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Pierre Urges Recommitment To Make Saint Lucia Safe, Prosperous

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has called for a recommitment to make Saint Lucia safe and prosperous as his Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) observes the second anniversary of its July 26, 2021, election win.

“We have much to be grateful for, but our work has just begun,” Pierre wrote on Facebook.

” As we embark on year 3, I ask that we recommit to making our country a safe and prosperous one. We all have a responsibility in building the Saint Lucia that we love,” the Prime Minister stated.

He recalled that two years ago, the people of Saint Lucia went to the polls and voted for the Saint Lucia Labour Party that he has the honour of leading.

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“Together we have faced many challenges and shared many victories. Thank you for the journey thus far,” Pierre observed.

And referring to the people of his Castries East constituency, he declared that they have a special place in his heart and thanked them for re-electing him.

The SLP will hold an event in Patience on Sunday.

“I look forward to seeing you all in Patience on Sunday when we can finally celebrate our victory as a country,” Pierre wrote.

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  1. Recommendation to make St Lucia safe:
    -Give up the security job and hand it to a true professional.

  2. The first thing that flashed across my mind was the interview of this teen pageant contestant:
    Miss Teen USA 2007 – South Carolina answers a question

    Her response to this impromptu question showed her to be flustered; a deer in the headlights.

    But Pip, in a prepared speech, came off much worse than the hapless teen! Someone who purports to be the leader of the nation could only come with, “… ask that we recommit to making our country a safe and prosperous one. We all have a responsibility in building the Saint Lucia that we love…”

    He never mentions the tangible criteria that describe what a safe and prosperous St. Lucia could look like; let alone the specific steps, even merely outlined, that must lead to the achievement of the goals pursued. In my opinion, Pip should resign right now, and try his hand at winning a pageant; he just might do better than the flummoxed teen in the video.

  3. One wonders what a prime minister has in his Calabash that houses his brain. How is it that you want to recommit to making Saint Lucia safe and prosperous when that is the main mandate of any government to ensure the people are safe and prosperous. Saint Lucia hasn’t been safe and prosperous for decades under successive governments. Paying the people lip service is now a professional career. And most of these professionals have masters and even PhDs in offering platitudes. Before elections they talk about jobs, jobs, jobs, but when in power the jobs pass far from the longing fingers of the people…of course, I so desire that you J. Pierre bring about safety and prosperity to the nation cause it’s in all our interests but going by the lip service we have been served every five years for the pass few decades, I won’t hold my breath… The lips of the horizontal variety doth lie and the lips of the vertical variety maketh soppy fools of men..

  4. When you’re in a classroom you used narratives as a form to encourage your students to learn. You are a leader one who got voted and trust now take that stand and stop using words. It’s way cheap, step up or step down

  5. @ Nudge – I would not be so quick to include the link from a teenager in a 2007 pageant as a comparison. Thank God cell phones were not available at the time when a St. Lucian contestant in a pageant in St. Lucia who shall remain nameless for the purpose of posting in this public forum – was asked the following question as part of the criteria. What is your favorite dish?? – her response was Pyrex.

  6. Thank you Mr. Pip, that’s exactly what we needed, a recommitment to be a safe and prosperous people. We don’t need policies, we don’t need leadership, we don’t need plans, we don’t need better policing, we don’t need transparency in public service and police, we don’t need better national security, we don’t need better education systems and opportunities and future for the youth, we don’t need roads, we don’t need better health care, we don’t need less division at the highest levels, we don’t need answers to basic conflict of interest issues, we don’t need actionable plans from our government and our PM, we just need smiles, laughter, and a recommitment. And let the sheep sayy . . . bahhhhhh, bahhhhh.

  7. The people in your constituency have a special place in your heart. Bro lots of them don’t even have a place to sleep. Not even $5 to block a hole. Hope this reduction on building materials apply to them so the rotten houses in your constituency can be fixed. Sometimes I wonder how allu sleep at night knowing that allu just lie to the people of this country yall against progress chas will be the one to transform this country so let’s BBC people


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