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‘Nobody Is Safe’ – Wheelchair User Kevin Jean Baptiste Attacked At His Home


Wheelchair user Kevin Jean Baptiste had to seek medical attention after a man attacked him at his Castries home Friday night.

The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities said it was heartbroken over the ‘brutal, malicious attack’ on its Public Relations Officer.

In a statement, the Council recalled that Jean Baptiste had complained many times to the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) and the police department about being ‘terrorised’ by bar patrons next to his CDC apartment.

“His life has been made miserable by their non-adherence to ‘No Smoking’ signs, which adversely affects residents with respiratory issues,” the organisation stated.

According to the Council, being off his wheelchair and crawling on his knees did not prevent a heartless, violent bar patron from spilling his drink on Kevin and punching him repeatedly in his face for asserting his right to live in peace in his own home, free of cigarette fumes.

Jean Baptiste, a member of the Take Over Tent,  told St. Lucia Times that the attack occurred Friday night after 8:00 p.m.

He explained that because of problems with insects, he usually sprayed his apartment before retiring for the night.

“After spraying the apartment, I heard somebody knocking, banging on the door,” the Council Public Relations Officer said.

Jean Baptiste revealed that he was on the phone with a CCC Inspector, asked whether he could hear the banging on the door, and learned that the official would send officers over.

Jean Baptiste said when he opened his door, a man, identified as a bar patron, started cursing him.

“He threw his drink in my face, came into my apartment and started knocking me down,” Jean Baptiste told St. Lucia Times.

“My glasses broke, my face burst. I got stitches at the bottom of my lip. My front tooth went inside. Right now it is resting on the back of my gum,” the victim noted.

He said he now has to extract the tooth.

The thirty-two-year-old reported the matter to the police and received medical attention at the OKEU Hospital.

Jean Baptiste told St. Lucia Times that he had no prior issues with his attacker.

He said the night of the attack was the first time he saw the individual.

“Nobody is safe. Not even in your home, not on the road, not in the church,” Jean Baptiste declared regarding the incident.

The National Council of and for People with Disabilities condemned the attack and violence in all its forms.

“In this environment of senseless violence and killings, we are extremely thankful that worse was not done to Kevin,” the Council said.

In condemning the attacker’s action, the organisation also voiced its support for Jean Baptiste and all victims in their quest for justice.

Headline photo: Kevin Jn Baptiste being interviewed by Hot 7 Television (File image)


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  1. Nobody is safe in this island we have a situation where young boys from the age of 12 are dropping out of secondary school some are in prison for murder from the age of 12 they are already on the block drinking alcohol smoking weed and crack cocaine, their parent have no control over them even stealing from the farms of hard working farmers their parent are even worst as most of them lack education and skills poverty is escalating every day …

  2. Nobody is safe in this island we have a situation where young boys from the age of 12 are dropping out of secondary school some are in prison for murder from the age of 12 they are already on the block drinking alcohol smoking weed and crack cocaine, their parent have no control over them even stealing from the farms of hard working farmers their parent are even worst as most of them lack education and skills poverty is escalating every day …

  3. yes in did it will all come to an end one of these days but before that the worst is yet to come. satan is taking over people’s mind and it’s not a joke. we have given the devil control over our lives people are demond posses .some worshipping the devil for material things they sacrifice their own for power and possession now we have to pay before it all comes to and end

  4. This individual who attacked a helpless person for standing up for their rights has to be sick, and powerless, and will one day pick on the wrong person and won’t be able to handle the fire and Brimstone coming his way. What a cowardly act!

  5. @ #fox. Exactly.
    The Venezuelans are coming and we’re should do everything we’re can to let them stay in their country please or they can go to Trinidad of they can accommodate them. We are I’ll equipped to deal with our own issues farless what they could and will bring here. Ask Trinidad what going on there now.

  6. Crime levels is just one more indicator of the unmitigated incompetence and cluelessness of the SLP.
    Unfortunately it has now gone way beyond this obvious scenario.
    The recent developments and exposure of certain actions by the SLP shows that there is total corruption and gangsterism coming out of that party.
    From the promotion of vulgar individuals with many instances of questionable behaviour within the administration, to interference with judicial matters, to clearcut bobol with government assets, to family and friends over the citizens, to a complete lack of a moral code, to complete lack of empathy for economically suffering Lucians , it is very clear that we are at the bottom of the barrel with the characters running St Lucia.
    The evil we see in the corridors of power we thought only came from drug infested ghettos or Idi Amin type Third World countries. Instead it is right in our doorstep emanating from Marchand and Castries central castries North castries South Laborie VF North and south. And it is the gall and hubris with which they carry on like Mafia gangsters in Cuba of the 1950s.

    Well every dog has their day but it is a pity these rabid dogs are mauling suffering Lucians while they carry on with the plundering of our fast disappearing prosperity.

