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Saint Lucia Police Vow To Step Up Amid Deadly Gun Violence


Saint Lucia police have vowed to step up their game amid a surge in deadly gun violence and public concern over safety and security.

Acting Police Commissioner Ronald Philip gave the assurance Wednesday.

“We are going to do all in our power, whether it’s through training, whether it’s through workshops, whether it’s through joint operations. But I can tell you, we are going to match this level of criminality with a response,” Philip told reporters.

He said he could not disclose operational details.

But he revealed that police would go on the offensive.

“We cannot make Saint Lucia feel there’s any safe haven for those criminals, those cowards. I call them cowards you know, because that’s what they do, drive by and then run away,” the Acting Police Chief declared.

“But I am telling you, as a police force, we are going to step up our game,” Philip said.

The Acting Police Commissioner recalled that officers had recovered more than fifty firearms for the year.

In this regard, he asserted that the police were working but could not be everywhere at all times.

Nevertheless, he explained that officers were doing all in their power to bring the crime situation under control.

Philip spoke to reporters on the margins of a meeting with Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, Customs Comptroller Sherman Emmanuel, and Customs and Excise Department staff.

The meeting followed an incident in Monchy, Gros Islet, where a customs officer was shot.

The Prime Minister and the Customs Department condemned the shooting.

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  1. So where were you b4 the customs officer got shot? This was supposed to be the response a LONG time ago. ALWAYS DAMN REACTIVE!!! I need to leave this island.

  2. There is an old adage which says that if someone knows that he/she will get away with a nefarious deed then that person will commit the deed. What took the police so long to realize this adage? Maybe the police themselves are cowards and lazy. St. Lucia is a safe haven for criminals and only now the police is aware of it. The police is part of the problem and in no uncertain terms they will resolve the crime issues in this country. Please check out how El Salvador solves its gang problems and if you are really serious about solutions then take a piece out of their solutions. I think you police officers are a bunch of good-for-nothing. St. Lucia is now a Hobbesian state: a condition of perpetual conflict and war where gangs rule and the government is too weak to control the mayhem.

  3. Those cockroaches do not want to get a job is fast money that they are after . The majority of young men are just not making progress all they do is come and sell stolen jelly coconuts by the road side smoke cocaine, weed and drink rum over 80 percent of men still live at their mothers home . The majority of mothers know that their son has guns in the house either they are afraid to report it or they depend on crime money to. There are mothers who encourage their boys in a life of crime some mothers are hungry to as well ..

  4. Action speaks louder than word…
    But I support you offices just make sure your prime minister have a conversation with the magistrates about the bail they’ve giving to the criminals is UNACCEPTABLE… We are tired and no longer feeling safe on this island

  5. So you need to announce to the press that you are stepping up your game? This stopped being a game many moons ago. Why not just do your jobs and the results will speak for themselves.
    Just do it nuh!

  6. SLU has turned into a Circus and we have clowns who put up a show every time there is a homicide. First you have the Police who once in a while makes people laugh at the things they say – “St. Lucia Vow to Step Up.” What happen with the other 50 homicides ? Did you choose not to step up.

    Next we have the Pierre the PM who instead of showing some leader ship he puts up another Martinae in the public. He never seize to entertain when he speaks.

    Lucians elected a clown and now the Circus is on 24/7 with Pierre.

  7. The RSLPF: Reactive Saint Lucia Police Force.
    Seriously? Only now you feel the need to step up your game. Firstly, this is not a game. It is a real life shituation that this country is in.

    Better late than never, but there is no taking back anything because within the ranks and file of the RSLPF are corrupt officers who support the criminality whether directly or indirectly.

    Run an internal investigation on your Officers to begin with.

