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Hilaire Underscores Need For Reliable Regional Airline

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Tourism Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire has emphasised the need for a reliable regional airline, telling the Trinidad and Tobago Business Guardian in a recent interview that the Caribbean needs another LIAT.

“LIAT is part of the regional landscape. Now, that does not say LIAT does not have problems or anything like that, but the airline is needed. In fact, for everyone who criticised the regional carrier, what would they pay to have the airline operating once again?” Hilaire told the publication.

Hilaire, whose responsibilities also include investment, told the Trinidad and Tobago newspaper that the Saint Lucia government would support any effort to create regional connectivity.

According to the Saint Lucia Deputy Prime Minister, Caribbean governments must treat regional travel as a strategic imperative.

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On Thursday, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Saint Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association (SLHTA), Noorani Azeez, expressed concern over the situation regarding regional air travel.

The Independent Senator acknowledged that regional travel had experienced challenges for some time.

And he lamented that the offerings available were not competitive regionally right now.

“There is not sufficient competition among these carriers, and so for far too long regional commuters have just been sadly at the mercy of the inefficiencies of aircraft carriers,” Azeez stated.

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  1. When Liat was flying all over, st Lucia made no input to its operation. There were only 4 islands contributing, Bdos, Antigua, st. Vincent and Dominica, now st. Lucia crying out for an airline like Liat to return. There are other islands who did’nt make an imput. Stupse.

  2. Exactly as I said previously all we hear the SLP talk about is taxation and borrowing because they cannot release the lame figures that show Hillaires incompetence as tourism minister. Taxes up. Food prices up. Massy killing us. Building materiaks up.
    We need sustainable and increasing economic development which does not come from borrowing.
    Plus construction from borrowing is a one off affair that does not keep on reoccurring every year.
    Tell hillaire to stop the incessant first class travel with his boys family and friends and meeting in quite corners working on deals that we the public are hearing nothing about.
    Tel us where you were going when seen at the airport 4 times in the last few monrhs. We have no reports and feedback on the tens of thousands spent by you and those around you in the past few months. Why?

    But I blame our people who sit quietly as kakanez takes place.

  3. We can not even give hotel workers a decent minimum wage but talking about regional air lines it look like you all waiting one month before the next elections to give 6 dollars an hour . The people should start protesting on the street …

  4. Tax Payers in Pledge ❗
    Where money is concerned, there are many cares (shares ❗
    Things that are profitable for everyone ❗
    Not that I am looking for a gift, but I am looking for what may be credited to every employees, what you have failed to pay the workers,to their account ❗
    But how do you anderstand,to meet the needs of the hard working donkeys,to meet their welfare,to treat deserved with a fair salary $ ten dollars and not three cents an hour, when it is your power to act ❓
    Generations come and generations gone, but whatever parties is waiting for election corner to sing the same herald (song)so plesant and sweet like honey comb, and under the wrath ‼️


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