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NCOPT President Laments Lack of Urgency In Fixing Road Network

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The President of the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT), Godfrey Ferdinand, has expressed concern over Saint Lucia’s road network, declaring there appears to be no urgency to fix the problems, including potholes.

Ferdinand said the NCOPT received numerous complaints from bus drivers who transport passengers from Castries to Vieux Fort, La Caye, the Bordelais stretch, and Richfond.

He said Canaries, Soufriere, and Bexon drivers have also complained about the Millennium Highway for the past three years.

But the NCOPT President observed that no roadworks appear to occur on weekends and at night.

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“There’s no urgency on that road,” he stated.

The President disclosed plans to write to the authorities expressing NCOPT members’ concerns.

He asserted that the situation was unbearable.

“You buy a part now – you buy a new tyre now and automatically it can go bad in less than one week if you go into a pothole,” Ferdinand explained.

He said attempting to avoid road potholes also puts drivers in danger of colliding with oncoming traffic.

In addition, he disclosed that the NCOPT was concerned about inadequate signage, road markings and laybys.

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  1. No worries Mr. Ferdinand it will be done right around the next general elections too once again fool the uneducated Lucians…

  2. “You buy a part now – you buy a new tyre now and automatically it can go bad in less than one week if you go into a pothole,”

    Very true. Had that very same thing happen to me driving along morne road. Brand new tyre destroyed. After I paying road tax.

  3. The “roads” are terrible. “De authorities” eh even saying anything. I guess, they too have thrown in the towel. I need very loud music to complete my combo of misery.

  4. Have you all forgotten so soon .People don’t eat roads.You people always let the humper and vouchers fool you all..When next election comes you will still suffer from memory lost.

  5. Sad thing is ppl will vote uwp out after they win the next election.this country is just a cradle/crabs in a barrel hybrid, get out asap logical ones this rock does not deserve to be ur birth right/tombstone, be wise,rise up, vacate…

  6. Do you have the balls to shut down the country and let’s see what the government will do? Let see if the unions are just sham along with the nic? If you can’t then hold your trap. Next page likkle boy

  7. They said people don’t eat roads now the roads eating us smfh let’s BBC people


  9. I agree with you Mr. Ferdinand especially in the massy area there are some big craters they refuse to at least full. I see buses and even a Texaco gas tanker passing on the side walk to try and avoid these craters. this is really unacceptable and to get vehicle parts are extra expensive thanks to this government that raising this and that and adding new taxes here and there. After the roads in such bad conditions the police will want to stop you and charge you for not displaying a sticker you have to buy at transport board. You know what I think people should do, those who have bought parts and because of the road conditions that have destroyed them should come together with their receipts and go to a lawyer and take the government to court.

  10. Wow ! I actually believed that apart from me, no one else cared about the road situation. This is not a joke !! It seems that roads are not important because for whatever reason the masses have been caught up in everything else that is unimportant. They are so caught up in favoritism to their party that they have cast a blind eye to what affects the majority. I called them the famous HACKS !! Whether you own a vehicle or you take public transportation, the bad state of the roads affect the majority of the population for the simple reason that the majority use the roads 24/7…My personal experience as a motorist is that I constantly find myself in situation where I have to avoid an accident and I don’t get upset with the upcoming driver, because I understand why… So much to say ! I will conclude by saying that St.Lucia need an entire road overhaul, because I have never seen anything like that in my entire 60 plus years !! RIDICULOUS !!


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