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Julien Alfred Upsets Sha’Carri Richardson In Women’s 100M

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On Tuesday, on her professional debut, Saint Lucia’s Julien Alfred stunned American Sha’Carri Richardson to win the women’s 100m in 10.89 in Hungary.

Alfred’s win occurred at the Istvan Gyulai Memorial in Székesfehérvár, Hungary.

Richardson finished second in 10.97.

Alfred, who has a phenomenal track record on the collegiate level, had already secured five NCAA titles and had recently triumphed at the CAC Games in El Salvador.

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She surged out of the blocks, immediately putting pressure on the rest of the field.

And although  Richardson, entering the race after a recent string of consecutive victories, tried to gain control, Alfred was unstoppable.

In a Facebook post, Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre hailed Alfred’s victory.

“Today is a good day! Let us celebrate Julien Alfred!!!! Congratulations on your phenomenal debut,” Pierre declared.

Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire described Alfred’s performance as ‘stellar’.

 Hilaire also indicated that she had left some of the world’s top contenders in her trail winds.

In addition, Opposition leader Allen Chastanet joined in congratulating the Saint Lucia sprint Queen.

“I have no doubt that this gold medal win be the first of many more victories to come in your career,” Chastanet asserted.

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  1. I saw the race live by accident (just flipping through the tv channels). This was a great moment for me, she ran like an individual on a mission, leaving nothing for chance and hope. I screamed, it was like West Indies cricket team beat Australia by one run with the last ball of the game.

  2. We should all cheer for Julien, with the World Athletics Championships coming up this is a serious competition. I hope she brings home the goods, with the sh1t going on in the country this would be a massive positive.

  3. Who says it’s an upset? Is it because she is new in the professional arena? Her previous records shows that she is among the top 4 in the world on a regular basis. She recorded the fastest time in the 200m wind assisted. Both unbeaten this year.

  4. But why does the headline read – Upset. Julian winning a 100m race is no surprise for anyone who has followed her form 2022 into 2023. Stop underestimating our people.

  5. I commend this young Track Queen. I wish her the Best of the Best. Keep climbing; keep rising Shero. All the best.

  6. Congratulations to Ms Alfred, your hard work and sacrifices are paying off.

    That said I have to ask, Do we only have regard & respect for St Lucian athletes when they get to the top? Why don’t we regard & respect the efforts & sacrifices they make on the long journey to get to the top. I note and appreciate the comments of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister & the Leader of the opposition on her success. I look forward to hearing their comments on the damage and viloation of the Sab Vigie Playing Field at the hands of another carnival season.

    I hope this is the last time we have to suffer like this. Have a look at the state of the field!

  7. Victory has many fathers but failure is an orphan. All the naysayers are now embracing her. Minister Shawn Edward, then sports minister, was vilified for giving her a token of support while in Jamaica. Today she is the best thing in St. Lucia since slice bread.

    Continue to reach for the stars Julian Alfred!

  8. I love the result of her hard work since the end of her collegiate career: Her start was fantastic; she has to keep it consistent, by replaying the coach’s (Flo’s) instructions during her pre-race visualizations & affirmations.

    The last quarter of the 100 meters needs to improve drastically: Keep the knees high throughout; and don’t lose control leaning for the tape; it cost you 0.25 seconds today. Pay attention to Shericka’s last 50 meters in the 200 today, as an ideal model!

  9. This is positive performance by a very promising St. Lucia . Of course, worthy of commendations the world over. Well done Julien!

  10. Phenomenal start to your pro career, Ms. Alfred. Really proud of you. Stay positive! Stay focused. Stay healthy. You’re on the right track.

  11. I am sensing that Saint Lucia’s first medals in the Olympics will soon be on Helen’s table –thanks to Julien Alfred!

  12. When she gets an Olympic medal,I think this will complete her mission.The race was too close with Richardson & I fear she might not be able to win those Jamaican women,hopefully I’m wrong.

  13. Congratulations to Miss Alfred. You represent you country with excellence. Continue to climb the heights. The entire nation of Saint Lucia is supporting you.

    Let this be a lesson to those in government, that they should invest in the athletes of Saint Lucia. For too long they have been diabolically poor at supporting and growing our home grown athletes. Jamaica is a prime example how athletic prowess boosts a country’s GDP….nuff said….

