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‘I See Myself As A Saint Lucian’ – Chastanet Rejects ‘Foreigner’ Label


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has told supporters of his United Workers Party (UWP) that he sees himself as a Saint Lucian who is not better than anyone else.

“I don’t see myself as white, people. I see myself as a Saint Lucian and a Saint Lucian who is willing to do everything that anybody else is willing to do,” the former Prime Minister declared.

He was addressing a UWP Town Hall meeting in Soufriere on Sunday and responding to critics who had labelled him a foreigner who could not relate to Saint Lucians.

Chastanet delved into his family history, struggles, and experiences, including working with his father, well-known entrepreneur Sir Michael Chastanet.

Chastanet said his father moved the family to Puerto Rico to improve his children’s lives.

The former Prime Minister said at the age of seven, he left Saint Lucia for Puerto Rico.

“That explains to you why I don’t speak kweyol. I speak Spanish, ” he disclosed.

Chastanet recalled that his parents struggled before his father eventually became successful.

He asserted that many people think his father was always wealthy, but that is untrue.

The opposition leader said his father never spoiled him but made him work for what he achieved.

“When I worked on my father’s ships, I carried cement. I went into the septic tank to clean the septic tank. I did my time and started from the bottom,” he explained.

The Micoud South MP said that, as a result, he greatly appreciates where Saint Lucians are.

He acknowledges that he did not have it as bad as some Saint Lucians but knows what it is to have parents struggling to assist their children.

Chastanet told his audience he had ‘one big sin ‘, his belief in Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians.

He said he believes every time Saint Lucians get an opportunity to compete globally, they can succeed.

“That is what drives me every single day,” the former Prime Minister said.

Chastanet also hit out at critics who assert he is a product of Canada because he left Saint Lucia for a better education.

He said he left to get better exposure and brought it back to Saint Lucia.

“The same Julien Alfred that they will sit there and celebrate. She is not a prodigy of Jamaica because she had to leave Saint Lucia to become a star and I am proud of what she has achieved,” Chastanet told the Town Hall meeting.

“I have no doubt that Julien Alfred will never forget where she came from and she will do everything to make Saint Lucia a better place,” he said



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  1. You’re such a hypocrite, your government stopped a subvention of $150.
    To this date you want to see,Shawn Edwards in prison for assisting the young lady and you want to say how proud you are of Julien.
    No shame!

  2. Chastanet, you are a fake, a phony, and a fraud. History will not judge you kindly for your utter nonsense and barefaced lies. You will soon be consigned to the dustbin of history. Furthermore, your name will be written in water and soon forgotten.

  3. lol lol politricks. when you want to be in power you will get down to the lowest level eat with the poor eat what they eat to show that you understand where but once you get where you want to be then everything changes. people become backing dogs.

  4. Unity in Lucia doesn’t exist don’t let no one fool you. If lucian forget about being racist i assume things will change a whole lot better, because no lucian will work hard take his/her money and go pay bills, buy grocery for foreigners. If that happen the island will twist its direction automatically. Its low life, dumb heads and numskulls will want to justify their failure at the expense of others.

  5. “I see myself as a Saint Lucian…” is not a statement that any national of any country would make because that statement is proof positive that the one uttering it is not a national of that country. Would a Canadian, Jamaican, Trini or American make such a statement about his nationality…ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

    I AM SAINT LUCIAN or I AM LUCIAN would have been unambiguous and emphatic…but not this forner PM…NO!!

    So here is Mr. Chastanet once more hoodwinking his party faithful with his ideological nonsense…not merely the truth is what they believe, but rather it is what he says is the truth. Pablum for the mindless 43-percenters. UWP members please pay rapt attention and analyse what comes out of his mouth!!!

  6. This man is suffering from a crisis of identity: he sees (identifies) himself as something or someone, which he is not.
    This is similar to gender identity as opposed to gender reality. It is all FAKE!

  7. I see myself as a St. Lucian is an after thought statement. Sir your sentence, a genuine statement would have been “I am a St Lucia”. People do not see themselves as a St Lucian, or Barbadian or French They are St Lucian, or American or British, French. I hope you understand this, because you really do not understand English, and yes I do believe you are Spanish.

  8. @ patriotic St Lucian, you got it just right. Question- Are you a St Lucian? Answer – “I consider myself to be a St Lucian”, (even though I am not) . A more convincing answer would have been : damn right I am a St. Lucian. One can consider to be anything that he/she is not. Make sense out of nonsense.

  9. Chas, if you are a St. Lucian can you tell us the number of passports you sold during your reign in office. Why did you call a young St. Lucian “non entity “. Don’t you think this is an insult? We are Waiting for your apology.

