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UK Introduces Visa Requirement For Dominica Nationals Due To Citizenship By Investment Concerns

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Home Secretary Suella Braverman announced Wednesday that Dominica passport holders now need a visa to travel to and transit the United Kingdom due to concerns regarding Dominica’s Citizenship By Investment (CBI) scheme.

“We are today imposing a visa requirement on all visitors from Dominica, Honduras, Namibia, Timor-Leste and Vanuatu,” Braverman said.

“Nationals of these countries will also be required to obtain a Direct Airside Transit Visa if they intend to transit via the UK having booked travel to another country,” she announced.

She said careful consideration of Dominica’s and Vanuatu’s operation of a citizenship by investment scheme had shown ‘clear and evident’ abuse.

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According to the UK Home Secretary, this included granting citizenship to individuals known to pose a risk to the UK.

Regarding Honduras and Namibia, Braverman observed that there had been a sustained and significant increase in the number of UK asylum applications by the nationals of those countries.

She disclosed that Namibians and Hondurans rank first amongst non-visa nationals for asylum claims.

In addition, Braverman observed that there had been a sustained increase in the number of Timorese nationals arriving at the UK border as non-genuine visitors.

“The decision to impose these visa requirements has been taken solely for migration and border security reasons and is not a sign of poor relations with these countries,” the UK Home Secretary stated.

In addition, Braverman announced a four-week, visa-free transition period for those who hold confirmed bookings to the UK.

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  1. Dominica has poor representation in the UK. They can’t take this lying down. These Indians are implementing racist policies while millions of visas are being granted to Indians who will not be leaving the UK after those visas are done. Dominicans do not go to the UK in huge numbers. Hondurans can’t speak English, why are they highlighting them as a problem. The next step will be to come for the other smaller islands. They have just started with Dominica. But again this is about poor representation overseas from people who just fill their pockets in those positions.

  2. Start asking your government ministers if the UK have met with them on this because there should have been prior notice before. We will all be affected by this eventually and our leaders are not saying anything. Please tell me WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF CBI TO US because no one outside of the circle knows.

  3. @ReLly, I read the story. This has nothing to do with poor representation. The Minister connected the decision with faults in Dominica’s CIP. Plain and simple. And the UK is damn right. If Dominica cyan take it lying down, they will have to take standing up or sitting down. The UK is doing what is feels is good for it. We do the same. Ask the Haitians and the Guyanese about the horrors they get to come to St. Lucia.

  4. CBI will be the downfall of these islands involved with the program. Those involved have no initiatives of their own to boost their economy and have selected the lazy, easy way out, without first analyzing the cons of this I’ll fated program. The saddest thing is, it will deprive the needed of a way out, and after the money derived from the program is all pocketed and spent, there will be nothing to show for it, except a bunch of who knows who, claiming their “bought rights” in those CBI islands. This is just the beginning. Expect all the so called developed countries to follow, in the name of security.

  5. BRICS is finally emerging as a viable alternative to US/EU led craziness that has gripped the world for centuries. Hope those donkeys we have in power in the region embrace this development very quickly instead of waiting for scraps form massa’s table.

  6. @The Crow. What’s your point? The two stories are different. Dominica, Vanuatu, Honduras etc which were struck off the visa waiver list are not mentioned in your article. So again. What’s your point?

  7. @Blacksmith shut your ahse! I bet u have no effing clue unless u and your posse are among the useless ones in position just eating government money. So offcourse u don’t give a sheet! These islands just have people eating money overseas who do nothing. That’s the TRUTH. When they come for st lucia . Don’t say u were not warned stupid. The UK has put a billion dollar bounty on just visas. So they looking to get money from foreigners to pay nurses and doctors. Not their rich taxpayers. Passport from dominica C IP is just a ruse to target everyone and get money in the process. again shut it!

  8. @Blacksmith, go to the provided website and learn what the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is all about. Forget your party affiliation and be openminded and you will see that your fear mongering and your attempting to gain points for the party is absolutely uncalled for.


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