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Police Identify Victim Of Fatal Corinth Shooting


Police say the victim of Thursday’s fatal shooting at Corinth, Gros Islet, has been identified as 33-year-old Ted Smith of Mon Repos, Micoud.

A Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) release said Gros Islet police station officers received a robbery report at about 6:20 pm.

When the investigators arrived, they found a male with apparent gunshot wounds around the body.

A medical practitioner pronounced him dead after an ambulance transported him to the OKEU Hospital.

The police release said Ted Smith was reportedly committing an armed robbery, and a licensed firearm holder shot him.

Investigations into the incident are continuing.

After the fatal shooting, a Corinth resident told reporters that living in the community has become ‘scary’.

“Honestly, we haven’t been able to sleep. Doors locked, windows locked,” the resident explained.

“Every week there was a robbery going on,” the woman stated, explaining that she was a victim.

The woman told reporters she did not want to stay in the area.

“I used to hear Corinth is a safe place. That’s why I moved here; now, I want to get out. I don’t want to stay here again. I know nowhere is not safe but right now it is happening too often here,” she declared.

“It’s like they following us. They maxing us. They know what time we coming because if I leave work late as well and my driver tell me he see people around the house at night. So I don’t even feel safe coming at home,” the Corinth resident noted.

She disclosed that everyone is afraid to speak out.

And the woman said she approved of the licensed firearm holder’s actions.

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  1. Why did the shopkeeper have to kill him? This is a senseless murder. The poor young man was snuffed out by someone with a licensed firearm. The shopkeeper could have handled this differently. Why didn’t he call the police to deal with the situation? He had no right to do this to the young man. None whatsoever!

    And it is for this reason I am calling on the authorities to prosecute this man. He should be arrested and brought to trial over this savage and brutal murder. He killed the young man in cold blood. What kind of society are we becoming in this splendid island if we were to allow this brutal murder of a young man to go unpunished? No one has a right to end someone’s life without impunity. This man’s gun’s licence should be revoked and rescinded immediately. He should NOT be allowed to carry firearm/s or even a licence. A lot of these idiots who carry license firearms go on like they own the world and can do whatever they want to irrespective of the consequences. It is about time the state make examples of them. No one should be carrying firearms licence or unlicensed. The police are the only one who should be carrying weapons.

    This young man had his whole life ahead of him. We have not heard the whole story about what transpired. Did he start firing on the shopkeeper? If he did not brandish the gun then the shopkeeper had no right to murder him in cold blood. I am also calling on people to boycott this shop. This man does not deserve our custom after what he did to this poor bloke. We should condemn all murders whether lawful or unlawful in this country. No killing is justified unless you are threatened where you are facing death and you need to defend yourself, then and only then you should do whatever it takes to defend yourself. You must also use reasonable force to do so. Target other parts of the body. Do NOT shoot to kill. It is wrong to aim to kill. Remember the commandment ‘Thou Shall not kill’. I hope this is not swept under the carpet like most murder cases are in this country. Arrest this shopkeeper and bring him to court. He deserves to be tried for murder and if found guilty get banged up. He should not get away with this unwarranted murder. Arrest him now!

  2. imagine that from all there. but I believe is the tithes around that giving them information they all working together . he would not come all there if he didn’t have friends around the place

  3. I thought my PM said Chas was lying about people living in fear. My boss stop burying your head in the sand! We not feeling safe in Lucia!

  4. vernal green you talking nonsence, did you see tha gun in the robbers waist? how many people he could have rob or kill that day if he did not die? do you know how many people he rob or kill alresdy,, and he from all the way mon repot,, if you were the one he was trying to rob not that you would say, unless if he doing the robbries for you to benifit from,,

  5. The headline should read Dead arm bandit Identified. stop polishing the words, and he died on the scene and not in hospital.

  6. Vernal if he had kill the shopkeeper or any innocent bystander what wud u say,? U know some st lucians act. Like real idiotic pigs who have noo understanding…we Cru for justice for our. Families being killed…what did the 2 yr old boy in vfort do to anyone,.? Come on now…..admit it these fellas need to stop that……they have sense in their brain not to go annd steal ppl things but they do it anyway and is our friends. And families that suffer…..stop supporting these thugs. And having u all daughters feeding demml and giving demm cookie…. nonsense

  7. Is people like you all that condoning those young men coming from mon repos to commit his crime ,if I was the hard working shop owner I would shooti him until I can not see him again it’s time we make am example those xxxxx useless mother xxxxxx at 33year don’t feel sorry for them,,,,, we need to send a message to those pig

  8. Vernal Green- it’s amazing to me that u mentioned nothing of the persons who may have been endangered by his actions. They were wrong and hence his result was the fault of his own doing. Talking about him like he was an angel shot down from heaven. He was conducting criminal activities that’s why his ass got killed and he even had a weapon in his possession. U want a license firearm holder to wait for the guy to shoot at him first, then he will take action. I think u watching too many movies. If he was your friend then that’s your business, but don’t try to put blame on law abiding citizens over someone who had a malicious motive. It sad that someone lost their life as a result, but our actions have consequences. Smh at some people

  9. @Vernel Green. Are you serious?. Regretted I took time to read that comment. Utter nonsense. You came here writing a whole essay defending a gun-toting, robber. Talking about whether he brandished weapon…I guess he just went to the shop and said pass it……😂

    Sit down Mary Francis!

