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‘We Have To Take To The Streets!’ – UWP Announces Protest Plan


On Sunday, the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) announced it was planning to protest the government’s failed leadership and management of Saint Lucia’s affairs.

“My people, we have to take to the streets. We have to march, and we have to walk in this country, and we have to take our placards, and we have to send a strong message to the Saint Lucia Labour Party to tell them that enough is enough,” the UWP’s Nancy Charles declared.

Charles told an opposition Town Hall meeting that the UWP would soon announce the date and time for the protest.

She asserted that protest was the only language the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) understands and invited everyone impacted by the government’s mismanagement to participate.

UWP Deputy Political Leader Dominic Fedee told the meeting that Saint Lucia could not take another day of the SLP in office.

He criticised the government’s handling of the economy, including the imposition of the Health & Citizen Security levy.

“The tax is a bad idea and when we march, we must march against the tax. We must march against taxing your pockets,” the former Tourism Minister stated.

UWP Chairman Therold Prudent said the opposition would demand that the government call elections.

“We have to win the next elections. It is about Saint Lucia and the direction in which this government is taking us. We are going to demand that they ring the bell,” Prudent told UWP supporters.

And the UWP Chairman urged his audience to be ready.


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  1. I am Ready like Freddy !!! – I guess it is the only language Pierre and his administration understand. They keep on twisting the truth, insulting People’s intelligence while the cost of living keeps on the rise with no solution in sight. Come on tell the People the truth – We have been riding on a wine press – much too long. The games need to stop and they need to start to govern the country for some results or else call an election. Let the people decide. I keep on noticing they keep on setting up systems where the citizens of SLU have to keep on depending on the Government for a descent living. When this happens, they take away the freedom of the people to complain and tell the right from the wrong. The people are forced to stay quiet or face the risk of their jobs being taken away from them. The Nonsense needs to stop now….

  2. Go ahead, go right ahead!. Y’all think we forget about the march y’all had about gas prices? Did chas ever get the document to sign? Yes, the same one he said was on his desk. That one.

    Y’all think we forget since “Kenny cannot make y’all safe, I will”? The highest number of homicides occured then.

    Y’all think we forget about “we will be getting rid of vat”? Y’all removed 2.5% only to immediately place a 2.5% tax on gas.

    Y’all think we forget about “the pearl of the Caribbean”? Only to transport your geldings to Barbados and leaving us empty handed

    Y’all think we forget Chas globe trotting? He was more out than in with nothing to show for it . . . Even before COVID.

    Y’all think we forget about the Vieux-Fort lands that was sold only to backfire and Helen had to fork out more than she sold it for.

    There are more that we remember so, have your march but we will NEVA allow Chas, Guy, Cocolorum, or Spider to ever come back into the seat of power in this country. NEVA! We will do all (within the law( to ensure this never happens.

  3. All they want is to win elections. Nothing about the high food prices and the fact that gov is doing nothing about it. Yo toute c’est meme.

  4. Call election now. Wishful thinking,after your party stole so much, you’re still asking for another five years to steal more. Wait the five years will soon be over to see whether or not,we St.Lucuans,will trust your party to govern.

  5. I will support UWP only if they are coming with facts and not lies. We have heard too many untruths from UWP. Furthermore, tell us the plans Uwp has for the future if they were to win the next election.

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha AGAIN ??? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….Nancy Charles of all people ha ha ha ha ha ha. Man oh man when you have NOTHING TO DO .

  7. Flambeau could never come back in power again so it is best you all go and learn a skill to earn money no more corruption again 25 million write off for sandals , 7 Milllion for vaccines, the panama scandal , a white elephant horse racing track a box at st jude. ..

