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WATCH: Government To Receive EC$200 Million To Complete SJH Reconstruction Project


The Government of Saint Lucia will receive more than EC$200 million from the Saudi Fund for Development to finance the completion of the St. Jude Hospital (SJH) Reconstruction Project.

The financing agreement was officially signed on Aug. 3, less than 10 months after Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre resumed construction after it was left abandoned for nearly three years.

The signing marks Saint Lucia’s first development loan agreement with the Saudi Fund for Development.

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SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister. (Story updated)

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  1. 200 Million ?? Isnt this the same amount required to finish the new building. I thought it was more expensive to finish the new building compared to the old one.

  2. Bravo, bravo, bravo!!! Let’s get it done. UWP grasping at straws with their faux outrage. Cry me a river and Get over it.

  3. From just reading the headline, I’m guessing that the nominal sum of ES$200 was agreed upon as the figure to put on the big cheque at the signing; and that Saudi Arabia has agreed to supply the building material, equipment & labor directly, so that the SLP couldn’t touch actual cash they might be tempted to siphon off for personal use. Brilliant funding strategy, by the Saudis!

  4. How much of that sum will be siphoned through the corruption pipeline? Just asking since they failed to say.

    All because of political idiots, people who can’t even get a decent job out of politics, a new building, one better suited for a modern hospital is left to rott in Vieux Fort. And what bothers me the most is the fact that we continue to vote for these clowns and intellectually bankrupt individuals. That sure says a lot about us as a people.

  5. How much money spent on that project already? And how many years? St. Lucia: A circus masquerading as a country.

  6. I want to celebrate $200 million dollars for project but before I do, can we get the details etc. when is the start and end date ? What should we expect at the end of the project ?

  7. And that hospital will still not finish. That hospital is the avenue for all administrations to fill their pockets.

    I am tired of reading about money being allocated for that borborl pocket filler.

  8. These clowns have been playing with fire. God forbid if there’s an aviation disaster.

  9. What I thought this was a gift!!!…. The USD 75M is a loan with a five-year grace period at 2% interest.

    “It is a loan that will do the following…….
    St. Lucia will never be able to pay this 75 million back to the Saudis! SMH
    The Whole world tuning into this an is watching!

  10. I just hope is one building we having and people eh hv to walk in the rain or sun like VH to get to do a test or pay and then walk back outside to get to another building. I used to hate that at VH. I just google Exterior designs of Hospitals and all I saw were Single Buildings.

  11. Mr. Pierre ,Mr.Pierre , Mr Pierre . 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹. Lucian’s Lucian’s, people , people . Father please , please , please , please . Look over our youths lord . I thought st Lucia was in Europe.

  12. Mr. Pierre ,Mr.Pierre , Mr Pierre . 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹. Lucian’s Lucian’s, people , people . Father please , please , please , please . Look over our youths lord .

    Thought that st Lucia was in Europe!!!
    We changed location again 🤣

  13. From afar it seems that st. Lucia government is just looking for handouts from any party. Doesn’t seem to matter the ideology. Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, USA. A lot of officials traveling the region and world and announcing many studies and workshops. And nothing trickles down to the people in st. Lucia who are not politically connected. It’s sad.

  14. @ Nudge, who tell you Saudi Arabia will supply the building material, equipment & labor directly? The Saudis don’t move that way. It’s not easy to get that kinda money at 2% interest. That’s better terms than UWP got for the box. We should all be mad that because of bad politics and poor governance it will take another $200 million to finish St. Jude. Whether we use the UWP or SLP buildings, we will still have a lot of wasted space at St. Jude. That should trouble us but as usual because of our politics it is no big ting.

  15. This project will cost over $400 million after all the spending by both governments has been added up. This is nothing to be proud about after so many years. The various contractors over the past 13 years are those that have benefited. Now it will be Debbie and their favourite contractor that will benefit. Essentially the cream from this will finance the next election campaign.

  16. This is a loan, regardless of grace period and percentage interest, it is a huge loan. Why are we wasting so much money on trying to raise Lazarus from the dead. Are we forgetting that the old St Jude’s buildings have been there since 1940. Closed in about 1948 and left abandoned until about 1964 when the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother started the hospital there. You have about 7 separate buildings which is an obsolete design in modern hospital buildings. The incomplete new building would have cost 130 million to complete based on what the PM said at a townhall meeting in Vieux Fort and the original one would cost 105 million. To date over 20 million have been spent and now a loan of 200 million. Someone needs to give the youth of this country some answers.

