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Couple In Their Seventies Traumatised After Two Cars, Other Items Stolen From Dennery Home


Two vehicles parked at a Bois Jolie, Dennery residence, electronic appliances, and other items were gone after a break-in at the home while the couple who live there were abroad.

In their seventies, the traumatised couple told St. Lucia Times that a relative called to inform them about the burglary.

The couple chose not to have their names mentioned.

The husband said they asked the relative to assess the damage.

He said he learned that the intruders broke the front door and made off with two televisions (60 and 65 inches), a laptop computer and several ‘brand new’ items his wife had packed in boxes.

The wife added that all cabinets and cupboards were open and empty.

Speaking on Friday from overseas, the couple said they had not yet returned home to assess matters for themselves but had received photographs.

“From the pictures I am seeing, it looks real bad,” the husband stated.

He said the burglary occurred on Wednesday.

The Dennery resident felt that the burglars must have had a vehicle to carry away the stolen things.

He said to make matters worse, the burglars returned the next day, broke into the garage, and took both cars.

“They knew I was not home,” the husband asserted.

He said a fence surrounds his house and there is an electronic entrance gate.

“So what they did, they pried it from the wall, and they broke the whole gate. They threw down the gate, and this is how they were able to drive the vehicles out of the yard,” the husband told St. Lucia Times.

He warned homeowners not to think they could not also become victims.

The husband said his house is well-secured.

But he acknowledged that he was neglectful in not activating a security feature before leaving.

“I didn’t think it was going to happen. I have travelled so many times before, and it never happened. This time I said I was going to leave everything off,” the homeowner disclosed.

Nevertheless, he warned the perpetrators that their day was coming.

He said the burglary had shocked him and his wife as he was overseas for a health checkup.

“I am trying not to let this affect my health,” the husband explained, yet he described the break-in at his residence as a hard pill to swallow.

As a result of the crime, the wife is hesitant about returning to retire in Saint Lucia.

“I am not concerned about the stuff that they took. It’s material things. But it is your home. You feel violated. Somebody just comes into your house, destroying it and interfering with your stuff. I had medical papers and I saw everything on the floor,” the husband stated.

He said a report has been made to the police.


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  1. And somebody who is an illiterate will come and talk about justice for these thugs who come to destroy what you work hard for…. farless if the people were there God alone knows

  2. That is very bad . There are so many people who are stealing in St Lucia, both young and old , men and women not even cameras that they are afraid of . A farmer told me that he can’t have a plantain in his garden. We must always make sure that we someone on our property and also dogs . They hate to see people make progress

  3. Work hard for 55 to 60 years of your life for hooligans to invade your space like this? Chastanet was right about living in fear. Pierre is clueless in dealing with crime and lawlessness

  4. Bantin why do yiu gyys do this….put politics in everything. You stupidly think if Chastenet was in power you thinknit wont happen?
    You know Bois Jolie? How vulnerable it is?
    The house was deserted everyone seems to know the residents were off island. Had they had their cameras on they could be alerted and inform the police to respond.

  5. From what transpired, it surely sounds like a family did it, or was complicit in the act. I feel bad for my fellow seniors. I am in my 70s, and I made the decision to give away most things of my belongings. And thank God for Nana-technology and cloud computing, all my documents are stored in my ICloud account, and I stop watching TV years ago, thanks to Smart phones and Streaming, I use my smartphones, Samsung and IPhone to watch all my programs. If someone wants to steal my cooking utensils, they can have them. I have been on a year long vacation which started in Jan 2023, and won’t return home until December of 2023. I will not lose one minute of sleep worrying if someone broke into my house. The older I get is the More I want Less.

  6. Can’t trust anyone in this time. You give them a ride, and something will disappear. Been there and done that. This place is becoming less safe by the day, until it will become unlivable .

  7. What do you think these home owners will think to next. Just sell or abound here For good. What a good touristic review for a rock with 180k population while 60% unemployed

  8. Advice to the couple – don’t retire here. Nothing is safe anymore AND the health system is well you know as you were overseas for that very reason. Sorry about what happened. Hope whoever did it get their just desserts…

  9. Sad this happened, but Why couldnt he have trusted someone to stay in the house, and why he thought of having the cameras off. Sometimes you cant trust the same people around you and many have gotten hurt from that. Thats why if someone has a small business and they going overseas, they rather close shop until they come back cause they would loose more money if they trust anyone in their business, and the same goes for a home. It shouldnt be hard to locate the vehicles. And it shouldbt be hard to know who ever did it. Do what you have to do

  10. Owner i fully agree with your statement to the intruders.
    “Their days are coming”
    Simple as this.
    My old folks always said to me when you see people walking the streets in disgrace be careful of any comments.

    You don’t know what they have done.

  11. @anonymous I agree with your post….it is very sad. In addition some of us who have lived abroad for many years fail to realize it is not worth it to return to St. Lucia. Some of your own family who you have helped will definitely envy you and set you up. While you are working hard and trying to save and they sitting on their (you know what) paying thousands for carnival …I am good

    While the elder is seeking medical attention abroad this is what was done to his home. God knows the long hours and hard work it took for the elders to build ….I smell SETUP all over this story…very sad indeed. God will fix the malvaateeyes. When I was much younger I used to say “poor jab” when you saw them all the streets dirty eating rubbish and homeless.

