

  8. I don’t know why everyone is so surprised at what’s going on…Just sit back,relax & take a good look @ that police force…Now does that look like any TOP crime solving,crime fighting police force to you? That circus is exactly what it is.

  9. It’s a very unfortunate that the St.lucian are among 99% Rapist island, most of them strike at night’s..I have seen some of them inaction,I have seen women also..
    Most of them should have been aborted.
    Must be something in the Alcoholic beverages..
    The Rum That do me That…
    Women check your husband’s and your Son’s they are the ones.
    That’s all folks.

  10. Shocked but not alarmed. Totally agree with what ‘Citizen’ posted. Putting a sexual predator at the ‘authority helm’is disastrous of women working in the environment! TOURIST who want to actually Stay & live. Will NOT want to live here!! Corruption at it’s best!!


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