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Pierre Stresses National Unity, Calls Out Agents Of Division


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has spoken of the need for national unity and an end to division in remarks to his Castries East constituency’s annual honour ceremony and Math Quiz.

He told Saturday’s event that there must be a level of understanding that Saint Lucia must develop for everyone’s benefit.

And the Prime Minister called out unnamed agents of hatred and division.

“The hate and the mistrust and the agents of hatred, agents of division, that must stop,” Pierre told Saturday’s event.

In an apparent reference to the July 26, 2021, general elections, after which his Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) surged into office by a landslide, the Castries East MP declared that the people had made up their minds.

“They will have a chance to change it or to make it again every five years,” Pierre explained.

But he observed that at this time, the country needs to come together to develop its people.

“We have to ensure that every child gets to go to school so they can live to their fullest potential,” Pierre told his audience.

He urged an end to the manufactured division from things that do not exist merely to serve selfish political motives..

Pierre noted that his administration has paid facility fees for every school child and given laptops to every student entering school who does not have to visit any constituency office to benefit.

“Every child who does English and Maths gets their CXC fees paid,” the Prime Minister observed.

“We hope that before the end of this term, we will pay CXC fees for every child for the five subjects that are compulsory. That is the aim of the government,” Pierre disclosed to applause.

During Saturday’s ceremony, the top performing student from each school in the Constituency received school supplies, e-tablets, and a monetary donation.

Six students from the Constituency participated in the Math Quiz, each receiving school supplies and the winner, a laptop.

Pierre declared there was nothing political about the activity.

He said principals chose the students purely on merit, while a Math Specialist framed the questions ‘purely on meritocracy’.

“What’s happening there this afternoon – no one knows anyone’s political colour. No one asked anybody who you voted for or you will vote for,” the Castries East MP declared.


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  1. “National Unity” Mr. PM nothing wrong with making the call but you know that’s practically dead in Lucia. Stop the dividing and the infant behavior in Parliament, stop bashing others on your platforms etc. Unity starts from there not just in a confine office space. It is just disgusting to experience how you all behave currently.

  2. Prime Minister please govern and stop your nonsense. Why are you always bringing up your victory? Are you surprised you won? This forum didn’t need a reminder of your party’s achievement but rather you should be encouraging the young ones to be prepared for the challenges which lies ahead.

  3. Choopse. You have a rabid, demented mongrel who has destroyed countless peoples lives with drugs and violence, who threatens citizens and the press with impunity, who focuses on bending the truth and personal attacks. You have overtly racist members in the cabal and amongst your press and propaganda acolytes. Give me a break.

  4. With his latest statement, Pip is either displaying a child-like naïveté and lack of self-awareness, or he is lying through his teeth! The primary agent of division in St. Lucia is the political duopoly we have burdened ourselves with, since we were granted adult suffrage. The key (and only) success feature of the political parties (SLP/UWP) is their ability to keep the general populace perpetually divided and completely invested in one or the other tribe. While citizens are thus preoccupied, the leaders of the political parties can focus on profitable activity that will repay them for their “heroic sacrifice” in service to St. Lucia. /sacarsm

  5. Smh at an event with school children the man talking politics. SMH. Like seriously. PJP, U losing support form sound minded individuals like myself who don’t hv party colours. As of nw I am still not voting next election. I sincerely wish all 34 or u all from UWP and SLP would vanish before the next elections. None of u all are worth a vote.

  6. Pierre is always hinting or stating, that dark forces are at work, dividing or destabilizing the country. He is never straight forward enough to expose those negative elements. One would think that if a threat existed, he would have informed the public. After all, he would need its support. At this point, it is safe to conclude that he is modeling himself after Omar Bongo of Gabon, or one of those delusional characters.

    Pierre, just do the people’s work and quit with “duh victory” nonsense. There is little time to waste. The work ahead is monumental. That man is insecure.

  7. Why every time this man speaks, he sounds like he’s campaigning. Always saying they won by a landslide margin an the opposition refuses to accept it. Mr. PM, they have accepted it, we have all accepted it, but it seems like you’re still in shock by it. When you say things like “this is not political,” it sounds very political. You were elected for 5 years to do a job, sit down and do it, and stop crying and saying the opposition shouldn’t do what they’re doing. That’s their role, when you were in opposition, you brought forward a motion of no confidence against Chastanet only after two years. If you can’t face the heat, get out of the kitchen

  8. I support you 100%. You have fooled them with lies and dishonesty to win an election why not continue. All the hatred and division has been on your side. You are now calling construction criticism, division. You lied about everything while in opposition now nothing can be proven. Remember you criticized the UWP for taking Officer Desir out of retirement, to be commissioner? KARMA is starting to bite.

  9. You will take our tax money and pay for the 5 compulsory subject for all students? Is this guy mad. You will take my money and pay for students who will be getting F,F,F,F,F? You will pay for the big boys students who doesn’t learn shit? Then you cannot fix the roads for me, Let me give you an idea because you cannot think. Get the A students whose parents cannot afford to pay for the 5 subject and pay for it.

  10. Chief agent of division “Can I help Me” This is the poison in our politics. And to think I held PJP in such high regard. I had high hopes for good governance from a man whom I thought was humble and had the right leadership characteristics until he and his party became tainted by “Can I Help Me” and his personal vendetta against Chastenet masked as love of country.

  11. Pierre, I did vote for you at the last election but you have not given me any reason not to regret doing that. During the campaign the leader ship skills were brought up and not in my wildest dream would I agree with the other side regarding you. Everything which was said about you is true now. As a PM we expect you to bring the country together. Instead you have all these talk shows which you sponsor all the time. All they do is divide the country. MBC is the worst TV station right now – they spell pollical division all over the country. I never thought I would have to say that but at the next election, my vote will definitely not be for you or your party. I am just disappointed at this point.

  12. Wow I am so astonished at some of the above comments, I saw 2 things in these people, hate and ignorance. The previous PM did not invest a cent in the youth in st. Lucia , there was no comment, this one investing there is hatred. To be black is a crime.

  13. Wa wa wa. Hear who crying now. We like so, we voted for that. It is always somebody else that causing the disunity.

  14. “The Great Divider” is now calling for “national unity”?!?
    Even as SLP are now holding the government and political reins – they are still spreading divisiveness and hatred. What “water” are they piping to the general public now?
    Give me a break!

  15. @ Lydia:- To imply in these commentaries you saw two things – hate & ignorance – sweetie I beg to disagree with you; in politics there are all of these things; take a look at the U. S. to say the least. Should I say that in your comment I saw a tinge of racism on your part? I haste to say I hope not, but I shudder to think, why should an intelligent lady like you say or think that ” To be black is a crime.” Please be careful, never say a thing like that again. One can run into a lot of trouble in these Islands around us, saying a thing like this. LORD BE GOOD.


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