  8. Wow, you now vow to step up for d carnival and after the Va Val is WPC, Lucian’s wake up. The DPP should be rename as bozo the clown…….if the justice for victims are solely base on him it explains the vigilante justice being dealt out these days. One thing I learnt for the past week, the gunman put st. Lucia on notice, doh feel because you customs agent you get a pass. It’s now equal opportunity, every and anyone can have bullets in our ass , any place and at anytime. Ain’t shit : assist. Top cop, pm , deputy pm, fast Freddy in central , opposition clown leader, judges , priest , doctor and obeah man can do to stop it. Arming the public is a worst idea. Former top cop didn’t just run this person vanish 1 month before leave …..since she is on leave doesn’t she have to come back…all leave has been revoked. Then again you will need major crimes, cia fbi, interpol, justice league to find her 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Wait, wait, wait….are you telling me that the RSS response to the crime situation was NOT stepping up? Or are you just paying the people lip service?….I usually reserve my criticism of the police because I know they are doing a difficult, challenging and risky job with limited resources. But to now say you stepping up when you should have stepped up eons ago says a lot….I fear that this country is lost to criminals while we have an executive that is worthless…you idiots should never have let criminality get a hold in our society….your lackadaisical approach has damaged Saint Lucia. When you have kids , and particularly boys who leave school with no skills, sitting on the block spewing nonsense, harassing the young ladies, you have set up the nation to fail cause these are the one who will be responsible for the growth of the nation….what u see now is the symptoms of past decades of failure by successive governments. Shame of the present government. But carry on protecting the victory…your victory has proven to be a pyrrhic victory…

  10. If you keep your house dirty and run down vermin and rodents will infest it. They feed and prosper in such an environment. Likewise if you keep a society disorderly and lawless, criminals will feel comfortable and run rampant. Start enforcing the laws and putting order in this place. Whether is a vendor setting up a tray in a prohibited zone, or a bar playing music without a licence, or a vieux neg cussing in public. Unless you put order don’t expect any results.

  11. The reality of the IMPACS against the police allowed them to neglect and forsake the St.lucia atlarge as a vindictive behavior to get their point across….now it’s long overduewhen it start getting closer to home…..SLT you part and parcel when withholding offensive but truthful comments

  12. We tend to blame parents, schools, police, courts, governments and churches, and society at large but we seldom blame ourselves. Individually, what have i done to contribute or stem the tide of criminality. Yes, the abovesaid institutions have their parts to play however, we as a people have failed to be each other’s keeper. We shout for justice when it gets close to home but stay quiet when we have information to solve other crimes. We are have a very very selfish nation. What’s in it for me sort of people.

  13. I think you meant “step into the game” because you haven’t been in the game in the first place.

    How many arrest of suspected murderers, we at maybe 50 off murders for the year how many arrests have been made? Ok one comes to mind the man who killed his partner or ex-partner.

    Currently the score for this game is 50 – 1

    This is life and death not a “game.”

  14. The RSLPF: REACTIVE Saint Lucia Police Force.
    Seriously? Only now you feel the need to step up your game. Firstly, this is not a game. It is a real life shituation that this country is in.

    Better late than never, but there is no taking back anything because within the ranks and file of the RSLPF are corrupt officers who support the criminality whether directly or indirectly.

    Run an internal investigation on your Officers to begin with.

  15. Dcotor sans papier. Yes many of us have tried and the police give our names to the perpetrators. I had an incident when I called the cops on some vendor setting up illegally and being a nuisance. Weeks later the man see me walking threatening me for calling the cops on him. How did he know?

  16. Anonymous. RSLPF = Royal St. Lucia Police Farce. Retarded St. Lucian Police Fodder. This

  17. @ Economist & Just Saying.
    There is pretended wonderment in some corners of government as to why St. Lucians are not reporting crime. The simple fact is there isn’t trust in the system. Too many cops have loose lips. Compounding the situation, “de authorities” keep letting gunmen out on bail. This is cocktail fraught with danger. Sometimes, it is smart to be stupid.
    This society has crumbled because of indiscipline and ignorance. No one dares to follow the law. If you have a dasheen, by all means it has to be sold in the downtown area. It’s not fun selling it in the market. Every infringement that’s unchecked, causes others to push the envelope. People are pointing fingers at other offenders, so they can do their own offending. This is the unhealthy stage we are locked in.

  18. Have you been leaving under a rock Mr commissioner?all these mayhem and is only now you talking stepping up the game, what game?

  19. You all let this madness get to the point of no return you talk about stepping up game now?

  20. I’m glad to see the Saint Lucia Police vow to step up their efforts in combating gun violence. This is a problem that needs to be addressed head on.


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