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‘Large Police Presence’ Promised For Upcoming Carnival Activities

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Saint Lucia police will be out in their numbers to provide security during Carnival Monday and Tuesday activities.

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of corporate services and strategic operations, Dr. Mashama Sealy, gave the assurance on Thursday.

“For 2023, you’ll see a large police presence on the ground from Mega J starting at the starting point of our Carnival route,” Sealy told reporters.

She said there would be a police presence along the route into the City to ensure an incident-free parade of the bands.

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Acting Police Commissioner Ronald Philip cancelled all police leave from Thursday, July 13th, 2023, to Wednesday, July 19th, 2023, due to the Carnival festivities.

And Dr. Sealy said local officers would also receive support from Regional Security System (RSS) Ranks and Special Reserve Police.

She said the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) would deploy several officers in areas considered trouble spots to ensure no issues on the ground.

Reiterating the slogan ‘Vaval Is Ours – Don’t Mash It Up’, the senior police officer encouraged people to come out in large numbers and put down their weapons to enjoy themselves in an incident-free environment.

And she warned lawbreakers that there were measures to deal with them.

“We have cells at the stations which will remain empty so that we can accommodate persons who do not follow the law,” Sealy said.

“We will also be borrowing two of the convoys, or what we call the cages from the Bordelais Correctional Facility in order to hold persons and transport them to those stations. So rather than us having to go that route, we are encouraging everyone to come out and just have an enjoyable Monday and Tuesday,” Sealy stated.

In addition, she explained that officers would be on the ground after the activities until the City is cleared.

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  1. weh weh weh weh LAS BAT FESS ZORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why yall telling the criminals yall next move? just do what needs to be done and stop talking. They dont have to know there will be a large police presence, awa e. Now they are alerted that ALL police will be in carnival the criminals will now be targeting empty homes and where are the police? they will be will be out in their numbers to provide security during Carnival Monday and Tuesday activities

  2. Then, what happens after Carnival Monday and Tuesday ? Will the criminals be at liberty to practice as they preach Or will Pierre continue to blame everyone else but himself.

    Just asking for a friend

  3. The two of you all above are really ignorant if you think the criminals do not know all of this. Telling the public there will be more police presence at carnival might actually make criminals want to stay away.

  4. The Senior police officers who Could have Organise an operation order whether Rss Trained or Police Trained have Retired from the Rslpf that is Why the police force Method of operation is just as the West Indies Test .one day and T20 Teams.These officers have Never Contacted to Guide these Young Gazetted Officers.Having Masters and Doctors Degrees have Nothing to do with Policing .That’s the problem in the Rslpf

  5. Mr commissioner some of these criminals may have born yesterday but they not stupid, that’s why they always thousands of steps ahead outsmarted the whole police force sorry Mr commish that’s howi see it

  6. @Jan Guide … Clowns like you that don’t even walk the streets worrying and about what the PM will do….you drive thru Town Central you windows always roll Big Coward. Peak w$$$kend lots of FOREIGNERS I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind the hustle is real don’t worry about carnival Monday and Tuesday it’s not your thing.

  7. Who cares if all st.lucia police is going to carnival, who is st.lucia police? What murder they ever solved? Even if they so lucky to arrest one person, he escape from babonneau playpen. St.lucia police sucks!


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