  10. I am a born Lucian and I have lived both in St. Lucia and I have also lived outside of St. Lucia. I have met people of all colors and I have worked with them as well. What was fundamental among us while we existed was RESPECT. Regardless of who the person was we just learnt to respect the individual. St. Lucians always find a reason to disrespect people who do not look like them or who have been out there worked hard and smart and become successful. They have a funny way of hating the success of others. They make it look like a crime to succeed and enjoy your success in St. Lucia. They need to stop looking at the glory and listen to the story of successful people. Chas is no different. The man’s family worked hard to enjoy their success today. I listened to his short biography on Sunday during their townhall and I have come to appreciate the guy even more for not giving up. He has actually inspired me to keep my torch burning. They only see the glory of being owners of businesses such as hotels but behind the glory is a story which is very telling. Instead of criticizing the man, why can’t we learn from him. Instead all I see is politics which is the main tool destroying St. Lucia at this very moment. At this point, St. Lucia has two products selling – they sell lots of politics which divides the people and slow down progress and of course they have a shit load of crimes to sell. It is just sad to see how bad SLU has gotten with these two products. I am still waiting on our Leaders to help us rise from these types of behavoir

  11. St.Lucians need to stop this racist crap. You complain about the American and European racial problems but yet still you are quick to migrate to their countries rather than remain home and help develop the economy. The man has nothing to do with slavery, his ancestors “yes”. He is a citizen of this land so stop being hypothetical. I don’t see the need for him explaining this to you everytime, dispite him being a bad or good politician. Never forget this land is just a dot in the ocean we can be washed away on any given day . Be humble to others my ppl.

  12. Yall are indeed sick yall Licians. The mp says sees because yall eh see him as Lucian, yall say him a product of Canada etc etc🙄🙄
    So knows n sees mem baggy cha
    Chas just chill, let the racist Fools talk crap!! But ur Right to debunk them. My Chastanet was Not Always wealthy tell them. Kudos

  13. Wow … at what point did it become a sin to be a white St. Lucian national? Am I to assume that those who are given citizenship by investment are all black people? What do we have to say for all the USAID projects in the name of St. Lucian youth that have white people alone at the helm, all living “up north” enjoying the upper class lifestyle whilst the black St. Lucians are given the “bottom jobs” even when they are much more experienced and certified than those whites arriving here in flip flops? …

  14. The truth is what you want the truth to be. Slavery mentality will always remain slavery mentality.

  15. Maranne it’s also black bujwa livin up north and what do USAId or Peacecorp have to do with this? Smph Chas’s grandmother was a black woman so he is a interacial man white and black mix so stop with this racist sh..t bc the world is not one color and we all bleed red! Smph …..check yo comments!!! Smph

  16. This will always be the case with saint lucians. They never see when you struggle to become what you are today but all they see is when you have this and that. I could only imagine the haters in the comments section the things they will be saying

  17. The former PM had 4 years in power to demonstrate his humility, St.Lucian identity and values. The policies he pursued we’re not in the best interest of the poor, and working class. His leadership style was questionable. I am sure there is some covert racism, but I don’t blame people for supporting a leader that they feel is one of them.

  18. Trying your damness to “legititimaize” your self as a son of this soil of WHICH YOU ARE NOT. No one is judging you for being born privilege that’s not your fault, but it also gives credence to the notion you do understand the struggles of the average St Lucian verses that of PJP Pierre who has never strayed form his humble upbringing to serve as rep for his underserved community to becoming prime minister. Your position was BROUGHT NOT EARNED. Going to the garrisons in VF was a first for you and that was after the fact not during your campaign runs. We don’t live in a bubble so been polished and well spoken does has it advantages on the international stage, but this can be attained and adopted by anyone but been connected to the average St Lucian is something lived, so when you are called to duty the passion is greater felt to serve your fellow man such of that of Prime Minister Pierre.

  19. Sometimes I feel so ashame of we Lucian’s. How do you become a citizen of st. Lucia. Are u telling me that someone has to be born in Stlucia to be a citizen? For those of us who want our kids to go abroad for a better education or working conditions should not do so because the day they decide to come back to Stlucia to give back and help the country the will be classified as not a st. Lucian. Yes politicians tell stories to gain political mileage. Yes we all make mistakes whether as a politician, a secretary. A teacher but the question is do we learn from these mistakes. Mr Chas was there for 5 years new in the arena. Yes he made mistakes which have been pointed out to him over and over. How can we know whether he has learn from them and will not repeat. We can only tell by trying him again. How many terms have labour been there. I was an slp I no longer support party but in truth stlucians are two bias when it comes to red and yellow. I guess I used to be like this would defend slp even when they were wrong but I am no longer this way. I e we I’ll give joack his jacket . I will not be used over and over nor do I think anyone should allow themselves to be used by politicians. Most of all young people u are more educated now so make wise decisions if you decide to vote as to whst will be best for the country. Don’t vote color because yr family support one color when in your heart and understanding you know it’s not the right decision to make. Get involve d come out in honesty integrity love and wanting the betterment for Stlucia. We choose them as the Shepard to lead but some of them are greedy, bias , have no love for god hence why they cannot have love for humans but just there as a Shepard to reap off. Let’s pray and ask god to send the right flock for us and also pray that he directs us in choosing the right flock to lead Stlucia. Peace and love

  20. He could be a citizen by CIP.. and so are Afrolucians.
    And Both are fighting for power in our island..
    He is welcome here just as the black people from Africa. We accept you both..
    Most of the people who are Demonizing the man are Jealous of his inheritance..
    Folks! It’s called Politicians.. Keeping the not too bright brain’s illiterate.. The Afrolucians should unite and quit blaming the people for your own fault by not united as One St.lucian…
    He is a St Lucia like him or not…
    I endorse my thoughts and observations.

