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SLPYO Condemns Peter Josie’s ‘Inflammatory Remarks’ That ‘Promote Violence’


The St Lucia Labour Party Youth Organisation (SLPYO) strongly condemns the recent inflammatory remarks made by Mr. Peter Josie, an operative of the opposition United Workers Party, on July 26th.

In his statement, Mr. Josie expressed a disturbing sentiment, stating, “I would try to mobilise Vieux-Fort, and no member of the Labour Party would ever visit Vieux-Fort. Every time I hear a young person from Vieux-Fort kill another, I wish somebody, if not me, could mobilise them so that they don’t kill each other, but I would tell them where the shooting should be.”

The SLPYO firmly denounces these reckless statements made by Mr. Josie, as they promote violence and pose a significant threat to the peace and harmony of our beloved country.

We believe that such rhetoric has no place in our society and does not align with the principles of democracy, mutual respect, and understanding that we strive to uphold.

Violence and its consequences affect all segments of society, particularly the youth. It is our collective responsibility to create an environment that fosters unity, empathy, and peaceful coexistence.

We firmly believe that the development and progress of our nation can only be achieved through peaceful means, dialogue, and collaboration.

We call upon all young persons in St. Lucia to reject violence in all its forms and to stand together in promoting peace, harmony, and social cohesion. Let us resolve our differences through constructive dialogue, understanding, and respect for one another.

The SLPYO urges Mr. Josie and all individuals in positions of influence to exercise responsibility in their public statements. Political discourse should be centred around solutions, progress, and the betterment of our nation, rather than inciting violence or division.

We believe in the power of unity and working together to address the challenges our youth face.

The SLPYO remains committed to engaging young people in meaningful dialogue, providing opportunities for empowerment, and promoting initiatives that contribute to their personal and professional development.

As we move forward, let us embrace the values of peace, tolerance, and inclusivity.

Together, we can build a brighter future for St. Lucia, where our youth can thrive and contribute positively to society.

SOURCE: St Lucia Labour Party Youth Organisation. Headline photo of Peter Josie courtesy The Star.


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  1. YOU ALL NEED TO GET A LIFE DAY BAN H..GO AND CHECK THE HOLIGANS ON MBC..Check the minister that is in government insulting everyone

  2. I wanted to hear that josie was arrested for the remarks he made for condoning violence on the labour party

  3. you all have endless undesirables in the party governing St Lucia. Old 70+ Josie is the least of you all problems.

  4. Was the SLpYO deaf when Claudeass spoke about a bazooka. Hmmm. We teaching the young ones to have convenient amnesia. Will our nation ever prosper when we are being taught to be so divided.

  5. Re Article, That must be written from the clergys pulpit .. what is being created for our younger population currently! We need more physical than verbal.. The children that needs help don’t and can’t read Facebook . Employment is a good advice to follow..

  6. what yall should be checking is what he means by “mobilise” and not try to make the stupid saint Lucians more stupid also wasnt Odlum one of your operatives just as worse? ask the old people in that time they will tell you.

  7. To me I heard Yardie Foul and Richard saying much worse than that. But in truth you can ask anyone in Laborie and VF which politicians the drug men controlling and they will tell you.

  8. Ask the SLP youth to ask around who murdered Baje, Clarkes and Gobat and then let them hang their heads in shame. The gunslingers and Mafioso rule the land. Josie is just an old man helpless because he knows who the criminals are and he cannot say it for fear of liquidation.

