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WATCH: Police Report Multiple Arrests, Charges For Serious Crimes


The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force Southern Division has reported multiple arrests and charges for serious offences during the past two weeks.

Superintendent Albert Charlery disclosed that the police operation included traffic checks, house searches, and mobile and foot patrols.

The police laid charges, including causing death, possessing illegal firearms and ammunition, aggravated burglary, and threatening police officers in the execution of their lawful duties.

Superintendent Charlery provided the details in a statement that appears below:

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  1. This kind of public briefing should be conducted weekly. It keeps the public informed and interested. The briefing also help show the police at work; necessary for cooperation.

  2. Coffey welcome back to VF. All along I knew your people didn’t have the resources to move you that quick to England as rumors had it. Hope you face the strong arm of the law and innocent Sean Philip rest in perfect peace.

  3. St. Lucia is not on our recommended top list of countries for tourism travel. A beautiful island is blood stained with crime.
    I guess noone cares as long as it is black on black crime, because 99% of the hotels are owned by foreigners. If 99% of black people had owned these hotels, caribbean tourism would be shut down long time ago. Google:
    Bloody City Song Youtube.

  4. @ CLUFP UNIVERSITY(Calvin Lake University of Financial Planning)
    shut your pie hole, every country has its level of crime stop acting like as if where you are living right now doesn’t have crime

  5. @ Valdimir Puting
    well it seems he was on his way to england cause it was on a boat they got him Loooool

  6. Yes – random vehicle check points are needed in every civil society. Also, those individuals who are bent on inter-ferring/intercepting/getting involved in other people’s matters should be arrested forthwith.

    Some Lucians needs to be more respectful of law enforcement as well as the laws of the land. To be honest, they would not survive in a civilized society which are governed by order and laws for 1 hour.

  7. St lucia is a very small island where everybody’ knowns everybody so this means st lucians knows who the criminal elements are or know the parents of those criminal elements but chosen to look the other way saying not their business but remember if you live on the island crime is everyones business
    one more thing we need to have unmarked police vehicles lots of them to blend in with the rest of the population to patrol the island well armed and equipped plus most more road blocks on top of that police needs to have the green light to stop and search anyone they deemed suspicious and you will be surprised what the going to find


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