  21. We are a foolish people who prefer lies that we can identify with which does not require reason. When was PJP a poor little black boy from Marchand? Did he ever play with little black boys from Marchand? Some of us seem to enjoy an awkward pleasure being stupid and uttering nonsense. Grow up.

  22. Mallet who represented Castries Central and afterwards became Governor, was not born in St. Lucia but was born in Panama. John Compton was born on one of the Islands, South of and belonging to St. Vincent – Canouan. But de papa became P.M. and a Statue of his head was erected on a pillar in his honour, in which the Pigeons in great admiration, delight in pleasure just to sit on his head.

  23. @Alllison Jackass I just watching you in the corner of my eye with your AfroLucian crap….. typical of the house negro “we” White Lucians masa they Afro Lucians out there masa. “We” sick masa ?? They want power masa to run the country massa . What shall “we” do masa??

  24. It is amazing how the opening statement by Mr. Chastanet, to wit “I see myself as Saint Lucian…” and subsequent comments on it have been characterized as racist, envious of his success and/or wealth, or denigrated because he was not “born here.”
    There appears to be a concerted effort to smear anyone who challenges Mr. Chastanet’s remark, with some anti-social label…you are either racist, insular, or envious and consequently you must be an un-educated illiterate, Saint Lucian to interpret his statement in a manner not in keeping with a particular mindset.

    TAKE A BREATH MY FELLOW SAINT LUCIANS!!! and give due consideration to the words which are spoken by persons in authority, because this current age is one of the big lie, obfuscation, and many forms of bad acts by persons in authority all over the world. We love to hear of them on the news and on social media, as though our leaders are somehow immune from such practices…THEY ARE NOT! So study their utterances and their actions, whether you support their group or not…AND QUESTION EVERYTHING!!!

    Mr. Chastanet, by his comment has revealed that he is indeed suffering from a crisis of identity, and attempting to equate his situation with that of Ms. Alfred is a false equivalent…and he knows it; it is just that he does not expect the vast majority of us to recognize it…so, DO NOT FOLLOW THE PARTY LINE, BUT RATHER THE PATRIOTIC LINE!

  25. The LORD looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who understand,any who seek God…
    All have turned aside,they have together become corrupt there is no one who does good not even one_
    They are corrupt, their deeds are vile ; there is no one who does good ❗
    The days of the blameless are known before the LORD, and their inheritance will endure forever…
    For the LORD is righteous,he loves ❤️⚖️ justice ; upright men will see his face.

  26. Although I don’t really like chasetanet I don’t think it matters whether he is st lucian or not he has lived in st lucia long enough with st lucian parentage has been the prime minister of st lucia so what else do people want to know
    I have always indentified myself as st lucian both parent were st lucian mothers roots from babonneau and fathers roots from canneries or kanawee on top of that I grew up there did all my schooling there carried all the bananas and cassava and firewood there learn to drive there all the people that knows me is right there all my connection is there so what and that’s where am going to retire because that’s where I call home not where they claim I was born because I have not connection to there
    so stop bashing the man if you want to vote for him vote for him if you don’t to vote for him don’t

  27. Jah Guide, this is typical a black man’s mentality…If you notice that the majority of black people do not like change and they prefer to stay where they are and they feel comfortable with their situation…Also, those who are in a better situation don’t want their black brothers like them to get out of the situation that they in, fearing that they will be in a better situation than them…It is typical the mentality of black people. There is a lot I can say about this subject, but I will not go futher on this topic for the simple reason, nothing will change. It is just sad but true…

  28. Maranne, You got me all confused. You started by saying that it’s okay for whites to be St. Lucian but you ended complaining about the whites leaving in the North. Which one is it, are you for whites being St. Lucians or not? It’s like you are talking from both sides of your mouth. By-the-way, is that the correct way to spell your name? Just a little information, white people were on the island before us {black people}, remember that they are the ones who brought us on the island. It seems to me that everyone is forgetting that part. Do not come for me, I’m still a black woman who knows her history.

  29. Because of 😈 evil (hate) Caïn killed Abel ❗
    Jesus Christ was crucified by his same identité (jewish

  30. Do not mistreat a foreigner living near us…tomorrow, who knows,can be mirgrant of another country,think about the future (our children)…
    No one will mention,at a time when St Lucians were commiting regular crimes in Martinique, those who were travelling with Express des îles, were paying the conséquence, whenever arrived at port to pass through customs,if your passport have Dennery, you would put on a side for the next departure,such as myself,
    Which the I was regulary known to them although, would tell me, you also from Dennery ❓
    Put aside for immediate trip,I was spared because of my identification card which had the address of the communitty where I was migranted since chilhood,not knowing even the place I was born, but love ❤️ so much the communitty that I was migranted


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