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Father Shot Dead In Vieux While Shielding His Toddler


A toddler was unhurt after a shooter opened fire on a vehicle in Vieux Fort Sunday night, killing a twenty-three-year-old man.

A family member identified the deceased as Ryan Henry.

The family member told St. Lucia Times that Henry, his step father who was the driver, and the child were in a Toyota vehicle when a masked shooter on foot opened fire and fled.

The child was in the front passenger seat with Henry.

According to the family member, Henry sought to shield his child and shoved the little girl away to the driver’s side as two gunshots rang out after 8:00 p.m. at Bruceville.

He was hit and later succumbed.

The child said to be almost two years old, was in the care of a female relative after the fatal shooting.

The male driver in the vehicle with Henry was reportedly unharmed at the time of the shooting.

Family sources told St. Lucia Times that Henry had no issues with anyone.

The matter is under investigation by the police.

Headline photo: Ryan Henry – Deceased

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  1. More and more brazen. Police, lawyers, politicians look out. Only a matter of time before they grow brave enough to make everyone a target.

  2. By all indications – demonic forces – evil, wickedness, envy, voodoo, obeah have taken over the land. Your airport is located in VF – folks be careful. Godspeed.

  3. To me all these guys who die like from violence always have the same look / image conrose raga hair, side bag, earings or long chain bike ect. or maybe its just me seeing things

  4. We all know the hotspots. We all know the targets. What we do not know are strategies we have in place to be proactive by the police. Too many times we see these police show up after the person is dead – at this point there is no urgency to the call.

    The RSS was in town a short time and for a short term resolution. It was my understanding that while the RSS was present some long term strategy and approach was being developed to combat the crimes and violence. Was just this something to keep the population quiet.

    The stop and frisk approach is still not enough. We need some long term approach to combat the crimes – Any ideas since our Minister of Security will not help us ?

  5. My observation. They all hv the same look, screw face, chain, finger, gesture, side bag, so the authorities eh really care, once the bosses get their bag of money to share and tell the guys who to vote for and they win election. They eh really care. Those of u that busy trying to make dem men in power – Care, Good Luck. If after 150 murders in 2 years there is no plan or sense of urgency or nothing being done, u expect it to happen now. Dream on and wait for the next murder and then the ” Concerned” speeches from those in authority.

  6. A mask man just walk up and shoot up the car you are riding in…….a hit (clearly) so let’s stop kidding ourselves. ‘” He had no issues with anyone” the echoed sentimental bellows (the norm). The sister or family may not have known him to ” be involved” but he was.

  7. The Decease appearance look like a 40year old individual.Parents have to be Blamed.None of them giving information to the Police on their Children Criminal Activities. Most of Mothers Put their Criminal Children First and their Care takers have no say in the House .

  8. PJP is busy figuring out ways to help Haiti whilst his house is on 🔥 fire.. why this doltish NINCOMPOOP man not giving the security job to someone resourceful…

  9. Arrest the driver… could you have a 2 year old at a front seat of a car. Yol are not fathers…..yol just like to breed girls and raise children in yol unmannerly lawless ways. What kind of father and step father will allow a 2 year old to ride at the front seat of a moving car? Mweh fahshay.

  10. The game continues. All them young kids growing up playing shooting games now manifesting in real life. They have to emulate what they play so they all have that look and do as zombies. Brainwashing all over the world. No control. They can only kill. They are being programmed

  11. George how do you know it was a car? It seems u were there… need to be arrested too….there is no law against having a child in the front seat once they are secured on an adult….geez

  12. @judge. you know I was thinking the same thing I don’t know why. cant help but think the same way .why they all look the same ? the typical look of what we would call bad man eee.

  13. @judge and @realist, you are both correct in your observations. This is called profiling. The local negros that commit crime and are part of gang elements tend to carry them selves the same way. They walk and talk the same, listen to the same music, have the same level of literacy, all wear side purses, lack father figures and were raised often by single women.

    St. Lucian men need to distance them selves from all what i have listed above, adopt a better culture and habit as our country can no longer offer this. Our culture has gone down the drain. Try listening to blues, jazz, classical, sophisticate your selves young men.

    Women please please..please keep your legs closed to men who carry them self this way, don’t have their kids, do better.

  14. @Anonymous – you make some very valid points in your post. However, I know several individuals who were raised by single women who went on to make positive contributions to society. Sometimes a father could be literally present, yet still very absent and negative when it comes to rearing – just saying in other words (good for nothing). Where there is a will, there is a way and sometimes you have to make lemonade if all you have in your possession is a lemon.
    Ex: Leonardo DiCaprio and Barrack Obama – both raised by single women

    Some of the Lucian malveetayes make excuses for their criminal behavior. Some refuse to educate themselves (allergic to school/education), but would rather resort to violence which include, gangs, guns $$$ and drugs. Some women also risk their life by going after the malveetayes $$$$$$$ – not worth it, never worth it……any association with these thugs certainly puts you and your family at risk – leave it alone.

    I believe you can bring a horse to the water – you cannot force the horse to drink.
    You can dress a pig in a tuxedo and the pig will still find the mud.
    My grandmother may she RIP used to say – “eat little and live long – don’t envy anyone, don’t follow bad company and stay out of harms way” – I live by these words to this day. Amen

  15. @ Missinformed….your name is so appropriate! BTW…you have 1 too many S’s. So that’s another problem with you young folks, you all do not read! The article, clear as a whistle states the details of the incident. Additionally and again, go read the criminal code and the motor vehicle and road traffic act! A 2 year old has no business at the front of a car….period!

  16. Before y’all jump and judge him first of all his father walk out his life got married and his stepdad took care of him from 1 year old up till this day he got killed cause his cousin is a boss and that’s they enemy an he don’t live here he just come down to come for his daughter for stup finger pointing an so much police I know that have side bags I never seen y’all judge them the same way so shout up cause we make our kids but not they mind and again people getting killed in vf for they family members to come out point blank period


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