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Man Chopped To Death In Micoud


Police have launched an investigation into a homicide on the Micoud Highway Friday at about 5:00 pm.

According to initial reports, a male individual with a machete attacked another man waiting for a bus.

Reports indicate that the incident happened a short distance from the police station and the alleged perpetrator surrendered to officers there.

The motive for the attack and other details surrounding the incident were not immediately apparent.

Headline photo: Screen grab from Courtesy Great Vision Designs live coverage

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  1. The system is responsible for all the crime in st Lucia how can you have over 80 percent of private sector workers earning 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour

  2. So now you’re not even safe at the bus stop what the hell is happening in st Lucia why would anyone want to come visit or vacation on this island even if the deceased had problems with the individual or not he can’t just go and chop someone to death

  3. Much of Saint Lucia appears hell-bound. We know there is only one way out –but most of us are either too proud or too foolish to turn and do the will of God, which is summed up in the command to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. Repentance of our wicked ways –followed by a commitment to live in accordance with the will of God –is our only hope.

  4. So much anger here. In the water? The music y’all listen to? Must be the music. If people always boarded with violent lyrics they will become violent. If they get bombarded with sexualised music they become so. The only music that should be played in public here is hymns.

  5. My people we serious trouble in this country I don’t leave in st lucia but I have kids ,grandchildren family members and it’s heart breaking to hear what’s going on so so sad

  6. I noticed from the time this Indian voodoo lady swept St. Lucia things turned overboard.
    Wow, somebody tell her to give up the voodoo

  7. People are no longer deterred by long prison sentence. Evil in their minds and hearts. Our island home is going to the dogs. Let me be clear that this has nothing to do with the government. These criminals feel hopeless and are living meaningless lives. They do not value their lives and the lives of others.

  8. No Bolo Byron, the state of crime in the country underwent a significant transformation between 1997 and 2002, coinciding with two terms having the SLP in power. The statistics reveal a startling rise, with homicides per year increasing from 8 to 40.”

  9. Vaccine rolled out people dying people crippled people get rage beyond I think dna changed so its no surprise at the outcome of the popular science


  11. I say to all of you writing comments here that the least religious countries are the most peaceful…as a matter of fact prisons are being shut because of low criminal activities and in addition to that places of worship are being put to good use by converting them to apartments, bars your research

  12. Only Jesus can save us. The name that is an offense to so many. Our leaders now need to do like the people of Ninevah after hearing the preaching of Jonah, they went on their knees in sac cloth and ashes as a sign of repentance and called for a fast of the entire nation. If we do not do likewise, we shall surely perish. May God have mercy on our souls. God bless St. Lucia!

  13. St lucians has to pause the country for one day fast and much anger in the country school children fighting..people that claim they are public figures on Facebook insulting each other..politics divide the country..misery plague the country its very painful to see the direction St lucia is heading..

  14. Shut yall fess in the comments everywhere have mad ppl everywhere have bad ppl everywhere have crime before yall see a news is god and jesus and the governement, we are in a modern era where everything is televised and social media distributed so just say good thing you know just be careful how you move.

  15. Re Article and All the Above comments..
    We should stop the blame game..
    We are currently facing a change of ERA . Our current generations are faced with an Evil ERA, and we must solve the problems by spreading the wealth to the working poor and overworked people and,then we will have a minimum living wage system of $10+ per hour to share the wealth of the island and Eradicate the slave wages system Curse..
    Folks! Mainly Employers please pay your employees a fair living wage of $10+ per hour worked..
    We can solve the Mayhem and it takes a fair living wage to do so..
    I endorse my thoughts and observations..
    We have God
    We have Christ
    And All the Above… But we have no money to go to the church and places of worship to pray 🙏 and worship…. We need better wages.. Yesterday?

