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SLASPA To Resume Hewanorra International Airport Redevelopment Project


The Government of Saint Lucia has granted the Saint Lucia Air and Seaports Authority (SLASPA) the authorization to recommence the Hewanorra International Airport Redevelopment Project.

With an astute focus on fiscal prudence and the holistic development of the nation, the decision to temporarily halt the construction of the Hewanorra International Airport in 2021 was an essential step.

Driven by a dedication to responsible fiscal management, the Government of Saint Lucia recognized the need to identify fiscal space to ensure Saint Lucia’s economic growth.

For SLASPA, this pause also provided a unique opportunity for a comprehensive review of the project’s scope, financial dynamics, and alignment with the long-term vision for the island, and government priorities.

The need for this review was deemed paramount given the financial pressures brought about by the COVID-19 Pandemic, inflation, rising costs in construction materials, particularly steel, and the unrest between Ukraine and Russia.

The Government of Saint Lucia, in collaboration with the Port Council, SLASPA Management, and experts from the Aviation Industry, engaged in extensive consultations to ensure the project’s viability and alignment with the nation’s developmental goals.

After months of collaborative efforts, it has been determined that the project is primed to move forward, with the first phase of redevelopment set to commence in the coming months.

The initial phase of this renewed endeavour entails the construction of the state-of-the-art Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT), which commenced construction in the first quarter of this year. With dedicated efforts and careful planning, the ATCT project is scheduled to reach completion by the first half of 2024.

This milestone will mark a significant step forward in the modernization and enhancement of navigation infrastructure, which will undoubtedly contribute to improved air travel.

SLASPA is committed to open communication throughout the duration of the project. Regular updates on the project’s progress, milestones achieved, and any important developments will be provided to the public and stakeholders.

SLASPA acknowledges the importance of this project in bolstering Saint Lucia’s position as a hub for international travel and trade, and remains dedicated to ensuring the successful execution of this ambitious redevelopment.

The recommencement of the Hewanorra International Airport Redevelopment Project underscores the government’s dedication to fostering growth, progress, and enhanced infrastructure for the benefit of both citizens and visitors to Saint Lucia.

SOURCE: Saint Lucia Air and Seaports Authority

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  1. Politicians are truly enemies of the state, noted for their destructive behavior. The world would have been a better and more progressive place without them.

  2. @Lucian. Like it or hate it, politicians and politics will always be with us. You are living in a fairytale man

  3. Politicians really believe we stupid
    SLASP all u drink the Kool aid…da red one…. we continue to pay taxes so the politicians can continue to believe they are fooling what a wow …

  4. @The Crow. Every cent lost to political corruption, malfeasance and nepotism translates into either higher taxes, crumbling infrastructure or fewer social services you actually pay taxes for. This excuse that politics will always be with us is counterproductive. Politicians when held accountable do the right thing. The successors to Louis XVI with his divine right of kings, certainly did the right thing after Louis’ head ended up in a basket. Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu certainly felt they were gods and did as they pleased with the Romanian coffers. Didn’t think they would be arrested, tried and executed within three days by 120 bullets of the firing squad. So yea. Once they are held to account things get better, albeit for a short time. So they need constant reminders whenever they get out of line.

  5. They don’t have no choice we are paying USD$ 5 million on the interest alone every six months for that er in yellow judgement we just did in July (fact). Yes US 5 MILLION INTEREST ONLY until 2035 before we start paying down ON THE PRINCIPLE LORD HELP US PLEASE. For those who ask if politicians think we are stupid well there is your answer, we could have gotten it for free.

  6. SLASPA? Another marjee again like St Jude’s with local contractors who have no skills and know how
    Their idea of architecture is to build several little cottages , call it a building and paint it blue or some other garish colour. .SLASPA and all the local marjee u all have on big projects can’t handle it. As usual making a mess of things just to boast but u all don’t accomplish anything of substance.

  7. Pip need to stop that nonsense about creating fiscal space. You’ve borrow almost if nit 1billion in 2ys without having any problems, that stopage was just to a ploy to fool people into believing that the initial arrangement was bad. You only hired hacks to do the review as if they would say anything contrary.
    Garcin las bat ****.
    Stop saying it’s a loan on poor people backs poor people don’t travel 98% Of the traveling public are tourist they pay the taxes.
    Interesting pip never told the nation how he have collected from that tax.
    Again slaspa is going to continue the airport which now will be the same size as the old one, make that make sense people.
    Backward thinking labar
    Sans hont.

  8. Bravo PM Pierre clap for yourself 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽.
    Do the same for the St Jude Hospital project and the roads.
    This may just have the economic boost the island is badly in need of.
    Please do not let ego and politics get in the way of progress and employment.
    I beg you Sir.


  9. Just a cullosal waste of two years of great progress has been lost since this listless administration stopped a well deserved project to help the Island prepare for future airlift and other touristic developments.

    And now…”without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, the gorgorment have given SLASPA the go ahead with HIA redevelopment.”

    This gorgorment owes citizens of St.Lucia full disclosure or the findings of the ‘ferensic audit’ conducted.

    What are the findings…Pip Just Par-may-lay (PJP)?

  10. I like the approach taken by PJP. It is similar to an approach taken in Mexico City, where the last Government approved a $16.12 Billion construction project to replace the existing airport. The plans had lots of state-of-the-art options added and was designed by a famous architect. However, the new government reviewed the plans and found that this amount was too much for an airport. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador argued that the project was too expensive. PJP argued the same thing. The Hewanorra International Airport Project is a USD $175 million investment. According to SLASPA, the Parliament of Saint Lucia agreed to borrow $100 million for the project. The existing airport infrastructure faces non-compliance with international standards on safety, operational, and logistical aspects and is highly vulnerable to natural disasters and climate change.

    Manuel Lopez Obrador put it to the voters in a referendum, and 69% rejected the planned expensive airport in place for a new airport on the grounds of Santa Lucía Air Force Base. The new plan is the same size as before but much cheaper and more fiscally responsible. PJP has mentioned that he has a similar approach. Build something less expensive.

    I like fiscal responsibility. Reduced construction costs mean the government can achieve more infrastructure projects with the same amount of money. Personally, I would rather have no upfront cost to the people and Government in a PPP arrangement. I heard PJP say they are doing away with some of the costlier parts of the project, which three sets of consultants, including the World Bank, advised. Nothing wrong with that.

    Construction is an economic boost. Over-reliance on construction, especially in capital spending, can lead to bubbles in the property market. You don’t want your farmers leaving the farms to work construction.

    What I want to see tabled in parliament is the actual cost savings that will result from the change.


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