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Heineken Saint Lucia Ltd. Appoints First Female Managing Director


Leading local total beverage manufacturer Heineken Saint Lucia Ltd., is delighted to announce the appointment of Mrs. Holly Bostock to the position of Managing Director.

Holly has worked for HEINEKEN since 2010, and joins St Lucia from HEINEKEN Vietnam, where she served as the Corporate Affairs Director and member of the Management Team for the last three (3) years.

While in Vietnam, Holly was instrumental in helping raise HEINEKEN Vietnam’s reputation with its stakeholders and the general public, and the company has been consistently recognized as one of Vietnam’s Top three (3) most sustainable companies each year.

Along with her team, Holly also shaped optimal business climate conditions for the company, raised the bar on Brewing a Better Vietnam, and revamped the company’s communications, positioning HEINEKEN Vietnam as an attractive place to work. Holly developed a diverse and inclusive team who dared to make courageous moves and helped nurtured local talent.

Prior to Vietnam, Holly was the Corporate Affairs Director at HEINEKEN Myanmar for three years and part of a Management Team. This followed on from 5 years in Amsterdam, undertaking various Corporate Affairs roles across crisis management, International Brand PR, Leadership & Employee Communications.

Speaking in her appointment Holly shared “I am excited to join the Heineken Saint Lucia family and to build on the legacy that has been built over the last forty-eight (48) years. The people of this company have undoubtedly been at the core of its growth and transformation, and I look forward to the milestones we will continue to achieve together. It’s a pleasure to see how our brands are loved by people in St. Lucia, and how our company is such a part of the local community, growing together with St. Lucia economically, sustainably, and responsibly.”

Holly replaces Thibault Mesqui, who led the company as Managing Director from 2019- 2023.

SOURCE: Heineken Saint Lucia Ltd.

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  1. Thibault Mesqui Was a poor leader. It is evident that Heineken Saint Lucia Ltd didn’t do well under his leadership. This company needs to overhauled and staff need to be held accountable. It cannot continue to be business as usual when staff perform poorly. Heads must roll when managers fail. Only then will real progress be made or realized. New managers also need to recognize that our market is different, very different and therefore needs to be approached differently.

    So Mrs. Bostock we welcome you and hope that your stint in Saint Lucia will be a successful one.

  2. Well evidently the addicted drink will be stiff down we Lucia. Throat to galvanized more road accidents and unwarranted criminal mind to foster after drinking a 6 pack of colonialism poison. Another way to bleed the economy, send families into hunger and add more pressure on our frail health and rescue team on this banana republic soil.

  3. Why not give a local or a black person an opportunity. Holly you stick out like a sore thumb!!! Heineken st. Lucia has NEVER – NEVER, employed a black or native MD. SHAME ON YOU ALL!!! Wicked and colonial mindset. I’ve worked at the brewery now for over 15 years and all I see is lily white ppl pushing local black folks around. We are intelligent too!!! Enough with the whiteness crap!!!

  4. WELL SAID LUCIAN!!! Baytease leadership that was and IS!. Mate is an idiot with no vision and no experience and liked to see himself in the spotlight. No accountability for all the terrible management decisions……. locals always overlooked and foreignors given the jobs ..under the guise that they are not yet ready but when you meet the foreignors in the market you realise that they are no where as capable as the locals or knowledgeable!!!!… Great Brand Managers overlooked for Rubbish….and Fools… A whole Nigerian for Finance Manager……….ah ah what is that nonsense…. as if us lucians not watching and we stupid!!!.. They have gotten away with it for far too long!!! How are these work permits granted??? Sou sou style? Poor operations, constant out of stock, disgruntled suppliers… overworked employees who seem exhausted and unhappy working there!….I want none of my kids to work at that place…Marjeeeeee!!! if gaslighting employees was a place …that would be it!! Why send another inexperienced person here to experiment seeing the turnaround this company requires to go back to success…. Anyway Goodluck Holly! As if CA is what that place truly needed and not a strong, experienced operations and commercial lead… Mwen mem!! What do I know!!