  10. @Vernal Green … Reading your post, someone could think for a moment that the criminal-minded, gun-toting gunslinger and would-be robber is the “good guy” in this story, and that the licensed firearm holder is the “bad guy”! It seems you do not reslize that a clear and un unambigious message must be sent to the criminals that crime does not pay –and when they choose to live by the gun they have simultaneously made a choice to die by the gun! The shopkeeper is not the criminal in this story! The criminal was the one who was killed in a foiled robbery in this instance. It is indeed a sad loss of life, yes, but that’s the path he chose when he took hold of an illegal firearn and tried to commit a “life and death” crime!

  11. @Vernal Green you must be kidding??? Because of people like you we have criminals roaming our streets they know there will always be someone to defend them after they comment their crimes

  12. I’m pretty sure Vernal was being sarcastic. The line of thinking is that of a criminal. No criminal writes so well (except those in high office). And for those of you talking about Mary Francis. Obviously she will not comment on such a case because it is not her field of law.

  13. boy I can’t believe I read that nonsense that Vernal Green bull shit wrote. he was another one of your boys .you vex because you were anticipating a big payday that didn’t come.

  14. Vernal Green you remember the commandment thou shall not kill but I guess you ate the one that said thou shall not steal or are you only quoting some parts of the Bible that suits you. Stop condoning crimes. How you make your bed so you must lie on it.

  15. @Vernal Green , I can only conclude from your comments that the deceased armed man was either related to you or may have been employed in your service.
    Please for full disclosure.

  16. The nonsense that @ vernal green posted there should never be allowed to be publicized. Imagine the whole world can view and read the utter rubbish from this person.

  17. @Vernel Green. Most people have said exactly what I wanted to say. So, I remain mum on your crap!

  18. Vernell green I’m from Mon repos he was a menace there two robberies he got shot in one. Went to jail came bk on the same speed. Have u seen the videos where he is boasting about killing which have taken place saying he was the one who did it. Really sad vernell smh. There is always a bigger picture. I don’t know what u expect from a young man with malicious intent, caught in the act and paid for it….
    Sorry to say he had it coming thank god no one else got hurt
    Oh and before u post do a back ground chk on those individuals and it’s a at lucia thing not mon repos alone

  19. LFH. When someone uses there licensed firearm it is not a easy decision. Shooting someone can lead to death no matter what part of the body you hit. This idea of shooting someone in a non lethal area is laughable but I must accept people ignorance as Hollywood has made it so. Shooting someone in the leg or arm for one will not prevent them from firing back at you. This will not stop the threat. Also you are responsible for every round you fire so if you aim for an arm or a leg and miss that rpund (bullet) has potential to hit someone else as far as 300 meters away. So like a explained earlier the decision to shoot is not one taken lightly and you must aim for center mass to ensure you don’t have any stray rounds.

    My advice to everyone who feels this was not a clean shoot is to read the laws of st. Lucia as it pertains to license firearms holders and the general public. Do this before you decide to pass judgment on a law abiding citizen who exercised his rights to defend life and property and was willing and skilled enough to stop a criminal committing an indictable offense.
    I am happy that this gentleman is trained and competent enough to hit the target and stop the treat.
    Unfortunately someone lost their life but if you try to rob someone with a deadly weapon you must accept that you are risking your life by doing so.
    So he risked his life for a cell phone and lost.
    RT challenge

  20. This guy just need to sit flat on his behind if he has one and keep quiet is people like him that condoning this kind of criminal acts

  21. Vernal Green, thanks for letting us know that you play a major role in the criminal activities in this land. Changing your name everytime you make a comment does not make you smarter than anyone else. You come across as one of those charismatic leaders who brainwash young men into engaging in criminal activities for their personal gain. Your sentiments are that of a Dun …. 🤔

  22. People have to protect themselves since the leaders and police are not capable of doing it. We will see a lot more of this.

