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Montoute Reiterates Warning That Crime Would Threaten Saint Lucia’s Economic Survival


United Workers Party (UWP) Public Relations Officer, Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute, has reiterated a warning that crime would threaten Saint Lucia’s economic survival.

“When I see the poor handling of crime, I warned that this would threaten our economic survival in Saint Lucia. Folks, I don’t know if you realise it. It is happening already,” the former Gros Islet MP told a UWP town hall meeting in Babonneau Sunday.

Montoute told the audience that when France, through its Foreign Ministry, could advise  citizens to be careful about visiting Saint Lucia over safety concerns, the tourism industry would feel the effect.

He explained that local restaurants and guest houses benefit from spending by Martinique visitors.

“When I was warning and saying to them, ‘That would be the result,’, here it is,” the former Minister declared.

But he asserted that instead of doing something about the situation, the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) did what it does best, blame others.

According to the UWP spokesman, the SLP blamed the opposition.

“The Prime Minister, in true fashion, said it was the media first of all how they were reporting crime, and the opposition who were making irresponsible statements,” Montoute stated.

He declared that the French have first-hand knowledge of what is happening in Saint Lucia.

“It’s not the UWP that told them,” Montoute stated.

And he urged the government to fix the problem.

“Instead of celebrating the victory, protect the people of Saint Lucia. Protect the economy of Saint Lucia. Protect the reputation of Saint Lucia,” Montoute said.

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  1. We need a new batch of politicians!

    Spider a 7 yeard old girl (girls are smarter than boys) can rightfully say the same thing.

    Its obvious that increase crime could have a detrimental effect on any island which relies on tourism.

    Is that the extent of your delivery to the audience, WOW.

    Disclose a new policy or two your party plans to roll it IF you’ll win the next election.

    You’ll need a some pedigree, it’s lacking from Allen down.

  2. Oh Lord I can’t………. THERE IS ANIKEY IN THE STREETS RUN FOR YOUR LIVES….run to the hills people there is mayhem every where the towns are burning there are RED VISIGOTHS everywhere, the town of VF is the up evil, their Rep and PM are the Red Devils run, run, run, for your lives.

  3. The country is on life support and all these fools does is play the blame game am ashamed to call myself a Lucian

  4. When politicians are in opposition they have a solution to every single problem, why would you not implement those solutions and have the whole world praising you and your party and talking about how good of a job you have done? instead and this is reality when they form the government all the rhetoric and bla bla bla stops, they become the imbeciles we all know them to be while blaming the previous government. none of you’ll have the answers regardless of what color you represent and which person represents your party on election day. you all are wastemen.

  5. Spider you have been elected a minister , but yet still you do not have the capacity to create the kind of environment to bring wealth to the people of gros is let spider you have failed the people who elected you

  6. With all being said about the slp party, what have Guy Joseph, Leonard Monoute , Dominic Fedee, Allan Chastanet (leader of the opposition) next agenda to gain people confidence NADA, just a bunch of lies upon lies. UWP never put anything in place for the youth, hence the reason for the crime rate. As speaking check Grenada, St Vincent news

  7. Let SLP continue their job as the ruling party. At the end of their term the people of Saint lucia will determine whether they’ll give them a second term & by what I’m seeing they do deserve a second term & they will get a 2nd term.
    UWP you’ll STOLE so much from us, up to now where’s the 7,000000 dollars Chastanet owe the people of st lucia & spider teething guy , cocoloram have the audacity to say you’ll will be writing to the world to put them on the alert as to not visit Saint Lucia HOW DUMB ARE YOU ALL. Who do you’ll think you’ll are hurting , only yourself & you will LOSE WISERLY NEXT ELECTION


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