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Pierre Says Ronald Phillip Is Acting Police Commissioner

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre Tuesday confirmed that Ronald Phillip is acting Police Commissioner, explaining that there was no Officer in Charge of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

“There is no Officer in Charge. The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ronald Phillip is the Acting Commissioner,” Pierre, responsible for National Security, disclosed.

The Castries East MP spoke on the margins of a House of Assembly meeting but would not be drawn on the tenure issue.

Asked whether Phillip received an extension, Pierre repeated that he was the Acting Commissioner.

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In response to how long, the Prime Minister again said Phillip was the Acting Commissioner.

Pierre’s comments came amid concerns over allegations of sexual harassment in the police force and calls for an independent probe.

One of the most recent calls came from the Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Associations (CFPWA).

Last week, CFPWA President Sean McCall urged Caribbean Police Commissioners to put sexual harassment policies in place within the police departments they head.

McCall disclosed that only a few – ‘three or four’ of the organisation’s sixteen member states have such policies.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force was not among them.

And the women’s arm of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has promised to mobilise protests by women over the issue of sexual harassment in the RSLPF.

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  1. This Sexual Harrassment have been in the Rslpf for over 50years now .The key to being Promoted

  2. This issue will lead to the downfall of this government and that gentleman, who obviously is being protected by this SLP administration.

    Saint Lucia is literally a failing State. And if this is how allegations by women in this country are treated, then I feel for it’s inhabitants.

  3. Philip Pierre should be ashamed of himself with his arrogance way don’t want to answer questions san honte

  4. Foreigner when an allegation is made ahainst someone no action can be 5aken unless a written statement is made to the police.
    You expect because you said something a responsible govt will act?

  5. Suppose Jane, an employee alleges to her trade union that she has been sexually assaulted by the manager. The trade union then writes to the Minister with responsibility for the RSLPF regarding those allegations without stating the details or even a statement of fact by Jane.

    Question: Does a government minister have the authority to request investigations into members of the public? And if they do not, is that an authority we would be comfortable with giving to them? Consider carefully before putting thumb to keyboard therefore.

    Question: Even if there are no policies regarding sexual harassment within the National Security Services (as a regional body implies which msy even be a fact), isn’t such behaviour criminal in this State? And consequently are the RSLPF not the sole investigative agency of the State? If so how then can an aggrieved Police officer not follow the process which they (the VPU) initiate upon a report being made to the RSLPF? Was such a report made to the RSLPF; and if not, then why not? And if it was why was it not investigated by VPU?

    Question: What happened to the protocol which protects both parties from being named untill charges are proffered? How can it be we are being whipped into a frenzy, to virtually lynch an individual over something of which no details are known?

    BTW: Have we so quickly forgotten the public proclivities attended upon pictoral and audio expositions of Mr. Raymond of the former administration? Why are those who kept quiet about such repugnance now so ready to “protest” in this instant. Smacks of hypocritical double standards to me.

    We live in an era where whatever is posted online is taken as proof positive without even being given a smidgen of thought by a gullible consumer. Even organizational heads give credence to internet stories and reports by persons, without question.
    One of the tenets of a good investigator is to question the motive of the person making the report: If a man reports that he came home to find the dead and bloody body of his wife…HE is the first and logical suspect…until he is eliminated as one.

    So all this finger pointing and hoping that this our country will become a “failed state” or even worse, by internet trolls, is merely masturbatory and we should wait upon the aggrieved party and/or parties, who are very much aware of how to access the process, to do what is expected of them; and if the process fails them…they indeed have other recourse to have such behaviour addressed.

  6. You see why women prefer to keep silent on sexual harassment. For this same reason that everyone starts judging them instead of giving them a listening ear. 8 women coming forward says definitely this boy committed this crime.. he’s very arrogant

  7. It is quite clear we have Ray Charles as our leader. Since you always look far a field to justify your actions eg. GPH in Bahamas and Antigua and why it is good for St lucia. Take an example from the mighty USA when it pertains to sexual harassment allegations against public officials, a run for any public office, just an allegation and your candidacy is over.

    Closer to home you won an election on allegations of corruption which are yet to be proven in a court of law. Allegations of fraud and deception in your camp is still lingering Sir.

    We are a polarised society but at this point stop playing the $$$. You pronounced zero tolerance to crime and sexual harassment.

    To all the legal luminaries out there the current Acting COP will not cause any case against him to see the light of day. So any and all statements are irrelevant at this time until he steps aside.

    Over to you (PSC) Political Service Commission.

