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UWP Chairman Says Wealth Creation Is True Emancipation


Amid emancipation observances, United Workers Party (UWP) Chairman Therold Prudent has cited wealth creation as the route to true emancipation.

Prudent observed that the most significant challenge facing Saint Lucia is not simply a reminder of the experience of slavery, emancipation, and colonialism.

Instead, the UWP Chairman declared that the challenge relates to the danger of modern-day black political colonists exploiting history by perpetuating racial division and hate to control the votes of those who can’t think for themselves and cannot fully understand the origins of slavery.

“Thus, we are condemned to a perpetual life of brainwash, poverty, and political enslavement,” Prudent stated.

“Hopefully, the day will come when we as a nation can rise up and demand that these shackles of poverty be removed, through greater opportunities for upward mobility and financial freedoms, which would, in essence, define the Saint Lucian dream, ” the UWP Chairman said.

And referring to Bob Marley’s words, Prudent asserted that gaining true emancipation is learning emancipation from mental slavery.


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  1. Prudent, can you explain what you mean by wealth creation? We would like to know. The words you’ve uttered bears little resemblance to Bob’s “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery”.

  2. Very true, Prudent. In our society, we sometimes see two individuals (same age group) coming from the same destitute area. One of them go on to do great things, while the other is a wreck. By early teens one can make a reasonable assessment who is heading in what direction. I believe the home is the major factor that determines outcome. In poor households where parents value education and wealth, I believe their children do better in life.

    Sometimes money is squandered on alcohol and frivolous items. The chance to build wealth is evaporated by those activities. On this day in particular, government needs to revisit our curriculum. Are we providing knowledge that ensures a new generation learns about money. Be guided by the saying, money makes more money.

  3. Oho, Mr. Prudent hence the reason the UWP borrowed 863 million dollars and up to now we cannot see what they did with it. So uwp broke the shackles of poverty for them selves. Ok well you teaching us.

  4. I have only just recovered from the paroxysms of laughter elicited by this article, which attempts to report on Prudent’s (aka LaJahBless, from the defunct “Lucian Talk” forum) “thoughts” on emancipation.

    My first impression was that his social confidence has increased now that he has taken over Ozzie-Boy’s old job as butt-boy for old man Chastenet & his dim son – that’s some validation of his emancipation – NOT!

    Someone, please whisper (to avoid embarrassing him) in this fool’s ear that if he was smart, he would know that all wealth (old money) in the collective west can be directly linked to slavery; that all wealth created in these modern times (new money) has the inverse effect of creating debt slavery for 99% of the population!

    It is remarkable the sheer arrogance Prudent displays. All he offers, as an acolyte of his hero, the house negro Obama, is HOPE that one day, magically, we will be unshackled from poverty (debt slavery); no doubt by some benevolent political party he will never chair! Condemning us to a perpetual life of brainwash [sic], poverty, and political enslavement is the only thing he has on his mind; he merely projects is own aims & aspirations onto others.

    That said, one cannot expect anything different from the red side – after all, the duopoly represents two cheeks of the same backside; their sole purpose is to regularly spread apart to allow their master’s excrement to plop on the citizens’ heads!

  5. Don’t agree. Mental emancipation is the truest form of emancipation. Without it wealth accumulation is meaningless. Look at the thousands of black millionaires. How emancipated are the artistes that denigrate black women with demeaning lyrics?How liberated are the rich sportsmen and women who see no need to help lift fellow blacks from material poverty?

  6. Prudent and his ilks are constantly trying to trivialize and marginalize the descendant of enslaved Africans. Who the hell won’t want to create wealth? Had Chastanet invested the $863 million in human infrastructure we would certainly be able to create wealth. Prudent and the UWP’s are intellectually bankrupt as a consequence their best course of action is to blame the poor for being poor. The UWP mantra is that you are poor because you don’t work hard enough or it’s your fault for being poor.


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