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Police Investigate Homicide At Anse Ger


Saint Lucia police are investigating a fatal shooting at Anse Ger, Micoud, on Friday.

Initial reports indicated that the deceased,  believed to be a Grace, Vieux Fort, resident, may have been a robbery victim.

He appeared to be in his twenties.

Photos and videos posted on social media showed a man lying at the side of the road in a pool of blood near a tree.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service said it made an emergency response after receiving a call for assistance at 5:10 pm.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded fifty-seven homicides for 2023.

(Story updated)

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  1. Folks, our country has been lost since 1997 when PM Kenny Davis Anthony took over from the late Sir John George Melvin Compton. The shocking fact which most people do not realize is that the homicide rate in 1996 was 8 per year and that increased to 40 per year by 2002. This represents a 400% increase. Similarly the Debt to GBP Ratio increased astronomically in that same period to little benefit for the country. The SLP government has be in power for 4 of the last 6 terms, they are responsible. You can find these facts with a simple google search, please go make yourself wiser.

  2. LUCIANS, BE WARNED: When all is said and done, all acts of evil will be dealt with before the judgement seat of God Almighty! All murderers, adulterers, thieves, liars, coveteous persons, warmongers, whoremongers, etc., etc., etc., will have to give an account of their evil deeds –one day soon. Their only escape from the damnation of hell is true repentance to God, and a turn to accept the saving grace extended to humanity through the life, death and resurrectúon of Jesus Christ. Time is running out on you, and all! Make your decision now!

  3. well seems most of the young men killed are 90s born, and so many children will be without fathers. e always seem to be the highest in homicides amongts the small Islands. Its like a generation curse passing from one family to the next. We cant blame government for crime. Evil has taken over these young people soul and they live the fast life.

  4. Oh really, oh really ? Lmfao so Sir John and King then Chastenet brought it back down to 8 per year in the period you speak of ? Enough already with your foolishness. It’s GDP not GBP

  5. @Sure and Tony when fundamental and social structures have been negatively impacted it can change the projection of a country for good. What do you expect Chas or King to do in 5 years to reverse the damage of the previous 15, they are hardly any better. You refuse to acknowledge the severity of what I’m saying in my post. And Tony obviously GBP is a typo, grow up.

  6. I like when data and facts are brought to the argument. Interesting facts from Oh Really that I nvr realised. The numbers don’t lie. They tell a story. Don’t brush it off ppl in the name of colour. I too hv campaigned hard for the colour Red.

  7. @Lucian Lowgrade, stop focussing on the unimportant parts of my message, all you are doing is deflecting. Keep blaming UWP and Chas for the problems we facing in the country when you know SLP running things for the last 26 years. You can say I am a yellow clown all you want because you think that will negate what I say, I couldn’t care less about that or your party politics. Keep suckling your masters bosoms while they drive the country into the dark ages.

  8. As noted before it was the liberal progressive tainted SLP that promoted all the vices that caused our black community to degrade from the 1990s, and has led to decades of violence, murders, crime and vulgar behaviour.
    They shouted and characterised us as ‘malaway’ and promoted uncivilized behaviour. They did not help the malaway but just took the worst behaviour and promoted this as is to say they cared.

    They wanted to turn Castries into a garrison community for the SLP just like in Jamaica and promoted their gangs in all our communities. They promoted the weed smoking, the single mother families, the laziness and lack of ambition. Up to today that legacy is with us with both the SLP and UWP paying off the “bad bwoys’ with a littke cacadah every election cycle.
    Now every single community from Dennery to anse la raye to Vieux fort has their drug infested gun totting areas and there is no area in St Lucia safe anymore.
    You cannot even go to any area in st lucia and say you are ‘safe’ there and people with money have to have guard dogs, fences, guns, burglar bars, alarm systems and anything else for protection.
    Compliments of our liberal progressive SLP.

  9. At least we dont have the illegal immigrant problems that are plaguing the UK, USA, and most of Europe.

  10. The truth about our country is that when things are hard people resort to the devil for help now to many demons have been evoked and lerking among humans hence the reason so many deaths our people have turn to the devil for help financially and for protection

  11. @O Really & Black Ant…… RUBBISH. You are a deeply disturbed individual. There are no based facts to your foolish analytical impromptu that suggested the state of the nations crime wave stems from the rise and tenure of The SLP, such flabbergasted rhetoric is COMPLETELY FALSE AND MISLEADING. St Lucia as evolved and as a country going thru it’s growing pains with the introduction of technology and the many other variables that has affected the quantity of life from our traditional ways has contributed greatly to the rise in crime. It’s LUDACRIS to blame any one individual and as you continue to gamble with your delusional school of thought your useless yellow Party has done nothing as it pertains to crime during their dismissal tenure, they never had a “stellar” track record, they don’t have any plans it took almost four years for the opposition leader to even utter the word crime, he just really start talking about it because it’s a political hot potato of which he thinks could score political points.

  12. @Lucian Lowgrade, I would agree with you if the crime rate slowly increased over time but that is not what happened. There was a sudden astronomical rise in the crime rate when KDA took over in 1997. It maybe a simplistic view but the data doesn’t lie. After that 40 homicides per year became the average. Still SLP has been in charge for 75% of the time from that point, so what have they done to reverse the trend ? Again it’s not my party so stop your nonsense.

  13. LORD, give me (us)ability so that everyone we pray for according to your will may receive the Holy Sprit,in accordiance to repent to receive forgiveness ❗

  14. Its all to do with the ‘End times in which we are living in’ irrespective of your insignificant Red or Yellow political Party. Why is it in times past when I grew up in Castries, when things was really hard and Jobs was just a distant dream, yet by somewhat we survived. Today you are cooking on Gas, yesterday all cooked on Charcoal. We didn’t kill each other, crime we read on Comic Books – Super Man, Mister America, Shazam, Green Lantern – to us kids, crime was only in America; if anyone killed here, Buddy you hang, since they stopped hanging, guess what? the Churches grew cold, the Cell Phones took over, the devil rules, the Cloud of darkness hangs over head with its evil intents and I perceive, the devil like a roaring lion will walk about seeking who it may devour.
    The crime wave in St. Lucia is effected mainly by wicked Spirits unleashed upon this poor Island, when one well known by some in a political circle invited a group of international Witches to do what they are known to do well – evil.
    If only the lazy Preachers, Pastors, Priest and any believer would go out to the Highways and Byways, Street Corners and any convenient location and begin to sing the praises of God, read out the Scriptures aloud and invite the people to participate, that would after a time, kick out all that which is not of God to flee away; for times ahead are dark.

  15. The reality is, most things which affect human life everywhere have increased and have hardly decreased once it takes that upward trajectory. The most notable are the cost of living and crime. To compare what was umteen years ago and today is highly and really irrelevant.

  16. Any man who claim to know when the end of time is are going against the words of god. Truth is the end could be tomorrow or in the next 500 years so don’t play yourself, this is fear mongering. I’m sure people living during the plague 800 years ago when half of the worlds population died thought it was the end. Wars used to last 700 years was that the end ? NO!!! Live a just life and stop claiming to know when it will end.


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