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RSLPF Urges Peaceful Conflict Resolution Amid Probe Into Fatal Stabbing In Bexon

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On September 16, 2023, about 9:00 p.m., the Criminal Investigations Department, Castries, responded to a call and proceeded to Easy Cash Bar in Bexon, Castries. Upon arrival, the officers observed a crowd of onlookers outside.

As the investigators made their way through the crowd, they observed an unresponsive male individual lying face up on a bench near the establishment.

The investigators observed a cloth that was tied around the victim’s abdomen.

Emergency Medical Technicians from the Saint Lucia Fire Service arrived on the scene, attended to the victim, and transported him to the Owen King European Union [OKEU] Hospital for medical attention.

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Having conducted preliminary inquiries, the investigators proceeded to the Owen King European Union [OKEU] Hospital, where they were informed by medical personnel that the victim succumbed to his injury and was pronounced dead by a medical doctor.

The victim has been identified as forty-five [45] year-old Sarrot resident, Peter Felix. This matter is being treated as a homicide.

One male individual is in custody assisting with investigations.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force is urging the people of Saint Lucia to seek alternative methods for resolving disputes, rather than resorting to violence.

By resorting to peaceful conflict resolution methods, we can foster a safer and more harmonious Saint Lucia, for all people.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Peter Felix – Deceased stabbing victim.

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  1. Quite urging and be proactive in finding and establishing possible solutions to the issues you see in the country. Seek advice internationally for the issues we are currently facing and start implementing appropriate measures. Enough URGING without ACTION

  2. When St. Lucian stop dabbling into other people business both privately and publicly alot may change. Illiteracy is a crime biblically, because the he say she say arguments often escalates from one level to the next rapidly. Now if a St. Lucia don’t carry a weapon on him/her it proves to their self esteem as if they are weak or inferior. So the penalty one must pay in a misunderstanding is here take it/take that next think you know its a stone, metal of some sort and the top shatta one a bullet. We need to setup an alcoholic rehabilitation center or implement it by law one you caught drunk you are to do some community service.

  3. the police are urging the people of Saint Lucia to seek alternative methods for resolving disputes and I agree with this but most of the times you the police are the cause of these disputes ending badly cause some of you don’t take people or I should say your work seriously when people come to make a report resulting in people not receiving justice quickly enough.

    I remember in Dennery not to long ago there were some boys throwing stones and mashing up someones house and they called for help and all could be said was there was no vehicle but when the people drove down to the station after they called, a police vehicle is sitting right there.

    There is another incident that happened recently where the guy came to make a report about his life being threatened only to be told there is no vehicle so go back and sit under the shanti which resulted in him being chopped to death like a pig. So if there are no police vehicles none of you police can use your discretion to use your personal vehicles? at least if its a life threatening situation? had you not told the man that stupidness and acted upon it right away this guy would be alive today.

    this is why alot of people take crime and matters into their own hands. Your Motto is to serve and to protect but most of you are the opposite so if the police cant protect us who should we trust to protect ourselves? not ourselves? which would lead us to going and getting an illegal firearm just to protect ourselves cause you dont take our life seriously. I tell you if justice was being served more quickly in this country there would be a decrease in these petty disputes and maybe other crimes. Cause people are seeing its a waste of time to report anything to yall cause its either there is no vehicle or yall just dont come at all, but when someone dead yall finding the vehicle where it is to come eh?


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