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Hilaire Responds To Reports That The UK Will Revoke Saint Lucia’s Visa-Free Status


Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire has responded to reports that Saint Lucia is in line for revocation of its visa-free status by the United Kingdom.

Hilaire spoke on the issue Monday, days after Home Secretary Suella Braverman announced that Dominica passport holders now need a visa to travel to and transit the United Kingdom.

Braverman said the move was due to concerns regarding Dominica’s Citizenship By Investment (CBI) scheme, which had shown ‘clear and evident abuse’.

She also announced visa requirements for Honduras, Namibia, and Timor-Leste.

Regarding reports that Saint Lucia is next, Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire noted that the British Government clearly stated its actions against Dominica and why.

“They never mentioned Saint Lucia, never mentioned Saint Kitts, never mentioned Antigua, never mentioned Grenada,” he observed.

However, the Castries South MP noted that somebody circulated a story from an unknown source, declaring that after Dominica, Saint Lucia would be next in August, and others would follow in September – October.

Hilaire told reporters on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting that everyone focusses, not on the official British government statement, but on the article from the unknown source.

“As far as we know, and we are in constant dialogue with all our international partners, there are no issues in our CIP that need addressing now,” he asserted.

“Our CIP is reputed to have one of the best, if not the best due diligence process,” the Deputy Prime Minister explained.

He told reporters that Saint Lucia is in constant dialogue and would address any raised concern.

“There has been no issue brought before us as relates to our CIP,” Hilaire disclosed.

“If, and I repeat, if any international partner raises any issue with us, we will address it. At this point, there is nothing that has been flagged to us,” he stated, adding that Saint Lucia was still reviewing the CIP to make it better.

Hilaire also revealed that Saint Lucia would announce in the coming months how it is streamlining the application process, strengthening due diligence and changing the CIP to more reflect the market.

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  1. Still, I would not be surprised if Britain follows suit — and joins Canada — to adjust visa regulations for Lucians traveling to England for one reason or the other!

  2. These people always complaining about fake news yet they are always last to come out with a press release. If you want to minimize fake news please engage the public on important issues on a timely basis before conspiracy folks run with it.

  3. We always have to listen to what people are not saying, that is how my grandmother used to phrase it, instead of saying read between the lines. Some of the islands that were not included this time around, are moving to make changes. It is amazing how Dominica is now hustling to change the way it runs its CIP program, because of possible huge economic losses it can have, the with the loss of visa free to the UK, but the Prime Minister of Dominica is dragging his feet on Electoral Reform

  4. Doc well said. The UK has said NOTHING about St Lucia but yet you have rabble-rousers with nothing better to do just shooting from the hip compound with the Yellow Clowns just looking for a drink of water because their mouth running dry. @That Oh Really Clown….and if the UK da8y we need visas in August…..AND ???

  5. If they are gonna make it mandatory for Dominica etc tell me why st lucia should be on earth can any small island government prevent that they couldn’t stop canada.dont make it a political thing be realistic is INEVITABLE not even uncle CHAS can stop them.when yoll vote dem back in power I want to see to see them take out Visa requirements

  6. I listened to the pm of SVG say, I guess he must be the source of those rumors.

  7. All the benefits of CIP are short term but the the disadvantages are long term. When it’s all said and done, all the money collected from it will be gone and because of the usual mismanagement, there will be nothing to show for it, except a bunch of more financially abled new citizens competing with the majority who are poor. The poor will be sidelined like sharks against sardines. They will also lose opportunities to travel abroad for a more prosperous life, when visas will inevitably become mandatory to travel in larger states.

  8. stupid deputy PM. mind your freaking home business, no flipping other island ask you to speak on behalf of them, you clearly wanted to distort your RR fiasco but it will soon come to light in its reality form. It is sad that you people begged for citizens votes, then you hang them like a bat in return for value for their votes. You leaders as stupid but it is also good for those who believe in you because you responded in a very deceptive way. Antigua and st. kitts is not part of your nasty selfish behavior.

  9. All those islands with CBI programs will live to regret it. It is not sustainable. It is a shame that leaders would stoop that low by selling citizenship to maintain their economy. It is reverse emancipation. The haves will survive but the poor are doomed. They stand to lose every little opportunity they may have had because it will become harder for them to compete with the more affluent. They will lose their traveling opportunities, as developed countries will place visa requirements for all those in the program . It’s not a matter of if, but when. It’s a shame to see these governments selling out their country with their people living on them. Lazy clowns. I would have thought that we were smarter than that. I don’t think Compton would have fallen in this trap. Why didn’t Gonzales introduce CBI to ST Vincent ? He is a leader with vision. That’s why. Think ahead and look ahead.

  10. The U.K is probably trying to punish Dominica for having a President as their Head of State instead of the Monarchy. I don’t think it has anything to do with Dominica’s CBI. The U.K is also in need of funds to help their ailing economy. Visa requirements will be a source of funds for them. There is a lot of poverty and homelessness in the U.K contrary to what some might think. St. Lucia does not have the level of poverty compared to the U.K. We in St. Lucia should enjoy what we have and stop complaining about everything.

  11. ANONYMOUS:- beside you, who ever believed Hilaire?
    His whole history in politics has been a questionable one. Some must ask the question; why do some people choose to enter politics? got to be something valuable in it.
    @ OH Really:- your hope is not alone; there are others there who have taken on this life, believing that they’re in a safe seat, nothing can move them, so they perform not to the max. and there are many in this present Government; so keep paying your Tax.

  12. How many passports did Chas sell during his reign and what was the money used for?
    Now, Doc. Hilaire how many passports have the Labour government sold already?
    Keep us posted.

  13. You know those politicians make money on selling out identity and sovereignty and who pays the price ?? The little man SMH is time they finish with that shate . Never was a fan of it never will be . Stop this program please !!

  14. We sent the West India Regiment to fight for Britain in WW 2 against Germany … now we need a visa to go to Britain while Germans can enter without a visa .. a sick joke that has a wicked racial overture and flavor ..smh

  15. Hilaire need to go to Taiwan to study to be a medical doctor not even a minimum wage that he can enact for the hotel workers but he wants to be reelected inb26

  16. So let’s ask the right questions. How many passports were sold via the applicant purchasing our Bonds? The bond option has to be repaid after X years. Who will foot that bill?

  17. Gonsalves says that the CBI program is not sustainable for Caribbean countries yet the EU countries like Spain, Malta Italy and others have programs similar the CBI. I guess the EU can do whatever it pleases and no dog bark. These same people killed our banana industry in favor of Dole and Chiquita.

  18. Folks, The deputy Chief have no visionary leadership skills and St Lucians deserves better than him.. The CIp recipient’s are not paying a fair living wage to their workers.
    They are in St Lucia because of the slave wages system and not the workers..
    We need a living minimum wage of $10+ Systems Asap.


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