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Chastanet Says SLP Administration Has Put Saint Lucia In A ‘State Of Fear’


As the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) marks its second anniversary in office, opposition leader Allen Chastanet has declared that the country is in fear.

“They have put this country in a state of fear. People are fearful to leave their homes Tim, after certain hours,” Chastanet observed Monday during the call-in programme Newsspin with host Timothy Poleon.

The Micoud South MP said people are afraid to travel to certain places and have become fearful of speaking their mind and what is taking place in Saint Lucia, including the cost of living increases.

According to the United Workers Party (UWP) leader, people are ‘literally’ in constant fear.

He said fear was the SLP’s legacy during its two years in office.

“It is getting to the point where you and I and everybody else can sense that something is going to break. People cannot be expected to live in a state of fear as we are,” the former Prime Minister asserted.

He said the government’s breach of trust was fuelling fear.


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  1. All of you have put St Lucians in a state of fear. Chas, King, Kenny, Pierre ALL of you are responsible for not doing enough to halt the social decay.

  2. And yes before you hacks attack the message, a broken clock is right twice a day. Man ain’t wrong. I see it in my neighbourhood constantly. If you call the police to report an infraction the miscreants taunt and threaten you after. It is best you remain quiet or your life might be terminated by these elements.

  3. chas really ? man you need to come better than that. most of the time you make more noise than an empty vessel.

  4. Absolutely true Mr. Leader of the Opposition. The attempts by those who try to deny the truth will not change the facts. This country has lost over 160 since this government assumed office. Our street have been flooded with the blood of our young men and women while the government has remained silent. Crime and bloodshed is rampant in this country. The tone for accepted criminality was set by this government’s expunging of the charges and convictions of those who broke the Covid-19 protection laws. This was the first action taken by this government.

  5. All those so far who have commented against the release has said nothing against it. but the person. That’s one of the reasons I am leaving in fear in St Lucia.

  6. Man go and give the hard working staff at coco palm a decent salary man you were in power but never enacted a minimum wage but you always talking nonsense man go and play golf at Cabot Point Hardy Golf Course

  7. I would love to hear his statement on America bullying Jamaica on the gay issue. Not a word not a word.

  8. Who gave away all our money? What did you do with the 863 million dollars you borrowed? How many of our passports did you sell and where is the money? Have you paid back the 7 million dollars you gave for the vaccine?
    Chas don’t talk to loud we are laughing at you.

  9. Indeed. I have to think twice before leaving my home to go anywhere but work. This is sad.

  10. Says the man under whose watch we had the highest annual percentage increase in homicides in 2017. You set the bloody trajectory then have the audacity to speak on a solution which is clearly out of your league. Guess you are banking on the fact that St lucians are either stupid or quick to forget.

  11. Most Honorable Fool, keep making yourself look foolish for your red masters. Kenny and Pierre have been representing the hardest districts in the island since 1996. 27 years and what have they changed.

  12. There’s absolutely nothing you have to say about slp …UWP is that all you can say .. knowing the wrongs you did you desperately trying to cover up

  13. For me the biggest one is not fear to roam the streets but fear to speak your mind as your own family or neighbours might look to victimize u if u talk against the govt actions or policies. I don’t think Lucians should vote for any of these guys but the victimization is more hardcore with PJP and his crew from what i hv seen and heard. The saddest part is we the average man allow these guys to victimise our very own in name of party. SMBH

  14. @Oh Really Archie…..His most Honorable KDA and The Most Honorable PJP has done plenty for their respective districts…it’s the people that has to change their way of life not the government……and for more than 20yrs they are quite content with their repersentation they may be poor but they PROUD . What is it to you ??? You don’t even walk the streets far less, you hardly know what’s in your own community. When is your GREAT WHITE HOPE coming back to the garrison in VF for another “photo opp”….. He remind us of those mercenaries back in the day that came here trying to sell black people their gospel. All the United Worthless Party is doing insinuating fear mongering for political gains the absolute shame of it . I guess when you are desperate to stay relevant Allen Chastanet is willing to crawl lower than a snakes belly; there, there, there, the absolute shame of it.

  15. You’ll hate a man over propaganda and fail to see the progress being made and the good name the country had. Blind red bats.

  16. Most Honorable Fool, I do not support Chas and not everyone who disagrees with the current government is a UWP voter.

  17. @Yellow Stinger……yes we hate him over his Lying Ways and Propaganda. His inept assertions and fear mongering of the populace is totally irresponsible and only display the UWPEE’S once again in their rightfull format as desperados. When you elude to the distorted notions of “progress” that was been made, to that I say investment without dividends is not economically feasible. A leader who leads his country to financial dispear and fiscal enslavement to bolster his/her egotistic visionary mindset and shows little care about the welfare of it’s working class and less fortunate can never prevail.

  18. Since after the Covenant 🌈was broken,
    God :
    Whosoever listen to me will come to no harm…
    A land is polutted by the corruption of its people .By their detestable practices they have filled it with their unpurity from one end to the other…
    Have you (ever)seen an innocent perish ❓
    Therefore,the Mighty hand of God,is upon all those who love ❤️ (fear)him,to proctet them from enemies and bandits along the way…
    Trust God and live ❗

  19. The word of God :
    Wear your bullet proof vest ❗
    But do not try to carry the true and holy bible along with you and say to 🐍satan in the blood of Jesus,or I rebuke you, when your heat is not with God,or not serving God,I tell you the devil gonna kill you…

  20. Fear if it was only that. I don’t even know what they want to celebrate for the two years. I am just tired of both Slp as well as uwp in office. Please god put a hand. The injustice, unfairness, biasnss. Only god can stop it. As for public servants in Stlucia especially Infastructure these ppl needs to be redirected to other ministries every time election is done in Stlucia because the level of injustice to some people a conscience cannot bear. Politicians and their heartless people in office are destroying Stlucia but I say oh wait meekly wait and murmur not for the wrath of god will spear none when he is ready. So in my opinion fesr is not the only thing stlucians have to endure. But keep the faith for one day we shall overcome the injustice, unfairness and wickedness. Peace and. Lov e


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