  9. If PJ made that statement – cause I have not heard it from him personally – then the authorities should take it serious. Given that P.J is 81 years old, I suspect he is suffering from dementia or some condition that adversely affects the brain and therefore his faculties are not quite all there. His advanced age does put him at risk of making such deplorable statements. Apparently he has always been a firebrand if one knows PJs political history during his younger days. But in any case, PJ has no right to make such inflammatory statement which could further fracture our nation. I suggest sending the police to his residence to make enquiries and give a word of caution and demand PJ retract his statement. There is already too much party politics, divided loyalties, red this and yellow that in our country. I for one will never be a party hack….I support the party that will forward Saint Lucia’s interest and put the people first.. I vote on the side of the people…. although given that when we vote we put the wrong person in the driving sit, at least you get what you vote for…look around the world and find a nation that is divided in itself and examine it’s internal affairs…you will quickly find that chaos is the order of the day. I urge all Saint Lucians to unite in the interest of our collective wellbeing and success…

  10. NOT SURPRISE of this rehoric and DUTTYNESS form these OlD YELLOW DRAGONS…….he has been doing this for years…….I thought he vacated the earth. Oh well tick toc tickity toc From the 80 these fools have been behaving like they are the moralities of St Lucia (they know themselves)….… Highgrade is not afraid to call them out. Who can remember when Vibes Kartel was to do a show here and he Toni Macaroni and that other fool put on their yellow capes to put pressure to stop his visit like he was coming here to live. St Lucia needs new print media that will exclude these clowns wit these clowns . Everybody wants to fix VF….go fix yourselves fools yull don’t spray for everyone.

  11. For this is a people without understanding ;So their Maker has no compassion on them,and their Creator shows no favor !


  13. I will not speak or condone violence but sometime when one journeys through the transformation of Vieux Fort to where it is today, it is ALL LABOUR. The vibrant Vieux Fort we knew before 1997 has been transformed into the violent constituency it is today. I believe it was designed by Kenny Anthony and the SLP. Nothing was done for Vieux Fort in his reign as PM and MP for VFort South. Nothing except walkways. 98% of the stevedore at the Vfort port were supporters of the SLP and when they requested a new crane at the port he refused. Today, this government is about to sign a deal with GPH stating that if they are to develop the seaport in VFort and Soufriere, Vieux Fort should not be developed. GPH does Home Porting in Puerto Rico and sees Home Porting in St Lucia/Vieux Fort as a threat to his home porting in Puerto Rico. How do you feel Vieux Fortian, a people who have been failed by the SLP, react to such a deal by the SLP? No PJ, we will not shoot (if you meant with guns) the Labour members but I know you have always been passionate about VFort and knows how you feel.

  14. So P. Josie said a few things that unnerve a lot of people; what you should be concerned about is that, a modern Hospital that was 3/4 completed when SLP got into power, was stopped because UWP were the ones who started it, and their little minds told them Chas would take credit. Who the heck cares who claims the credit, V/Fort and the South needs a modern Hospital, stop playing politics with the lives of people; the drug lords are killing, thanks to some politicians, whereas there are those in there only to help the people.

  15. I strongly disagree and condemn the Peter Josie statement but where is SLPYO when seating minister and talk show hosts make similar or even worst utterances. Where is SLPYO when young people Re killing each other daily and their party and by extention, their administration has zero answers or solutions. And then the SLP leader hates when crime is being used as political leverage. Isn’t that what SLPYO is doing.

  16. As if the place were not violent enough, up steps another maladjusted person calling for more violence. In this, and others, we have yet to see the police lay charges of incitement. Claudius and Josie are actually on video making statements. Is there someone responsible for law and order near?
    On Vieux Fort, the place is crap. We all know it. It doesn’t take a scientific mind to figure it out. A case of dereliction of duty by its manager. The representative abandoned his responsibility a long time ago, yet they kept voting for him. The district has reaped what it sowed. What is distressing about the whole situation, that representative shows no remorse or pangs about his dismal performance. He believes everything is normal.
    We are doomed by remnants of an older order that never tried keeping up with the times. Their solution is violence first, because that’s all they know. Their approach to management is all or nothing, since they intend to steal all or do nothing.

  17. “I would try to mobilise Vieux-Fort, and no member of the Labour Party would ever visit Vieux-Fort. Every time I hear a young person from Vieux-Fort kill another, I wish somebody, if not me, could mobilise them so that they don’t kill each other, but I would tell them where the shooting should be.”

    This is disgusting to say the least and moreover it looks like this man needs a serious mental evaluation. I am neither SLP nor UWP – but this should not be condoned by anyone.


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