  23. I just can’t believe some people .the man was shot in a robbery and with all of what is going on in st lucia you are defending this man.he stood peoples vehicles in the community he did so many things already he beat up people and who knows what he would do that night.this man defend himself and his business so I see nothing wrong with that.i think this person defending him should be the police the lawyer the prime Minister because they are really feeling sorry for him so they would arrest the owner of the business.the owner of the business should never be arrested. The young boy held a young lady at the mon repos gastation at gun point asking her to get inside to give him the money she russel with him held the gun and did not give up until he fled the sean and go to praslin to rub a business owner he was shot by police officers so you telling me the police should not shoot him.i think some people should keep quiet when they here things happen.we don’t know how many people was killed by him.the boy was shot in a robbery not just walking the streets he was on someone premises so what you wanted the man to do play with him pamper him with two guns on him.the owner of this place is free he did what he had to do.

  24. “No one should be carrying firearms licence or unlicensed. The police are the only one who should be carrying weapons” Vernal Green you need to really quit whatever job/ career that you are into…clearly you are out of touch with the reality in Saint Lucia and the rest of the world. You might as well call for ban on beach goers in the middle of this heat wave! Pappyshow

  25. Vernell green, you make no sense my brother, what if the shopkeeper in the process of calling the police and hadn’t gotten shot by the robber then what would say. The shopkeeper from the info I got acted in self defense so bro think before you talk.

  26. @vernel the shopkeeper had every right to protect his establishment by neutralizing the threat …end of story…….

  27. Who’s to say the man wasn’t aiming for his leg to prevent him from getting away so the police can arrest him 😌😏… the fact of the matter is he came to rob the place armed with a gun and not a knife…what if the man had tried to disarm him during the robbery and he shot the man…he would have gotten away and like the many other cases, and he’d be roaming the streets to do it again… u live by the gun, u die by the gun

  28. @Vernal the bible said the thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to Kill, and to Destroy:. Please dont forget this verses like wise. Also the bible said in Matthew 26:52 Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.(so he live by the gun, he die by the gun).

  29. Nobody wants the crime and violence, but in a civilized society, vigilantism is not condoned. Self defense and vigilant justice are not the same. If he was shot in the act, that could be considered self defense. But the gun was in his waist, if he didn’t shoot anyone, you can’t just shoot him in the back, even if you know he has the gun on him. Like it or not.

  30. It’s very sad to see young men don’t want to look for job but they left all the way down south to come up north and commit robbery but they kill him and they have all kind of things to see if he had shot someone so in life so many people younger achieve much more in life are successful in life and you never commit No crime that’s sad life is what you make it

  31. I would not waste time reading Vernal Greens comment.. I will not be able to regain that precious time..
    The moment I read the first sentence I knew that was an idiot…Had the shoes been on the other feet I wonder what the idiot wud have written..
    Smh . shame on u

  32. Gassa, just leave Vernell Green alone. You think Hennessy playing. Dat ting does really make people do batiz.

  33. @Madoo grndson. the guy deserves to be taken out. he committed a crime he have an un license firearm. we need to be proactive and don’t wait for a criminal to shoot at you or someone else for you to react. these criminals don’t give a damn who die in the process when they committing crimes. well done shop owner.

  34. @realist , keep in mind, that there are laws, disregarding the law because you disagree with it, makes you a criminal. There are punishments to fit crimes. Is the sentence for attempted robbery death? You people are just acting out of emotion and anger, don’t become the criminal

  35. Madoo grandson, your comment is ridiculous ,talking about the the criminal didn’t fire shots if it was on your property what you would do So the old stupid comments not making no sense you sound like you from South when is South people that coming in our place This young men don’t have a job but not seeking for a job but you have the ordasity to say he didn’t fire shorts stupid comment get off Facebook man Go find something properly to do you’ll speak like you’re a lot educated you also have no education but you’ll want to be on social media laugh out loud stupid comment no shame that’s very sad that’s your individual in darkness you’ll mind corrupt that’s why you’ll give in your men gun’s to go and commit a robbery stupid fool people not taking no chances you can be the president film I find you in my yard you is a dead one

  36. For those of yoll saying the gun was still by his waist.yoll never see d fellas just open der jacket and show der gun just to instill fear and compliance.there are some that even use toy guns already and how are we to know if it’s a toy gun.A man can commit a bank robbery by just giving d teller a note saying he have a gun so put all d money in d bag quietly and she can comply without even seeing d gun or knowing if he has one for true.yoll looking for sympathy in all corners for d man.he died doing what he loved d most in life.he died tiffing.EPI DAS IT😐🤐

  37. Vernal green I respect your opinion and I don’t believe anyone should die this way…but he wasn’t an angel…this is his second time being shot for arm robbery this time his life was taken…plenty people and business places have been in fear of him….he was imprisoned for this same shit and I know if he was on the other end this business owner would be in his position..

  38. @link up, nice try, internet gangster. Stupid uneducated people, there are laws, like it or not, we are civilized people, you sound like a gorillillilla.


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