  5. A white foreign national at the head of an organization in Saint Lucia.. Life sweet eh…. And the minimum wage slaves earn peanuts

  6. Re Article.Based on comment I hope the new manager will be able to catch the thieves and underpaid workers working in the Facility..
    All underpaid workers .. exactly my thoughts.
    If we pay the workers a living minimum wage of $0+ per hour for every hour worked, Then and only then we will be able to stop the thievery to all the Employees and employers..
    Contemplating on Sharing the wealth with the workers.. As a warehouse manager.I caught many workers stealing from the company and their response Ware all the same.. Quote ..Boss I am not getting paid enough..I gave them a raise and they became the best people of the companies..

  7. If I tell you in st Lucia borbol is the order of the day so any company have to watch their staff like cat watch mouse.

  8. Always a white person!!! I remember working for the brewery in VF and our financial controller was a local guy called Marvin. Cool and ultra intelligent. These pale folks frustrated this young man out of a job for no reason other than his skin colour. Wicked company and RACIST too.

  9. Hmmmm If the narrative pushed by these foreignors at the head is that locals are stupid and lazy …then i guess people who look and speak like Holly will be all we get… and I do suspect that that is the narrative communicated. Over and over again despite it not being the truth!! The way we address this as a nation is to force that green giant to clearly demonstrate that the job cannot be performed by a local…only then should these work permits be granted……These work permits are given willy nilly…There was once a foreign HR manager for goodness sake… Now a foreignFinance Manager and Commericla Manager…all jobs locals have done much better at that place..I am old enough to remember when that company started with a mandate to tranfer knowledge to locals to a point where locals will be at the helm…. Was all over the news……That has NEVER EVER happened!!! SHAME THAT AS A COUNTRY WE CONTINUE TO LET THIS HAPPEN!

  10. My word another foreigner again????? Are you kidding me? I worked for the brewery for 8 months in 1991 and at the time there was a local Hr Mgr called Mr. Mondesir. Very unpleasant and very aloof. Never tried to help local qualified candidates get in. In fact, he purposely denied them entry. He will no doubt have that to answer the Most High for. During my tenure there it was always a white man at the top and always white or foreigners in the top positions. We need to do better than this. At one time there was another local woman from vf – think she was a Franklyn, occupying some big position there, snobbish, rude and exceedingly anti-local. I now live in the states and America – racist America, would never allow black foreigners such perched positions. THE GOVERNMENT IS PARTLY TO BLAME

  11. All dis ro ro bout a whitey runnin ah private company. Look who runnin the WHOLE country and what ah mess it in. But we like it so right?

  12. Sadly our country has always been like that. White people are living different lives here. They occupy the biggest jobs and most do that tax free and with out proper work permits. This lady has only been working with WLbL for 10 years and she’s already in such a big position. There are scores of qualified locals – academically pedigreed and more, who’ve worked there for much longer, but could never get near such post. We as a people need to stop accepting such.

  13. @Anonymous what the hell are you talking about?

    “Colonial Poison”,
    “Another way to bleed the economy, send families into hunger and add more pressure on our frail health and rescue team on this banana republic soil.”

    All because the company which is a foreign brand, appoints a new managing director. Smh

  14. @James & @Check it – yep that’s the way Lucians always see things. Those Lucians in “high places” are no better to their own kind either… Seen it and experienced it!

  15. All of you talking about giving locals opportunities, have any of you ever worked under locals at the top, the ones who work for international companies? They are the biggest oppressors of their own people. Sometimes it is better when a foreigner irrespective of race oversees a company. Locals tend to be for self, friends and family. Foreigners are just here to honor contracts.

  16. @ A Llison
    I don’t know if you telling the truth or not although I agree with most of what you said but if you are really what you claim to be a warehouse manager you should always check your report and comments for mistakes and typos b4 posting them that will make you look much better and truthful
    just saying after all this advice coming from a banana carrier not an educated man atfer all but that’s some good advice you can take to the bank

  17. Félicitations 💐
    May your toil bring good fruits and harvest the fruits of honesty and loyality
    Be bless 🎉

  18. All they do at the brewery is evil. There are to many people in the brotherhood working there . Frank need to start paying the workers 10 dollars an hour . How can you have people working for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour without union representation

  19. Aa well if y’all so vex about the “white woman” then stop drinking Heineken…. boycott their products?? But that won’t happen ., Y’all niggas can’t come together to do nothing, just run y’all mouth and complain but no action. No one want to hire Lucan’s not even Lucian’s. So stay deh still all of yall lazy small minded people are going to be replaced. You are largely unemployable. No labour pool here. Just laziness. Hand outs.



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