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Father Recalls Urging Deceased Son To Leave ‘Risky’ Job


A grieving father has recalled urging his son, who died following an incident on the job at an attraction site in Babonneau, to leave the ‘risky’ occupation.

But Vincent Caroo told reporters that his twenty-eight-year-old son, Denelle Caroo, also known as ‘Prince,’ would respond that adequate safety measures were in place.

“I told him to leave the job because they always tell me his line of work is risky. He always works in the towers, all the way up. But he always telling me they have things like harness. ‘That protecting us daddy’,” Vincent said.

But the father disclosed that his son did not fall; rather, something fell on him.

The father said he was at work when he received a call regarding the incident involving his son.

He said Denelle was a Maintenance Officer at the Babonneau Sky Ride.

The father told reporters he learned an object fell on the young man’s head.

The father said he and his son were extremely close.

“That’s my most loving child. I have five of them,” Vincent revealed, adding that he would miss Denelle’s love and kindness.

He said his son was the father of two young children and wanted to be there when one entered primary school next month.

The company where the deceased worked has not issued an official statement on the incident, citing the ongoing police investigation.

Headline photo: (L to R) Vincent & Denelle ‘Prince’ Caroo

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  1. to you companies that have dedicated workers doing some of these dangerous jobs i hope yall see it in yall do give them a decent salary cause now a family has lost a son and a father and next day there will be an application out to replace him. Not only that to i hope they was paying his N.I.C cause alot of you companies like to charge tax on people salary and yall not paying a dime for N.I.C which is unfair de ban VOLER

  2. What a shame as those jobs only pay 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour plus the government refuse to enact a wage rate for tourism workers security , supermarkets , gas stations, bank tellers construction,

  3. Man is not that people want to do them kind of work but st lucia has nothing a friend of mine working as a security guard up in gros is let for 3 dollars an hour working 16 hour shifts mosquitoes biting him all night and his life is at risk for 3 dollars whiles the boss sleeping all night and is he that making the money so long that the government taking to enact a minimum wage

  4. Apparently safety was not vehicle vigorously enforced, because if there was any possibility of falling objects, he would be wearing a hard hat. The weight and height from which the object is was falling will determine the impact. If there are people and the possibility of objects falling front above, the area below should be barricaded to keep people away. His beneficiaries should be compensated.

  5. Health and safety is a big issue in Saint Lucia. There is no vigorous enforcement of health and safety policies and even if companies claim they have these policies , no one is ensuring that the companies maintain strict adherence to health and safety. Sad story to be honest. Hope his family find strength to cope with the loss. The government must improve the working conditions of citizens by enforcing policies the promote the wellbeing of citizens.

  6. We are living in a dog eat dog world . I am sure that the manager had another person in his place already

  7. This issue of safety is more than ridiculous, only a few years ago, there was an explosion which took many lives @ a certain company, to this day the very same company operates many major civil, industrial and commercial construction projects without proper directive personnel onsite, workers can’t even afford to buy a pair of safety shoes fearless. Every single construction company in st.lucia operates in similar fashion or worst. the department responsible is only there in name, I wonder what the staff does on a daily basis how are they graded quarterly or yearly.

  8. We will soon forget this incident as Lucians and then the cycle continues. Those who can put pressure on govt are kept quiet cause the so called contracts for public servants means they shut up or contract not renewed. Other shut because no promotion if they talk and the private employees for fear of not getting a govt favor keep quiet. What did the last Minister of Labour do? What is this one doing for the plight of the average working and non working man in Lucia.?

  9. This goes without saying… sometimes we cant see what our parents see but at times it is better to listen and heed the advice even when we think otherwise…..sad situation…..and what that burning these companies get away free….but like I say only in this life….. judgement will come

  10. I hope a lawyer will step up and take this case to sue the hell out of that company. Lucian’s have a bad habit of making these people get away with crime. I would sue them blind at the end of it that sky business would be mine. Negligence like that is CRIMINAL!

