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Replacement Coming To Queen Elizabeth II’s Image On Eastern Caribbean Currency

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The 105th Meeting of the Monetary Council of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) has approved replacing the late Queen Elizabeth II’s image on the Eastern Caribbean currency.

A meeting Communiqué said the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines gathering also approved using the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) logo on the EC currency subject to public consultation.

The Communiqué disclosed a consultation until December 31, 2023.

During that time, the public would receive an invitation to comment on replacing the Queen’s image with the ECCU logo and offer suggestions.

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The Monetary Council meeting also agreed to make a final decision on the new image for the EC currency by February 2024.

Elizabeth II was Queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms from February 6, 1952 until she died in 2022


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  1. GOOD RIDDANCE!!! For the MASSA LOVERS we know already Boo hoo hoo O no this can’t be happening why, why, why. Now can you imagine if they dare to put a black man or black woman face on it Bojay the ole crow would roll in her grave, let’s wait and see….they are the ones who print our money anyway so we don’t have a say so Massa lovers breed a sigh of relief we are not like Jamaica or Trinidad who have their own national heroes on their money so the mental slavery lingers on again for another hundred years.

  2. You all are saying good riddance like they aren’t about to replace her with King Charles. England has already started the changes, so other colonies must follow suit. Massa days eh done!

  3. King Charles head that will be on the dollar. The man has a robe of gold and a stage coach of gold . And all the people of the commonwealth say God bless the King of England

  4. @Calvin… as long as the ECD is pegged to the USD, it will lose its value. Why? Because the US empire has been facing economic collapse since the early 70s. The economic stability of the USD is a mere façade that has been maintained via outright fraud & extortion; by printing trillions of dollars out of thin air and threatening military force against other nation which refuse to honor it.

    Recently, the rest of the world (with 87% of the world’s population) has banded together (BRICS+) to resist the economic bully and conduct trade between them, using their own currencies. This will hasten the inevitable collapse of the US economy, so the USD is going to plummet to its real value (less than the paper it is printed on), taking with it, all currencies that are pegged to it, such as the ECD.

    Replacing the dead woman’s image on the ECD is just a PR stunt by the ECCB (trompe-l’œil), to deceive the eyes & minds of EC citizens about the economic realities of the day.

  5. Symbolic only and won’t change a thing in terms of people’s lives. Value as already stated by @nudge is pegged to US Dollar, so… Maybe all you haters might feel better about not having the British Monarch on XCD but that’s all it is – an image. If you really want to rise up and change things in Sent Lisie then stop all your bickering and hating and killing among yourselves. I don’t see any Massa doing that to you at the moment, just black on black!

  6. Our black blood is already in the line of King Charles. So we might as well use his head on the currency and put a natural logo somewhere. This is a high energy ting. We need to anchor the value of our little currency..

  7. Well, as she has passed, her image should be replaced, typically with that of King Charles III. However, I think there is a great opportunity here for the ECCB has an opportunity on several fronts.

    They could keep the Sovereign’s image on the $1 coin and maybe one denomination of bill. Otherwise, giants from within the ECCB could be on the bills, helping everyone learn about all the islands within the ECCB. Dame Pearlette Louisy, Sir Derek Walcott and Sir Arthur Lewis are all fine candidates just from within St Lucia. This could help build knowledge and pride in the achievements of the artists, educators, activists, scientists and leaders from across the ECC. At the very least, it seems a conversation worth having.

  8. Calvin Lake, I don’t think that you know how money loses its value. The Jamaican dollar have very little value because Jamaice is swimming in debt which they can hardly pay. That’s why the Jamaican dollar has hardly any value. It has nothing to do with who or what is on the picture

  9. It will be better to put king charles head because the queen is dead a dead person cannot talk .our money will be of no value what a grate fall that will be.

  10. The Caribbean people will always be fool’s because we believe in the white man the same pussy that exploited us for 350 years we still believe that they will help us..

  11. Finally! Kind of a coward move to replace the Queens face after she died, would have really sent a message if we did that while she was alive. Still this is progress.

  12. I’ve read the comments some of which are intelligent, open minded – while others have not a clue of the “Eastern Caribbean Community” which serves eighth Caribbean island states – not only St Lucia (that’s those who live in the bubble of St Lucia).

    Since King Charles has inherited his mother’s role as “Head of the Commonwealth Nations”: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, the Eastern Caribbean States, and some other countries, obviously his head WILL BE on the Eastern Caribbean currency mostly to show “regency” (?).

    My opinion, is that maybe – his image could / should be downgraded a bit, and instead show pertinent iconic people and location imagery on the dollar bills. In time, these bills would become collector items – which is already happening. How many of you have the red one dollar bill stashed away for when it becomes a true collectors item, worth some $$.

  13. @LAB, dont hold your breath about anything in St Lucia becoming a collectors item. These people dont operate like the rest of the world and even the Caribbean. Let me give u an example. In the 1990’s I bought some shares at what was then NCB now Bank of Saint Lucia. the bank stopped giving returns about 15 years ago. more than 20 years have now passed. the shares are worth the very same price I bought them. no returns on this investment. Meanwhile BOSL big boss getting plenty money, shutting down accounts and loaning hundreds of millions to who they please and shareholders in St lucia have nothing. You know what Jamiac’s richest man did to NCB in Jamaica a week ago? he fire all the directors. why? the value of his shares never appreciated under them and they getting fat checks! So my point is, dont hold your breath for anything appreciating in value in st lucia. if your old dollar is worth nothing today, it still will be worth zilch tommorow. and same thing next 50 years.

  14. Anonymous it was 400 years of slavery. We were their property for 400 years, and we never got paid

  15. I am in favour of keeping tradition with the coins and redesigning the notes, much like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Charles III unites a super majority within our Economic Union as sovereign, this is unlikely to change anytime soon so naturally our coins and perhaps one note should reflect that. The notes can feature a new design honouring distinguished people or iconic sites in the OECS.

  16. @Sham … you’re still living in the “St Lucia Bubble”. There are people all over the globe who COLLECT things: coins, dollar bills, stones, cups, badges, and the list is long. And by the way, BOSL is owned by the EASTERN CARIBBEAN CURRENCY BANK. The money we are using is NOT St Lucian, but belongs to the eight Eastern Caribbean States, where it is a strong currency. Merci Bon Dieu!!

  17. @nudge People have been saying this for years my friend. The US is not about to fall just yet. BRICS has noble intentions I’m sure but there is just too much fraud and corruption as you quite adequately put it on the part of the US and its allies. Look at the embargo on Cuba for instance. More than 87% of countries (your percentage) keep voting every year to end it, and yet the US can simply overpower said vote by way of its status on the Security council. But I suppose dreams do come true sometimes….


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