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Commentary On UWP Website Urges Swift, Proactive Measures Against Crime


A commentary on  the official website of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has declared that escalating crime rates demand a swift response and proactive measures to restore safety and security to Saint Lucia communities.

The commentary asserted that Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, responsible for National Security, faces a critical juncture in his tenure.

According to the post, public faith in the National Security Ministry is dwindling due to its perceived incompetence and mismanagement.

“It is imperative for the Prime Minister to address this pressing issue and consider that a change in leadership is necessary to bring about the necessary reforms,” the article stated.

“The Prime Minister needs to wake up and come to the realization that only buying new vehicles for the police will not solve the problem,” it observed.

The commentary also referred to accusations of ‘ multiple instances of sexual assault ‘ against a senior male police officer, asserting that Pierre needs to look into the situation.

“The citizens of our nation deserve nothing less than a well-organized, efficient, and accountable National Security Ministry that can effectively combat crime and protect our society,” the commentary on the UWP website said.

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  1. I wish uwp could be in power to sing another song just like the current government. Stop this politicizing of crime . You all need to come together and give the powers needed the right support and hold them accounted for corruption and factors that create a toxic environment towards no results. Also you all need to help the vulnerable ,especially the young people . Long term plans not bs plans just for a vote and then do nothing .

  2. Looks like the UWP wasn’t in office when there has never been a simple solution from them like they are suggesting now.
    Stop that nonsense and come together as a nation and lets put our ideas together to help fight or try and bring the crime situation to some kind of reasonable end. I said it like that cause crime is not going to stop once human nature exist. The so call Hold & Release (The Bail System) does not work. Time to move past this idea of releasing these animals till their court appearance. Keep them in the cages.

  3. It was only 24 homicide before July 21 2021. It ended up in the 70’s for that year and that July- Dec 2021 trend has continued under this SLP government. The UWP governnment started everything possible to help curb the crime. They created jobs, constructed first class sporting facilities and programs, upgraded and built community centers in 2 years. This is how we start to curb crime. By taking care of our youth.

  4. Among the reasons crime has exploded in the Caribbean, is the poor level of attention paid to it before it exploded. Almost always, the security ministry was handed to a flunky, someone about to exit or a prime minister straddled with a huge portfolio. It was seen as an extra stripe without hard work. No one thought for a minute, that it was important and could impact the economy. We don’t have to look far for an example. The last minister dithered, and was clearly out of his depths as he stumbled into disaster after disaster. It was a relief to see his back. He could have easily made a teetotaler start drinking. Then there is Pierre. He is committing the same errors that got us here. He knows little about security…except that his dad was a policeman decades ago. Instead of hiring a professional, he is choosing to have a stab at it. Good grief! Where do we go from here if we haven’t learned our lesson?

  5. When They were in power from they did not enact a minimum wage for the working poor and slave workers but as they are in opposition they have all the solutions to crime in st Lucia

  6. The UWP failed to articulate their specific plans to curb the escalation of crime. The police need every resource that we can provide so that they can protect us and get criminals off the streets. We have seen how former Prime Minister handled crime and it was not any better. The people who chose to carry illegal guns should get some jail time and stiffer penalty if used in commiting a crime.


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