  8. It is definitely not the first time this is happening in both the public and private sectors. This is a very common occurrence which has always been happening and is continuing even as we read the commentary. It needs addressed ASAP. In a small state like ours where

  9. This practice of men sexually abusing their female subordinates both in the private and public sectors needs to stop immediately. It has gone since our existence and although the practice is widely known, it has never been addressed and needs to start somewhere. Let this case be the start of some serious investigations. In my opinion, since men have dominated in the governance of this country and who are themselves culpable have never taken the issue seriously.

  10. Where is my comment? Did I say something bad? Well publish it for everyone to judge me. I did not hide my name.

  11. @Vanguard for your edification, during several discussions with officers of the RSLPF I learned that statements were recorded from the two females allegedly rape. Both of those females were medically examined. These examinations were witnessed by a female police officer. So according to those officers, one can conclude that a formal complaint was indeed made by the police officers since this is the only way the females could have been medically examined in the presence of another officer. The question you should therefore be asking is why after almost two years the police force has made no efforts to investigate the complaints. Why have the females been given the round around every time an attempt is made to report the matter. Why has this matter been politicized. Why has the gentleman been promoted in the face of all these damning accusations. So @Vanguard it looks like @Foreigner is correct, this country is indeed a failing state, for issues like these will only be tolerated in such states. The Prime Minister of this country should be ashamed of himself for failing these aggrieved females of the police force.

  12. The RSLPF is one of the organizations in Saint Lucia with the highest incidence of sexual harassment, especially of the females. Formal complaints are sometimes made but they are most times ignored or covered up by senior managers who on occasions threaten those brave enough to complain. This harassment takes place at ALL LEVELS OF THE ORGANIZATION yes ALL, hence the reluctance to investigate. I hope this matter which has made its way into the public domain will mark a turning point for that organization. It is high time those predators are made to pay. Leave the damn females alone! Some have complained of being afraid to be in an office alone with certain managers because of the constant harassment. Shameful!!!! Almost every female in that organization has a story to tell – yes, one of sexual harassment!! The worst cases being amongst the Special Police Constables (SPC’s) whose contracts come up for renewal ever so often. But where are the senior female police officers in all of this. Why are they so quiet on the issue of sexual harassment. Have they too been victims of sexual harassment. Just asking.

  13. This has been the norm in the RSLPF from the time I can remember. Men were passed ovover for promotion due to women having sexual relations with the top brass and even politicians.

  14. By subsequent comments it appears that there exists within the RSLPF serious institutional deficiencies which allow for such behaviour to be swept under the carpet.
    However is the solution to be had by political directives (asking government ministers to request an investigation)? Or is it not time to establish something like an Internal Affairs Unit staffed by retired senior officers, lawyers and qualified members of the public? Remember when this was first suggested it was the police who were against such a Unit.

  15. Sometimes, the women are the aggressors .
    Still Don’t make Ok..
    Most men try not to understand the word..No! Without being yelled at.. No very loud.. Girls! Stop being scared of losing your Jobs… Why should you feel guilty.. Avoid sexual relationships,it could be harder to be proven..

  16. I want to politely say to Mr. Pierre that his attempt to force a sexual predator on the RSLPF will surely backfire. He will be taught in the not too distant future the true meaning of throwing the baby with the bath water. We voters have always taught arrogant politicians a lesson through the polls. Apparently Pierre has not been able to comprehend the seriousness of this situation in the RSLPF and seems will do nothing to deal with it. So if it takes putting his government out of office to address the decay in that organization then so be it. The members of that organization deserve better, much better than that government is willing to give or offer. No alleged criminal, yes that’s what it is, should be permitted to head much less serve in any managerial capacity in a law enforcement organization. I hope the international organizations are observing the situation in Saint Lucia and are prepared to come to the defense of the women of that organization and force, yes force the government to address it.

  17. Because there is hope,yet when we relied on the LORD,he delivers them in our hands.
    For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully commited to him, but the eyes of the wicked will fail ❗
    O LORD,
    through your merciful and compassionate ❤️ love,lead us,
    Deliver us O LORD, through your power,by your strenght
    lead us to the house of your Holiness ❗

  18. My comment was for the article
    Calm at bordelais, it came because of internet problème….

  19. Therefore, for this article :
    Let everyone dies for their own sins…
    remember the days of long ago (the word of God…
    Why do we fight with our ownselves,and grasping for wind,are we not the same blood ❓
    Why do we cannot ❤️ love and respect each others work,and having the same sentiments towards each other ❓
    How can we except good, when we are harbouring wickedness(evil 😈, for God is not a God of disorder but of”PEACE”.
    Serve God and not 😈 evil, that we may live ❗
    Then the LORD God of Almighty, will be with us,just as he say he is…


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