  17. Sorry, @Blacksmith, but you’re too late for the try-out as the straight man in my satirical riff on the Freudian slip in the original headline of this article! (Orignally the amount in the headline was EC$200, not EC$200 million!)

    I guess @The Most Honorable Lucian Highgrade was too busy doing his partisan hijinks (victory lap in anticipation of his personal taste of the Saudi largesse), to respond to my obvious “nudge” in the ribs of the professional mendicant duopoly in St. Lucia: No project moves forward unless the party in power first has a long slurp from the “loan” trough! It remains to be seen how much will be left in the kitty after the party hacks have engorged themselves; what excuses will be vomited?

    I see plainly now the price quoted to the Saudis to buy admittance to BRICS+: Entice all the sucker fish (St. Lucia, for example) to leave the US shark-infested, “Monroe Doctrine” waters for the plankton blooming waters of the BRICS+++++++++. We live in interesting times!

  18. “Aleykoum Salamou”
    “Your word is suppreme, who can say to you”,
    What are you doing ”❓
    Who has make a claim must pay ❗
    But do not make aggrement between the two,so that St Lucians 🇱🇨and employees may be enslaved by many great kings ‼️
    Nor give 🇱🇨 St Lucia to foreigners and take the employees as pledge forever,to becomes likes scroundells,a trap for the mouse and 🇱🇨 St Lucia to lay waste 💩💩💩💩

  19. I need to migrate out of st.lucia asap, this country is beyond 3rd world and not sustainable for any citizen, what kind of health care will come out of this atrocity being revamped and the idiots managing it? St.lucia is now a failed diseased state,f this country!

  20. PJP swallow your pride and use this money to finish the new building. You will be respected for your rational and pragmatism. Spending this huge borrowed sum on old buildings is really a regressive step.

  21. So much was said about foreigners. The slp minister’s are a bunch of hypocrites. Not even explaining all details about this deal we the youths are not politically blind fuxk slp BBC

  22. And after it is spent and done then what !! more borrowing ???? to maintain it sustain it why do st lucians allow so much debt I feel the youth is better off unborn

  23. @ That Nudge Clown I see yuh all …….I expected no applause for this PM efforts……I totally expect EXACTLY what I am reading from all the naysayers, the usual bad mind stuff the building is not modern enough, the funds will be stolen, it’s a lone not a grant alllll the above with the exception that St Jude’s could have been finished at least part A since 2018. The UWP had USD$ 30 million at their disposal to finish to St Jude’s and they NEVER did. Guy Joseph spent ECD$ 1 Million and change on acessment fees alone. My, my, my, but yet all these criticism lodge at this PM. You can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the time. A loan at 2% beats Allan Chastanet borrowed loan of USD$ 100 million from The Bank of Taiwan at 5.5% interest rate with quarterly payments of USD$ 5million on INTEREST ONLY until the year 2035. This is why PJP tried to refinance this loan because he saw it as a killer on the backs of the working poor of this nation. Instead of Allen Chastanet agreeing, he criticize PJP efforts as ” meddling”. This is the difference between a shady business man and a trained economist

  24. Let me expand my comments to expose the goals of Saudi Arabia for their “soft power” loan for completing the St. Jude’s Hospital project:

    If Pip & Co. think they’ve successfully fooled the Saudis to fund their next election campaign; that they will not use the funds only on the hospital project; they had better think again. Russia & China have sanctioned this loan by the Saudis, as a test to determine whether Saudi Arabia can successful manage this starter loan project; for gaining admittance to BRICS+ & to slowly whittle away US influence in the Caribbean region. This will determine whether the region will be allowed to benefit from all the people-centric projects planned for the global south. If Pip & Co. treat this as just another money tree for their graft & grift, St. Lucia will lose out in the long run; China & Russia treat corruption most harshly!

    This discussion I have linked to, below, is filled with hope & joy for the world. Pip & Co. could learn a lot about real statesmanship if they take the points raised to heart!

    War hawks’ drive to expand NATO into Asia may destroy Western military alliance

    @The Most Honorable Lucian Highgrade: I’ll ignore you from now on; I’m not in the mood to play ticky-tock with you. Or as my father used to say: “Never argue with fools; they’ll drag you down to their level, beat you with experience!”

  25. The usual suspects will get the contracts. Some people are going to get very rich.


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