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Dr. Kenny Anthony-Led Eminent Persons Group Hopeful Despite Haiti Challenges


The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Eminent Persons Group (EPG) led by former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Dr. Kenny Anthony, remains hopeful despite challenges it has encountered on returning to Haiti to continue efforts to help resolve the country’s political impasse.

The group disclosed in a statement indicating that tone of the discussions had hardened and  the positions of some stakeholders had ‘regressed significantly’.

“The EPG remains hopeful that with determination, goodwill and a recognition that the interests of the people of Haiti must be the overriding concern of all stakeholders, a solution can be found to restore Haiti on a path of constitutionalism and democracy,” the statement said.

The complete statement appears below:

The Eminent Persons Group (EPG), comprising former Prime Ministers Dr Kenny D. Anthony of Saint Lucia, Bruce Golding of Jamaica and Perry Christie of The Bahamas, was encouraged by the positive steps made in previous meetings with the Haitian stakeholders in Jamaica in June and in Haiti in July and by the outcome of informal discussions among the stakeholders which had taken place in August to reduce differences as had been recommended by the Group.

The Group returned to Haiti on 4 September for a five-day visit with the intention of building on this political platform, fragile though it was, in order to make progress in the search for a sustainable solution to the long-standing political impasse.

The Group was, however, disappointed that the tone of the discussions had hardened and that the positions of some stakeholders had regressed significantly, reflected in the strident calls for the resignation of the Prime Minister. These developments coincided with the alarming deterioration of the security situation in Port-au-Prince in August and the deepening of the humanitarian crisis in the country.

In this impaired political environment, the agreed commencement of intensive mediation meetings with reduced groups of participants was delayed by the setting of conditions and non-compliance with the agreed limits on the number of persons to be present in a new phase of intensive mediation.

Following intensive discussions, including one that brought together Prime Minister Henry, representatives of the December 21 Accord, the Joint Declaration of Kingston and civil society, an agreement was reached on the arrangements for the intensive mediation meetings to commence on 12 September.

This phase of the negotiations will be facilitated initially by the EPG by videoconference and subsequently in person by the EPG should the stakeholders so request.

The EPG remains hopeful that with determination, goodwill and a recognition that the interests of the people of Haiti must be the overriding concern of all stakeholders, a solution can be found to restore Haiti on a path of constitutionalism and democracy.


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  1. Kenny cannot deal with little Bruceville is big problems Haiti he wants to find solutions for. Good luck with that. Time wasting as usual.

  2. VF!!! VF!!! Fix that first. We there suffering with crime and high cost of living whilst you flying high? Ain’t that something? You Kenny just cannot SEE yourself working under Pierre – that’s it.

  3. Leaders after leaders come into office in Haiti promising so much, but in the end delivering so little. They, the leaders leave with overflowing bank accounts. One former Haitian leader even created a cold room by buying snow so that she can wear her fur coat.

  4. Haiti continues to struggle due to sanctions imposed on it by France for liberating itself from slavery and defeating Napoleon’s army in 1804. In recent times, we have seen the removal of the democratically elected president, Aristide, from office by the West. Trying to solve the problem of Haiti, without holding France and the Unites States accountable for their role in creating the problem, will be a futile exercise.

  5. Next yr same time I want PJP and KDA to tell us what was achieved and show us the results from this …….. I hope Lucia tax money didn’t go into this …. mission.

  6. Haiti will eventually fix it self it’s the people that’s the problem. Let’s fix st Lucia before we try to fix Haiti.

  7. This press release (I imagine that Kenny was obsequious in using his constitutional law background to pen such a mealy-mouth pardon of his treachery) from CARICOM’s Eminent Puppets Group mimics Pilate’s public act of washing his hands before Jesus was taken away to be crucified. It was the final excuse for the US to use for invading Haiti again, this time using black-faced goons from Kenya, Jamaica and Guyana, with St. Lucian interpreters in tow.

    A previous article here had intimated that Pip was undecided in providing interpreters, and here is how I responded:

    “Right on cue: The US’ “man-in-the-UN” puts the screws on Pip to “do the humanitarian thing” – send our Tradewinds 2023 alumni to join the Kenyans in the invasion of Haiti, as “interpreters”.

    It’s the regime-change scenario, à la Grenada, but with a twist: The US puppet is already installed, but Haitians are not thrilled with this “third coming of Papa Doc.” The well-coordinated press releases touting gang violence against ordinary Haitians is highly suspect! When did the US starting caring about the well-being of Haitians? Never! They don’t even care about the hosts of tent cities that have sprung up in all major US cities; where hapless, homeless US citizens survive, after being evicted from their homes by corporate ‘gangs’, to accommodate gentrification of black, Latino & white trash neighborhoods!

    I am convinced now that we are seeing a new scourge of “Tonton Macoutes” (pretending to be local gangs, this time) in the pay of the CIA, who have been preparing the way for a “humanitarian” invasion of Haiti, by terrorizing Haitians. And, just as the OECS gave cover for the invasion of Grenada, the treacherous Caricom leaders (Pip included) will meet for staging the charade/kabuki of begging massa Biden to intervene on behalf of our brothers in Haiti. What a farce!”

    CARICOM leaders have only confirmed their status as house negroes for the US’ plantation in the Caribbean; they had already sold their souls to ensure their own comfort and position as servants in the plantation house.

    Here are two articles I just found on Black Agenda Report (from August 30, 2023):

    No to Blackface imperialism. Yes to Haitian Sovereignty

    Challenging Imperialism: Communist Party of Kenya Stands in Solidarity for Justice and Equality with the Haitian People

  8. There is many other issues in Haiti however take a look at Martinique Guadeloupe the French side in St Martine Well we all know now it must have been a mistake for them to have taken their independence from France ?

  9. Good luck in your endeavors Most Honorable KAD. Something has to be done about bringing some form of stability in Haiti. You were chosen as an Elder along with other elders to lead a unified Caricom front. It doesn’t matter if you are been used as a “token” to lead this mission you are well aware of this by been wise in you years, but you spring to the call of duty when called upon, the history books will speak well of you ventures compared to other lightweight politicians who are yellow rovers with their tails between their legs. We who are well read knows the architects behind Haiti’s turmoils. They are basically trying to put out the fire before it gets out of hand and burn them. My my my there is nothing worse than having a lawless country right next door to you that can pose a risk to your national security if the right players decide to set up shop. The Rifts and wickedness about Haiti’s survival and existence runs deep with its colonial masters, but I am sure with your skill sets of diplomacy you and your team will prevail.

  10. Any time the misleadership of the SLP sense that their propaganda is losing traction in the minds of St. Lucians, they show their utter desperation by trotting out their chief propaganda officer, “The Most Honorable Lucian Highgrade”, to baffle us with his bull$#!t.


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