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Pierre Calls On Secrets Resorts Investors To Treat Saint Lucian Workers Fairly


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has called on the operators of Secrets St. Lucia Resort and Spa that will be built in Saint Lucia to treat local workers fairly.

Pierre, a former Tourism Minister, spoke during Tuesday’s sod-turning ceremony, where he declared government support for the project.

“All we ask from you is to be fair to the people of Saint Lucia – to be fair to the workers of Saint Lucia and to ensure that Saint Lucia is at the top of your list of priorities,” the Castries East MP told the ceremony.

“We will obey the law and create the enabling environment not only for you to continue construction of the hotel but to build another one,” Pierre declared to laughter from the audience.

And he explained that he was making a sales pitch.

The Saint Lucia Prime Minister noted that although the resort’s name is Secrets, he would encourage its operators not to make this country a secret but urge people to visit the Island.

“We intend to continue to make the industry of tourism our largest earner. We hope that you can create the necessary linkages between tourism and the other sectors so the people can benefit,” Pierre stated.

But he also spoke of creating a beneficial environment for the investor.

Pierre explained that doing so would ensure that everyone would be happy.

Secrets St. Lucia Resort and Spa, occupying the location of the former St. James’s Club Morgan Bay, will boast over 340 luxury suites and rooms.

The Office of the Prime Minister said construction of the resort would create hundreds of new jobs.

Secrets is expected to officially open in the summer of 2024.


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  1. But why does thos government say that but they are the same ones that can ensure all hotel workers get tips like barbados or bahamas. These companies cannot go against what the government has imposed.

  2. I applaud any investment that will move a country forward and elevate the socioeconomics of the people. And it is obvious that all the growth will not come from within, because island states do not have the internal resources to grow the country alone. Therefore, outside investors are needed. My concern is the seemingly high number of resorts that islands states have. This in my opinion results in many people not getting fulltime work. Why not recruit other types of businesses such as Software Developement, which will pay higher salaries. There are many aspects of computer software, so I don’t need to itemize them.

  3. Its so funny when I hear these things. Regardless of who is in charge, I thought the government was responsible for determining and enforcing fair rules and regulations.

  4. That’s what a proper labour code is there for. Put one on place. These nice words don’t do anything. People getting exploited everyday

  5. The government is weak if you enact a minimum wage for certain sectors . There is no need to cry to investors to treat workers properly private sector workers need to be unionized

  6. OK. Aside from Pierre’s inane comments I would like to note the following.
    I thought that this was the ADDITION of rooms to the existing stocks but this just seems to be the takeover by a different operator, of existing stock.
    In other words there are no other rooms being added. If this is true it shows the dishonesty as the impression is being given that there are rooms being added , so St Lucia can earn more revenue in the future.
    They are revamping existing facilities but not adding rooms.
    So much for hillaire’s moribund tourism tenure.

  7. What should be emphasised is the hotel workers be unionised!!
    He should put that in his “sales pitch”!


  9. Re Article, From the PM’S Mouth, asking for a fair treatment without a fair Minimum wage of $10+ per hour based on hourly worked to everyone .
    I wonder who is he fooling?
    PM you should take care of the working poor and overworked people that voted for you and your party and you are Turning your back to them.
    Have the guts and elevate the pay scale and Eradicate immediately the SLAVE Wages Systems..
    Stop being a coward and implement better wages..

  10. @Pip: Instead of begging massa to treat his field slaves better, how about being an honest steward of the country’s patrimony by codifying higher minimum standards of employment & recompense in contracts?

    Stop being a ‘shucking & jiving’ house negro!

  11. Scince when pip likes white people hypocrites san honte pip even the school children make fun of you

  12. I heard the Minister of Tourism saying the last government did not build one hotel. I want to know if every five years the government which ever, should build a new hotel? Is that some great achievement? Not mention investors are the one building these hotels, exploiting the local workers, some of them don’t even want to entertain trade unions. Btw did I heard the PM begging the investor to treat the local workers fairly. That investor maybe was cursing our PM left right n center in his mind. Where are our labour laws, trade unions, the labour code. But then again our labour department is a big joke.


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