    I have since replaced poor jab with @saaa yooo fAire saaaa Saar yooo wear”. wicked and evil bastards..judgement is on the way for them and it will be quick …🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  12. Those who feels it knows it. This very same thing happened to me, they stole my car out of my yard while went overseas I was just building my home and I was in the process of erecting a perimeter wall and gates. The lesson I have learned when traveling the less people know you business the better, do so quietly. I don’t leave my car there anymore leave certain lights on drive to a trusted inlaw or friend they drive you to the airport and you go about your business they hold the car until you come back. I tell them just pass by and check the place for me. Lights on the radio playing the car come by oh he is there he must have stepped out….plus I have invested in cameras that you can see everything on your phone it’s 2023 that’s a added plus just buy a good wifi extender so you won’t miss a beat.

  13. @Doddell, your statement makes no sense. You can’t victim blame at this time.

    Saint Lucia is in a bad place. Reports like this above will hurt the island. The future will not be very bright for the next generation of Saint Lucia’s.

  14. thats why it is also not always good to tell people or certain people your business. I find it strange that the first time you ever left the security alarm not activated that was the time you got robbed there has to be someone that is talking to much that the thieves would strike at that very moment even to come back and steal two cars. by now those cars are scrapped good.

  15. Fact is St Lucia is a lawless island. Deal with it please. Whatever the reasons, it is what it is. Our per capita crime rate is higher than most countries. This didn’t happen overnight. BTW, do not discount the fact that jealous relatives do envy your success and achievements, and there is no telling what they will do to you in secret. Remember, jealousy is the most dangerous of all the emotions

  16. L❤️OVE St Lucia 🇱🇨
    In this beautiful island of mine….
    For is it such a horror to insults or méprise St Lucia 🇱🇨❗
    All who hate St Lucia, will not see the goodness of the land ❗
    Woe to those who hide their plans, “Surely, someone will lay hands on them,not by human hands,and all eyes will see ❗

    My soul grieved for the poor ❗
    The eyes of the LORD are on the righteouse and his ears are attentive to their prayer (s… ) but the LORD is against those who do 😈 evil…

  17. In addition – I don’t think the cars were airlifted – someone saw them being driven – or towed — folk in Dennery are very well aware who the culprits are and they should be turned in to the authorities before it becomes your turn tomorrow – stop being WICKED MALVATAAYES. The family may also be very surprised to find out who did them dirty/set them up – huh huh — also if indeed it is a family member/friendneemee- beware and be careful – you guys are seventy plus you traveled for healthcare checkup which St. Lucia obviously cannot provide – do yourself a favor – get out of St. Lucia quickly while you still have life – seriously. I would not be surprised if it is someone that the couple has helped tremendously – some Lucians never get enough no matter how much you give them and show them kindness – they want blood….when you find out who it is or who they are ????? you never know you may be extremely surprised and shocked …..IT IS NOT WORTH YOUR LIFE….

    To the WICKED — Stop turning a blind eye – there are anonymous ways to make a report – call someone abroad and have them make the report without mentioning your name – confidentially type letters and mail in to the different media outlets as well as the police – do something.

    You all LUCIANS know who bought a refrigerator, who purchased a stove, who is going with who, etc. etc. Use the same spying mechanism to help yourselves – if this continues – kiss your tourism and return of nationals good bye – everyone loses – just saying. I personally know Lucians who have decided NEVER to return because of these same issues and it is a reality.

    When people are getting hurt – you Lucians are directly on the scene wasting no time recording and circulate graphic videos without fear all over the world via social media – but yet still, you all claim to be afraid to do the right thing by reporting injustice and criminality —- go figure —smh………paa knee swuweeyeez paa knee volaaire – GOD WILL FIX THE CULPRITS – paar dee poor jab.

  18. Sadly we working hard even, our families and friends will try to rob us!! Stay abroad and retire. Lots of other countries need retirees. I really feel for this couple. Sad. Sad. Working your life away and they stealing all that you bust your self up for. Working on our American Dream. Sadly not our Lucian Dream

  19. This is just so terrible that in us this would be a manhunt. For those people. Sad for the couple.

  20. So then,no one can comprehend what goes under the 🌞sun.
    Despite all man’s efforts to search things out,men cannot discover the meaning,even if a wise man claims he knows ❗
    So we cannot underground the work of God…

    Remember your Creator While Young ❗ Sow your seed in the moring,
    Light is sweet,and it pleases the eye to see the sun.
    However many years a man may live,let him enjoy them all.
    Be happy,young man, while you are young,and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth.
    But let him remember the days of darkness, for they will be many.
    Everything will be meaningless ❗

    Follow the ways of your heart and whatever your eyes sees, but know that for all these things God will bring you to judgement ❗
    Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say,
    “I find no pleasure in them”_ before the the 🌞sun and the light and the moon and the stars grow dark,and the clouds return after the rain; when the keepers of the house tremble and the strong men stoop, when the grinders cease because they are few,and those looking through the windows grow dim, when the doors to the street are closed and the sound of the grinding fades ; when men rise up at the sound of the birds, but all their songs grow faint ; when men are afraid or the heights of everywhere,and dangers in the Street ❗‼️


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