  14. I wouldn’t describe Alfred’s win as an upset. She has been doing marvelously well during the year and her times were noteworthy. Yesterday’s event was a case of two successful rivals finally meeting. One of them had to give.

    Congratulations to Alfred!!!

  15. Ms. Alfred congrats and best wishes. To all those who have stood by you and believed in you every step of the way …your parents, coaches etc etc .. way to go.

    All the best for the future 🙏🏾👏🏿✅

  16. Amen, Coach Trevor!! It seems to always be our already severely restricted and abysmally maintained sporting facilities that suffer the ultimate astrocity in the exceedingly backward and pitiful attempt of consecutive administrations to resolve insufferably longstanding crises in other areas, like the creative and health sectors. It is unimaginable that the Sab is now closed every summer holiday to scores of our youngest athletes who are cast aside for rum and bacchanal. Say what you will… but an appropriate and permanent ‘home for the arts’ should have been established a long time ago! FIGHT GUN VIOLENCE… PLEASE STOP DISCOURAGING OUR ATHLETES!!

    Moreso, the deplorable state of our stadium in Vieux Fort and our Sab Sporting Facility at Vigie stands as the actual testament of just how much our sportsmen and our sportswomen, our athletic boys and girls who are so full of tremendous energy and potential, are supported by our government over the years. As a minister in any past or present administration, I would be tremendously embarrassed to join in the chorus of praise when our athletes excel over the multiple stumbling blocks that my consistently incompetent governance has consistently put in their way! VIVE LA REINE, JULIEN ALFRED!!

  17. May she receive a special blessing and protection to continue. She should be getting more chiseled in preparation for the top guns to come. most of the population were not even aware of her first professional debut

  18. I wonder if they will give her sports woman of the year, if they do finally a change from it always being levern spencer. Speaking of which where is she? its been a while i heard anything on her.

  19. Happy to see politicians ( Red/ Yellow) giving her some love. This track star endured their incompetence to deliver St Jude’s and thus denying athletes like her to fully utilize the stadium. Anyways, stay healthy Julien- we are small nation but we are able to defeat the mightiest ones through courage and the love of God! The latter, they dont have!!!

  20. Coach Trevor is right, some people and some politicians jump on the band wagon when the person is winning, or successful, and jump off when the person is losing or the person is a failure. It is amazing that some politicians boast about citizens who excel, but sometimes do little or nothing to boost them. Someone said that a Winner has many Friends and Relatives, but a Loser is an Orphan.

  21. @ Ma Malay, all the accolades Levern got was well deserved. You have not heard anything because she is retired.

  22. @ Bernard. Speak for yourself and not for others. There are people out there who have been following her progress from Leon Hess to St. Catherine’s to the University of Texas and her foray in the NCAA to the Commonwealth games to the CAC games.

  23. Just had the look at the lineup for the women’s 200 meters at the Diamond League Meet, in Monaco, scheduled for this coming Friday: That’s going to be the toughest race of Julien’s life! She needs to be mentally prepared, as I am sure that Shericka & Gabrielle have paid attention to her performance in the 100, yesterday.

    I’m sure her coaches have reviewed Shericka’s & Gabrielle’s best performances in the 200 to ensure Julien is technically prepared for the battle; after all, they alone, in the start list, have had a best personal mark than she, this year. She will, however, need to draw from her huge reserve of mental strength to stay focused, but relaxed, throughout the entire race.

    I can’t wait for 3:20pm, this Friday – I’m so excited!

  24. What a performance from one I know will one day make me say Lord as a former sports person I can go to my grave satisfied knowing that tiny St Lucia has finally won an Olympic Gold. I disagree with this bull headline stating it was an UPSET. The Jamaican commentator called her the favorite before the race so if Richardson had won, that would have been an upset. You see our media was too busy with half naked drunken people degrading themselves in the name of carnival to even notice that such an important event was taking place.

  25. The 100 m race in Hungary popped up on my phone so I immediately looked on our local channels to see whether she was recognized. Only Winners did on that special day and I was so disappointed. That should have been breaking news on every local channel. What a shame!


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