  16. when we deny what is right..this is what happens….st lucia was never at this point…even if people were enslaved a long time ago….slavery has nothing to do with this…..all of us can get out of this so called slavery…..the mental one is worse…..but u hardly hear people talk about that… first starts with the thoughts….too many people in st lucia are bent on evil…..turn from the wicked way….if in one moment a negative thought becomes a positive we will be transformed to better…..i will not think to kill a man if he does me wrong…..if i think to turn my back and leave him to fate then so be it…..too many people are angry in st lucia…i see it all over…God put a hand …..if not, soon people will kill you for saying good morning…

  17. I hate when people use the excuse that bad people are everywhere so what is happening in the country is ok. Yes there are bad people everywhere but what is different is justice, is crime detection and conviction. If criminals are not brought to justice then they will feel emboldened to continue doing bad things. Now who is responsible to put systems in place to catch criminals ? Who is responsible to put things in place to make us feel safer ?

  18. I agree with Just Saying. Every Friday should be hymn day for all radio stations. The Government has sensors has powers to implement that.
    Let’s get a referendum on this.

  19. But you sound so disturbing anonymous and angry why you so upset because people voice their opinions.. if you part of the government remember that government had a problem with all what the previous administration was they in government it’s not putting the people first it’s putting the people worse

  20. Over 80 percent of people can’t 3 meals a day so people are getting mad not even a bread that the working poor can afford

  21. Where the Sprit of the LORD is :
    There is Liberty ❗
    Judgement begins in the house of God where God’s name are invoque !
    The safest place to be in within the will of God ‼️
    Says the LORD Almighty :
    I will defend 🇱🇨 St Lucia,and save it, says the LORD, because I have many people in it ‼️

  22. No hard punishment for crimes…This is why they kept doing it on an on …said he is a mad man , but to me a nomal person after went direct to the police station.He was allready waiting for the guy he killed..

  23. No one ever commits evil acts for no reason. God bless the family and protect them whoever done this atrocious act.

  24. As it was from the beginning, so it is today; Vis-a-Vis the good was also the evil.
    In the midst of the raging war, the Lord said – there are a lot more with us than
    there are with them – OPEN YOUR SPIRITUAL EYES – there are powerful Angels
    all around, but because of lack of prayers they wont act to put an end to crime.
    All God needs is a remnant. Start praying heavy duty Spiritual Prayers non stop
    and I tell you, the Angels with their flaming Swards will wipe out the evil spirits
    among you. Do not doubt, its in the good Book. I believe in Angels, they’re there
    if I did not believe after all I’ve been through, I would have been gone already.

  25. @the fox… true…..we refuse to speak prayers but so easy bent on sex rum and party…..the women dress styles baffle me…….no respect for their body… hear these talk all over nowadays….and before u Kno it oh I fo chop u I go kill u…. people are not using their tongue to fight against evil…. that’s y we are in this state…..the person who commented people don’t kill u jusso so I beg to differ……I was walking with my friend a day and I felt someone step on my foot from behind….. It was a man and when he passed me I told him u kuda jus say sorry……da way da man watch me like I was the wrong one…and he telling me oh say what I say there again….I tell him I don’t repeat myself…… take it from me this st Lucia place has some kinda evil that yes we need the angels to sweep it out and use their swords so we those who trust in him can live in Almighty God’s peace…’s time our eyes show us what God can do to destroy evil that affects the best of us who need peacefulness

  26. O LORD, “You establish Peace ❤️ love for us,all that we have accomplised, you have done for us…
    When your judgement (Jesus) came upon the earth the people learn your 🌈 righteousness…
    For it will still come at the appointed time… For what has been must take place ❗….
    Untill the Ancient of Days (GOD)come and pronounce ⚖️ judgement en favor of the Saints…of the Most High,and the time will when they possed the kingdom…

    The LORD looks upon the both righteous and the sinner…
    Make way for the righteous :
    The word of God is possibilities or Penalty ❗
    A beautiful 👑wreath for the Remnant of His people ‼️


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