  8. I do not wear my political affiliation on my sleeve … but give Jack his jacket, the SLP is doing and trying their best. They are not the perfect political party (who is?), but one day at a time. Yes, sometimes, PJP puts his big foot in his small mouth (he is not the most eloquent in speeches), and Heliar likes to think he can “excite” the masses with his “full of holes” empty promises, as for Frederickity – he has TO GO! These folks will not remain at the helm for long, as they can easily be outsted by Joe Public for (almost) better candidates. I say give them a chance to prove themselves, as they are still stumbling (they are in the “storming stage” of their governance), but picking themselves up as they go along. Already, they have put good people to run important departments – but they still need band-aids and medications to come out right. If the tables were turned: SLP would be the ones demanding we take to the streets – that’s what opposition parties do!! Me? I’m staying home sipping my tea …

  9. Less than two and half years is all it took the “Le barre” Government to tear down, and destroyed a strong and vibrant economy retarding the country years of development.
    They inherited a strong economic platform and reduced it the point where we must sell out ports and prime properties to meet our obligations.Every development they criticized in opposition,now in Government they embraces and takes credit.They are yet conceptualize nor implement an original project. Time for “Le barre” to demit Government.

  10. @Ras clayton … I hope your comment was meant to be sarcastic!! SLU is doomed with silly politics and even sillier politicians. Pot calling kettle black!

  11. There is no need for any march. Simply Bring out the facts. Get stats. Ppl like me read for myself. Lucia hv intelligent ppl who are not red nor yellow. I hv voted both sides and right nw, am baffled that a govt would raise bus fares, and add another tax on me. Things dead in ah de country, to be honest the place dead. The new ones i thought that would be different hv come and doing the same thing.
    Contracts to supporters to cut grass
    Design Finnace Build contracts to build roads where supporters live
    After so many millions spent on roads in the last 10 yrs the CGRI Hwy cannot get fixed as i guess it does not lead to anyone private house.
    No march bring out the figures on Economic growth, tourist arrivals, unemployment, prices of goods, high school dropouts, crime etc. and let me judge the current govt.

  12. @ The Lucian Patriot. Please provide the evidence of what you are purporting about the economy or else this is just conjecture. Now, don’t just tell me “go to the super markets”. The government does not own a supermarket. Chas father does. Ask him to lower the prices. Also, if you want lower prices, open your own supermarket to compete with Chas. So, we need real evidence.

  13. Yikes!!

    There are many reasons why the opposition may be calling for an early election, even though the government is only two years and ‘then some’ months into its 5-year term. For instance, the opposition may believe that the government is unpopular right now due to scandal, controversy, or its handling of major issues like crime. I think what Nancy Charles is hinting at is that the opposition sees an opportunity to capitalize on the government’s weaknesses and try to take power.

    Although the economy is not headed toward recession (statistically), the opposition can argue the government’s policies are failing, and they could do better. The current inflation rate is about 6.38% higher this year than in 2021. On the flip side, the IMF forecasts the Saint Lucian economy to grow by 3.0% by the end of 2023 (the average for the Caribbean). The East Caribbean Central Bank reports that the government debt of Saint Lucia is 85.6% of GDP. The World Bank estimates that the public debt-to-GDP ratio 2022 was 79.9%. In 2022, the economy grew by 14.8%. But, metrics like GDP do not capture critical quality of life factors like leisure time, social cohesion, security, environmental quality, etc.

    During the tenure of the UWP, inflation never rose more than half a percentage point. Prices are higher, and they can capitalize on that. They may believe there have been shifts in public opinion. They may have even conducted a poll or two (but good polls are costly).

    Maybe a talk show or two? But there are potential dangers for the opposition if they get most of their perspective by listening to the same callers on an anti-government talk show. They may get a skewed view of public opinion that is not reflective of the broader population. Regular callers likely represent more extreme or fringe viewpoints (like on Newspin with Tim). It can create an echo chamber where they hear the same complaints repeatedly but do not get exposed to nuanced or alternate takes. This can reinforce biases. The opposition may assume these vocal callers represent a larger share of the population than they actually do. They could overestimate the extent of anti-government sentiment. To avoid these dangers, the opposition would benefit from broader outreach and civic engagement beyond radio talk shows. So, to avoid these dangers, the opposition would benefit from broader outreach and civic engagement beyond radio talk shows, and the protest may be one of those civic engagement efforts.

