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Block X CDC Building Due For Demolition By Mid-September


Deemed unsafe for human habitation, Block X of the CDC apartment building in Castries is due for demolition by mid-September.

The disclosure came last week from Housing Minister Richard Frederick.

The Castries Central MP explained that only one resident in the block has to move.

“There is one occupant kind of holding us back, but we don’t see it being an insurmountable problem,” Frederick stated.

” I can guarantee you by month end or before the 15th of September, Block X should be going down, ” the MP told a ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Town Hall meeting.

He observed that the old CDC buildings, built after the devastating 1948 Castries fire, had outlived their usefulness.

The Castries Central MP noted that they were built for ‘quick accommodation’.

In addition, the Housing Minister asserted that seventy years later, the buildings could not withstand current forces and natural elements.

Frederick explained that the planned demolition of Block X would follow established protocols and would involve the Development Control Authority (DCA) and the police.

He also spoke about plans for the other old CDC buildings.

“As it relates to the others, they are going through the same phases. But what we realise we have to do is deal with those CDCs on a case-by-case basis,” the MP said.

Nevertheless, he urged residents to take precautionary measures.

“If it were me, I would get out, especially – not the flat ones, the two and three-storey ones. You know, you see those things shaking. Not too long ago, a child was walking on the sidewalk, and a massive piece of concrete fell about two feet from the child,” Frederick recalled.

“Thank God it didn’t fall on her head. She would have been deceased,” he noted.

According to the Castries Central MP, residents need to take some responsibility for their safety and do what they can to vacate the buildings, especially the taller and older ones, as the government assists in whatever way it can in relocating those who need to move urgently.

Headline photo: Stock image.

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  1. Finally! I think all Saint Lucians (red yellow blue green and pink) agree to taking some of those buildings down. Just hoping the land remains with govt and not given to a Syrian who already owns too much of our downtown.

  2. Isn’t this is the same minister who, a couple years ago, was asking residents of the CDC buildings to “purchase” their apartments? So that, they could not leave? Is he talking about those same apartments that people were up in arms about – whether to leave or stay?

    Am I missing something here? Someone, please enlighten me …

    @Nooks … yes, I am in total agreement with you on that.

  3. Let’s face it Castries generally is in a chaotic mess structurally that includes building, road/street and drainage. I agree those buildings need to demolish and indeed it serves beyond it needs and time. Structurally unsafe by all means. Whether it will be placed in a trustee hand or be solely retain ownership by GOSL. Once that touches any Invest St. Lucia hands then that’s it. If government is unable to rebuild the city I have no issues with leasing or selling it for premium Dollars and develop our drainage system and redesign our harbor to generate revenue by all means. Realistically money becomes the devil and necessities for our very own survival and if the government is serious about development then no more pussy footing. Castries is distasteful at its current face look. It doesn’t encourage anyone to go there unless you have something to do.

  4. Sometimes after reading statements from our officials I’m speechless.

    Not too long ago, a child was walking on the sidewalk, and a massive piece of concrete fell about two feet from the child,” Frederick recalled. “Thank God it didn’t fall on her head. She would have been deceased,” he noted.

    Mr. Frederick after that incident shouldn’t this be a number one priority for both the people leaving there and the general public? to get something done about it?

  5. @Lab. It was always a harebrained idea proposing the sale of those apartments. Those 70+ year-old buildings are fraught with danger. They sit in a flooded area and their foundations are subject to undermining. I have never heard or seen compression, compaction or underpinning performed on any of these buildings. No one knows what is underneath…jab en sac.

    The structures themselves are emitting clues, telling occupants to get out while they are ahead. The crumbling concrete and rusted metal are screaming silently. Yet, politicians are trying to exploit a bad situation by offering hope when they know there is none. Occupants need to get out of those buildings for their safety, because safety is not the politicians strong suit. It’s a gathering storm. When disaster occurs, the politicians will mouth the usual tripe, “ayay” “bodoos” “de devil.”


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