  11. Re Article.. Sorry to know that the Young man Lost his life, due to improper Safety Measures taken to protect the workers on the island, everyone keeps their mouths shut up to EARN the slave wages..
    Where are the Workers Unions and the department of health and safety? Too many pieces missing in the working environment,ie wages, safety procedures and commonsense.
    Folks! We have to do it together and take a stand against SLAvE WAGES… let’s withdraw our labour for a week and negotiate a living minimum wage of $10+per every hour worked Systems.
    It’s hard to believe that a security guard works for $3 per hour based on 16 hours= $48×5, =$240 is this a fair living wage for anyone to survive on?
    Their children will always be at a lost while the slave masters children have a better education and also Nourishment,than a security guard..
    Wake-up Folks!!

  12. Our politicians for years and years they haven’t revisited what you called occupational health and safety. I have also seen where the tree 🌳 cutters are not using the right equipments for their staffs to be safe and effective on the job. Lots of people gave lost their lives climbing up 🌳 trees St. 🇱🇨 Lucia. And that’s under a registered company name. Furthermore, how we are treating ourselves as a people. There’s modern slavery going around the 🌎 world.

  13. 1. Does this company have LIFE INSURANCE coverage for their staff? I doubt it.
    2. Does this company have ACCIDENT INSURANCE coverage for their staff? I doubt it.
    3. SLU does have policies and organisations in place to effect compensation to such accidents to employees – but most employers are NEGLIGIBLE to these policies and rules.
    4. Most employers KNOW of the risks involved in employing people to serve in these jobs – but they keep their employees ignorant of the risks involved in their jobs – they are negligent.
    5. There are A LOT (too many to count) of businesses involved in land, sea and air who have employees in high risk jobs – and pay them pittance salaries. But they are negligent.

    It is a crying shame … where is the “Bureau of Standards” in this fiasco, including government ministries? Their hands may be tied, and tied to corrupt government agencies and/or ministers.

    Yes … this is a lawyer’s dream to acquire compensation for the family’s loss of a loved one while on the job, especially if there is nothing in place for accidental death while on the job (Note to “Editorial Staff” – ACCIDENTAL DEATH! – know when to use “accident” and “incident”.)

  14. His family won’t get jack shit, what lawyer you are talking about so if the business owner is in a secret society or rotary club and the lawyers are in the same club will his family ever get a cent never will those lawyers only represent the interest of big business people only if Mary Francis represent him that he stand a chance . Why would young man lose his life for 3 EC dollars an hour . The government keep failing the people . They will only enact a minimum wage 1 month before the next elections to fool the people and guess what it will only be 6 dollars an hour . What we need is a national strike to get better wages

  15. bipolar i tired tell them we need to go to the streets to make our voices heard……and make it very serious that it makes international news……this is crazy…..we need to stand up in this country….let these govts see we the people mean serious business

  16. A llison there are security guards who earn 400 to 500 dollars working 18 hour shifts with one day off and if they open their mouth they will get victimize just imagine you are putting your life at risk work 16 to 18 hour shifts without toilet facilities mosquitos biting you all night and in your ear just in a booth with a polo shirt on and when you have to get paid is a problem to get 500 dollars for the fortnight . Them bosses taking advantage of them workers just because they do not have a sound education and are from a poor family background . Them man wicked but the sad reality is that there are security guards that still snitching on each other for them slave wages

  17. it’s a sad moment for families and friends I knew the young man very well. but some of you just speaking alot of garbage just out of emotions. and some people always have to bring politricks in the picture. every job have it’s own risk some more than others but some one have to do it anyway. when AI will be all over to replace humans on the jobs some of you will be singing a different song.

  18. So sad the man had to loose his life like this..Condolences to his family..I must say that health and safety should be paramount in any establishment but it’s lacking….years ago I got injured at Starfish Resort..I got a broken bone due to a faulty ice machine at the resort..I never fell..there was no sign to state faulty equipment and no one never informed me of this fault..up to this day Star Fish hotel has not paid all the doctor bill nor compensated me..went to labor dept. With my crutches and stated what my surprise I was told there was nothing they can do..smh..most of these companies would come to these establishments to dine etc free so as an employee u will never get assistance from Labor Dept when the company is at fault..So sad this happened to this young man..again RIP..

  19. @wee. I can indeed vouch for safety of both guests and staff being paramount at Sky Rides. Sadly, while staff gear up with helmets, a lot of the time, these are just left hanging on the suit.

    I can not speak to the details of this incident though. But like the father said, management always stresses safety first.

  20. Antigua🇦🇬 has a minimum wage. So why can’t we..St Lucia Red or Yellow please enact a minimum wage


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