    I don’t think elections will or should be called any time before the SLP accomplishes its manifesto goals. But protest or not, it makes good politics. Also, I have noticed that the UWP members are pushing their leader and his policies more than sound national policies. There are a few potential dangers if the opposition party continues with the same leader after losing soundly. It suggests the party has failed to reflect on the reasons for its defeat. Simply presenting the same leader indicates no lessons have been learned and no accountability for the loss.

    I will not be joining the protest, but I will be listening.

  14. @Ras Clayton I agree with you, but more than 20 years rather 30 years.
    The government is doing a good job, youth empowerment, health, education, human resources etc. I used to support UWP not with all dem thieves and jokers that’s there now.
    UWP needs to tell us about the Panama account etc. They trying to derailed the government with that March but it won’t work.
    Mr PM time is running out for the special prosecution, it’s about time Guy, Chastanet Spider and others take in for questioning, charged etc. Nonsense, rubbish, you all thief.

  15. My my my. How fast to call take to the streets. Which Lucian in their right mind will finish their shoes because Nancy Charles, U.W.P crying wolf. A good pair of shoes costs hundreds, people cannot even afford. Stop that political nonsense of demonstrating. Give us st.lucians a reasonable strategy to curb efforts to reduce our livelihood here, tell us Lucians how you, (UWP administration) have planned to invest in Healthcare, Human Resources to develop st. Lucia. STOP taking Lucians for papi show calling for demonstrations. Chupps. Education is important no doubt however common sense saves more lives.
    If that’s the plan UWP have to bring for our vote, it’s better we understand that all countries place tax on its citizen to foster economic growth. Smh.

  16. I want all my fellow youths all those who are unemployed because of those slps bad decision to stop so many projects come out uwp all the way

  17. @Hot skull the people of VF still have to travel to Casties to get their documents processed who stopped the building in vf the hospital for three years. Six years in office not one hotel built and by the way not everyone can work construction which usually last about a few months at a time. Most if not all persons want to work for and extended period of time.

  18. Shut up, sit down and let the government do what they doing which is what you never did-look after the people. Just because they discovered your secret account in Panana and got a photo of you’ll going to get it on Vol-Air you’ll want to distract us!!

  19. Like the UWP had not done enough damage to St. Lucia during their reign of terror from 2016 to 2021, you bunch od opportunistic charlatans. What the hell do you know about economics? All you do is repeat the same old mantra, “The economy is doing poorly.” You had five years to create St. Lucia in your own image instead you saddled the country with debt, corruption, and highway robbery. Do you, UWP guys, have no shame?

    Do not compare PJP to the Almighty but to the alternative. The alternative, Allen Chastanet, is a spendthrift who doesn’t give a damn about St. Lucia and its people. He wants to be at the helm of St. Lucia’s politics and nothing else.

  20. I will say it again and again.
    Sith those two at the helm of UWP there is no hope.
    Lucians will never forget…


  21. Honestly I voted slp because I was made to believe that there were thieves in the uwp camp, and I longed to see anyone who has defrauded this country in jail. I still don’t trust the uwp but all I am hearing from slp is accusations, for my sake convict them for stealing and lock them up or stop with the stealing rumors if it cannot be proven.

  22. The truth is, the opposition realizes that the ST JUDES hospital will be completed before elections are due, which will guarantee LABA a victory. They have no plans of substance, so they are relying on playing games. It worked the last time, but the masses realized that they were played. Expect the opposition to try all kind of things to give them an edge. Five did not keep us alive, except those who looted the treasury. Enough is enough.

