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WATCH: Pierre Reflects As SLP Marks Second Anniversary Of Election Victory


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre issued a statement Wednesday to mark the second anniversary of the Saint Lucia Labour Party’s landslide election win.

He declared that the election mandate gave the labour administration the strength to honour its campaign pledge to put people first.

Pierre’s complete statement appears below:

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  1. Wow! Is that what Lucians elected SLP for to ” celebrate the victory?” The nerve! What has SLP accomplished? The highest murder rate, women lost to violence in a manner unprecedented in the islands history. High tax. No work. Over tax in food, most costly electricity in the whole Americas, one supermarket monopoly from Trinidad gouging Lucians every single day, businesses collecting tax from people and not paying government while that same government ask for amnesty for these businesses. What happened to all the money stolen from the public for paying tax? Did SLP ask those businesses to give us back that money? No affordable housing for st Lucians, no solid plan to grow certain economic sectors. You all have failed! Just like the UWP did but far more!

  2. Only you all clowns can celebrate, u all bills paid. Lucians you all crying you all have alot more crying to do.

  3. Pierre where my effing tax refund you promise. You useless. Voting your behind out as soon as I get a chance.

  4. Yeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah Loooooooooooosers. What a beautiful day the Lord has given us . What do we want more of ?? RED ! When do we want it ?? NOW AND FOREVER. Five more years, five more years, five more years, five more years, five more years, five more years, five more years, five more years, five More years, five more years, give me five more years, five more years, five more years, five more year, five more years. No more sell out of our birthright, St Lucia for all and not just for some

  5. They’re still NOT putting the people first – their pockets are first!!
    Mr Pierre – WORDS matter a lot!!
    I am reading, but. not HEARING!! This leadership spews a lot of words, a lot rhetoric, without saying anything!! Where are the specifics?

  6. Two years heading to the third year of hearing the same. Lucian’s are being taught to be more selfish and greedy . Nothing is being done to the honour and glory of god. Mr pierre I feel your pain in having to deal with all of this but you need to put your feet down and stop letting yr mp,s do what they are doing even when u know it’s not right. It reflects on u as a leader. No man is an island so why can’t you accept the suggestions of the people. We put u all mps there as our voice but when u all are using it for you all own greed and selfish ways we aught to step in. I once loved that party but I cannot even describe what I feel for it now. My prediction is that in the next 10 years there will no longer be an slp party in Stlucia. It will be a forgotten name. Peace and love

  7. Mr Pierre, in this day and age – you cannot speak to people like that!! Today’s generation is smarter, more liberal, and have easy access to TRUTH faster than the speed of light. Wake up and smell the JUSTICE, TRUTH and CHARITY!! We are NOT dumb.

    Where is our *environmental energy* going? Please make use of what we have for FREE: wind, sun and water … and stop making us PAY for imported oil, polluting our environment and ecology.

  8. The biggest assault on St. Lucia’s democracy since independence. Changing the constitution to deny the peoples right to have a voice in a referendum. Just to please the ego of one man and to have access to manipulating justice. Three words……majeee……bayteeze…..bobol…..saloptaye.

  9. This happens when a country is rebellious under starving, the way of’peace’we do not know ;our great learing is driving us insane”…
    Love ❤️changes all !
    Bless and not curse !


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