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One For The Road – Kenson Casimir Photo Goes Viral

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A photo of Gros Islet MP Kenson Casimir on Daren Sammy Drive in his constituency went viral after it appeared on his Facebook page.

“Oh, how I wish I could snap a finger and get all of the roads in Gros Islet to look like this right now! We will get there,” the MP wrote under the photo.

He indicated that the desire and passion burn hotter to accomplish the project.

The Youth Development and Sports Minister thanked Beausejour residents.

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Casimir said they welcomed him with open arms during his door-to-door activity on Tuesday.

However, he acknowledged the need for more work everywhere.

And community residents agree, noting that many roads in their area need resurfacing.

Nevertheless, one resident told St. Lucia Times that Casimir had kept his promise.

The resident recalled that the MP had asked people in the community to be patient and await proper resurfacing of the roads that are in poor condition rather than merely filling potholes.

“Buses would not go into certain areas, leaving the elderly and children to walk to their homes in the hot sun,” the resident noted.

The Beausejour resident recalled that resurfacing, paving, or patching the roads in Phases One and Two had not occurred in about many years.

In addition, the resident noted that some years ago, people who lived in the community banded together, bought material, and did some patching.

But, the resident explained that a road resurfacing initiative would be a vast undertaking in the community, asserting that the project has just started.

“He kept is keeping his promise,” the resident said regarding the Gros Islet MP.

Casimir, for his part, wrote on Facebook: “I thought I told you that we won’t stop. While they talk, we serve! That’s what I’m here for. I continue to be heretoserve#.”

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  1. Thanks but I hope there is proper drainage on either side because if not then you have to redo it in the near future.

  2. Taxation without representation. Problem is the politicians have lost fear of the masses. A pity we no longer have pitchforks and torches.

  3. I wonder if it was Spider Montoute who did that nonsense on the many roads he constructed what the Labas would have said. He did 1 road in 2 years and he took a picture lying on the road. That is so stupid.

  4. Mr Casimir before you lie down on the road pay a visit to the Norbert road. Drive down there on a rainy day. You will not be able to drive up. Your vehicle might end up in the drain, or across the road, or in a tree. Norbert? Do you know where that is? Have you visited there in the last 2 years? Spider tried to give us some help but did not finish. Before that your predecessor Emma ignored us. BOTH Emma and PJP (as minister of infrastructure) ignored our requests. But elections will come again Mr Casimir. 5 years is not 50 years.

  5. Mr.Casimir
    You asked for a chance.
    You got a chance.
    Under your leadership
    Corruption has gone up
    Completed works and progress overall have gone down.
    Gros Islet and the ministry of sports
    Have regressed significantly . It can’t be a coincidence.
    Now it’s time we move on.
    Maybe you started out with good intentions
    Maybe it was just words to win our support.
    You honestly don’t have it.
    Ineffective at best.
    And at your worst (well let’s not go there)
    I’ve seen what you call progress
    I think I’ll pass.

  6. This is one guy I had hope in. I thought “here’s a young man, he’ll be coming in with fresh ideas anf the zeal to see the youth progress”

    Disappointed in Casimir is an understatement. He’s proved himself to be another narcissistic politician there for the clout and the perks.

    This dude is proud of presenting pads to preteen girls on TV as if it’s such an accomplishment. And now this stunt; are we suppose to applaud him for this, doing bare minimum of what you were elected to do. Smh.

  7. you see that eh but up to now the MP for around Cul d sac, La Croix and Barre Denis Cannot even do nothing with the roads. Right now there are two big craters in the gap going to Barre st joseph on both lanes of the road coming from cul de sac opposite the bus stop.

  8. Casimir you fool the people sometimes you can’t fool the people all the time is that all you have to show and lay on..

  9. i tried calling him many times no pick up
    not even the phone at constituency office if anyone knows how to reach him let me know in the comment s

  10. This is where you were, when I was expecting your feed backs ?
    Enjoy !
    St Lucia 🇱🇨❤️ love’n 😍 beautiful ❗

  11. One minute Ppl don’t eat roads, next minute roads being used to gain votes. Btw Only in Lucia are roads so important for votes. I really don’t get it. If am paying Road Tax, Y should any politician make it such a Bi Achievement if my tax money is being used to rehabilitate the roads? Why is this such a Big Achievement. I really don’t get it. Maybe am the only Lucian who does not think politicians should be involved in which and how roads are prioritized for rehab, But ……….

  12. Lol..So this is what passes for representation now. Immaturity at it’s finest. Same way 4 of you had your phones out recording in parliament when you thought Chas would have been embarrassed in the house by the speaker. This is what happens when immature persons get into positions of leadership!

  13. Aa, Kenson is on island? There are no international sporting events going on? Our football players did not get an opportunity to try qualifying for World Cup, but he had no problem attending, to do what exactly? This guy will attend a sporting event for the entire duration of the event- if the event is 3 weeks, he’s there for 3 weeks, you would think he was competing, lol. Has made no progress at the ministry of youth and sport except to change it to the Kenson and Leon Hess Ensemble for former principals, students, friends, teammates and family. The photo is quite juvenile.


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