  23. I tired of these accusations, Panama account,volair,Guy is a thief, Chas is a thief,.if these accusations are true prove it and bring the truth to light, and the perpetrators to justice lock them up or shut up. I believed the rumors and the slp promise to jail them, but after 2 years nothing has happened. If a ruling party have the evidence to get these guys locked up and all they do is talk, it is either one of two things. It is that they cannot prove what they are claiming or they are all part of the same thieving club.

  24. Nancy you want money ….why don’t you Match with you pigs from Grace to the point of consideration.

  25. I wish that St.lucians had the ability to approach political matters critically, without biases. We seem to support our party and demonise the other party no matter what.

    How can anyone say the St.lucia is thriving under SLP, not unless they’re getting direct benefits. St.lucians have been reduced to beggars, I walk the streets of Castries, and I’m shocked at the number of people asking for handouts.

    Feel the pulse of our nation, it is weak, we’re dying. If we deceive ourselves into believing all is well, we will never strive for better.

    Further, The SLP supporters live in a echo chamber, Frederick yells “panama” they all reply “panama” not even understanding the issue. Even when an explanation is given, they still panama-ing. Wake up people, this is not about party loyalty, its about the growth and development of our country. I honestly think (trying to be as unbiased as possible) that Allen Chastenent or a visionary like himself is the type of leader we need at this time.

  26. Re Article, Most of the ones proposing the so-called match, are broke and wants another Freeride..
    The worst part is They no plans nor visions.
    Pure bovine excrement..
    The workers needs better wages that the current slave wages..Inject the flow of Money to avoid more catastrophic events, including the pre planned match..
    I endorse my thoughts and observations..

  27. Stinger cry yourself to sleep, because you hungry and there’s no more money in the uncle Chas and that Guy kitty grass growing on that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. @Stinger cry yourself to sleep, because you hungry and there’s no more money in your uncle Chas and that Guy kitty, grass growing on that not even fresh start can cut that. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. The time to take the steets back has already pass what needs to be done is go after the criminal minds and their bosses take away all their wealth that they cannot prove was accuired legally and send their behind str8 to prison
    I know the government knows who these people are
    plus when caught with illegal firearms in oder to get bail you must agree to wear an ankle braslet and speed up the court system to deal with the backlog of cases 1 too many criminal minds out there walking amoung people and on bail just to go back and commit more crimes

  30. “@ Sumo October 3, 2023 At 5:20 am

    I wish that St.lucians had the ability to approach political matters critically, without biases. We seem to support our party and demonise the other party no matter what. ”

    That’s why I never vote in this shithole. Too many stupid people have a vote. They fail to see the bigger picture and just care about the immediate benefit to themselves or some misplaced and quite baffling tribal allegiance. Meanwhile they too dumb to see that taxes going up in their behinds. Roads not being fixed meaning higher cost of maintaining a vehicle. A hospital can’t be built after 12 years. NIC going broke meaning increasing retirement ages. No enforcement of laws. Young ones not working which will lead to the eventual failure of NIC. This place is a circus masquerading as a country. Only a matter of time before it all falls down.

  31. All I need to know is for the UWP to tell the nation the changes they will bring to the nation if they were to win.
    1. Will they remove the 50 scholarships?
    2. Will they stop the payment of CXC for students?
    3. Will they stop the facility fees?
    4. Will they stop the $600 for pensioners?

    Let me hear what Spider has to say about this.

  32. The secret things belongs to the LORD, since no man knows the heart 😈of man-Says the LORD, “judgement ⚖️is mine”.
    Their thoughts are now accusing and condeming themselves…
    Eversince they have been ⚖️ condemn bye bye the very own words of their mouths and consequences are now accusing,even defending themselves…

    How true it is that God does not accepts or show favoritisme, but accepts man to do what is right…
    Things that are excellent and profitable, for everyone to have a good return for their hard work ‘ Acheive :
    Love ❤️⚖️ justice ❗
    Sincere : Be loyal (solennel généreux ambitieux courageux héroïque…


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