  7. Quite unfortunate, since a report was made and the helpless guy has scars to prove the attack, I hope the perpetrator is made to feel the full extent of the law. Whose side are you standing on this time miss Mary Francis?

  8. That’s what happens when you put bars under people’s homes. You will always have conflict. These uses cannot co-exist. Blame National Housing Corporation and CCC for this wheelchair bound individual being assaulted in his home.

  9. Folks, our country has been lost since 1997 when PM Kenny Davis Anthony took over. The shocking fact which most people do not realize is the homicide rate in 1996 was 8 per year and that increased to 40 per year by 2002. This represents a 400% increase. Similarly the Debt to GDP Ratio increased astronomically in that same period to little benefit for the country. The SLP government has be in power for 4 of the last 6 terms, they are responsible. You can find these facts with a simple google search, please go make yourself wiser.

  10. Sadly, we have reached the lowest of low. Many of us lack morality. I hope this person is caught, tried ,,convicted and severely punished. Just recently, in one of the bigger islands, a student was falling, so he grabbed on to another student to prevent himself from falling. The student in turn beat the falling student to near death. Instead of acting like our Savior, some of us are acting like savages.

  11. This incident is unacceptable but WHY OPEN YOUR DOOR IF YOU’RE NOT EXPECTING ANYONE??? Mr if the evil man had a gun it could’ve been worse shame on evil people committing crimes in st Lucia

  12. Sigh are you trying to refute provable data or your just upset that your politicians are responsible for this?

  13. This poor man needs a go fund me page for his glasses that cost over 500S and his OKEHU bills Smh someone saw somethin an saw someone…u know this Weasley little insecure d..khead making noise about his devilish behavior, call 555!!! ….come on now! Represent for 758****
    Also at Anin spot on but I got to say the ambulance bills removed and lots of new Equipment for EMS and Fire Departments is satisfying…. I’m not happy about the Hyatt in Casenbas and where are you’re 4 Govt condos going in Casenbas RF?… are you goin to print this STLT bc last several times I posted about Cabot u not posting it and u posting much worse shieet than what I sayin’ smph

  14. @Oh Really and @Anin. What does politics have to do with an idiot attacking the gentleman at his home. Politicising everything. So the current administration that send the individual to attack him. Following political parties blindly in the hope that you’ll get the crumbs of the crumbs. That’s why the country stagnant. Because politicians have realized that they can get away with doing bare minimum, and enrich themselves because the populace is more focused on which party is better than the other, when the truth is both have failed this country. None not good.

  15. We alwasy say don’t blame politicians but i will always blame them. The culture of drinking and behaving disorderly is a reflection of govt policy. Yrs ago govt pass a law about smoking in public places. What did they put in to educate ppl on that law and empower the police. The law speaks about loud amplified music. Bars, vehicles are a constant nuisance. It’s a fete culture. Look at what happened on Chaussee rd on Friday, Bachanaal that affected children going to school. Look at how vex and angry those politicians are when they in the house. Same with our population now. COmpton and Odlum and Hunte used to talk verbally as friends, but the crop we hv now Hate each other and no wwe Lucians begining to Hate each other too.

  16. @WOW, completely agree with you. Only a fool would say politicians and our leaders are the ones committing these types of crimes. But INDIRECTLY they are the ones causing these things to happen with their policies and lack of good governance. Calling me a hack does nothing to me, so while people continue with their RED and YELLOW nonsense the country will continue descending into hell. These same people like to blame Chas for the problems in the country ignoring the fact that Chas was only there for 5 years while the SLP (Kenny and Pierre) have been there since 1997, what have they done in those 26 years to turn the tide ?

  17. I don’t know what the hell politics has to do with this is beyond me, beyond anybody with common sense. SLP UWP we love our rum that’s the kind of people we are we are, very united on that front. Some people seem worried Venezuelans coming here, Coming here for ?? To do what ?? This is not the land of milk and honey, not even Guyanese coming here like that anymore if they were coming here they would have been here a long time ago St Lucia has tourist not migrants. The only times Venezuelans come here you know for what, is to collect on the debt on a purchase product that’s was not paid for.

  18. Its just pure hypocrasy to comment here and speak and pretend that we cant see or know the cause of all this shit. We blame party and person for whats happening and still show partisan. All this boils down to our attitude towards each other and the disciplinary fabric. We blowing hot air on all issues except discipline. Currently whats our status or attitude towards disciplining young people?
    Coporal punishment?
    The modern day parent and international society sees all these as CHILD ABUSE, even the laws uphold some antidiscipline positions on children.
    We adopt some foreign crap on the way to deal with our people and now the fruits are falling and we cant do nothing much about it.
    Human Rights activist here deal with the rights of criminals against the state but barely when criminal go against the citizenry. Whats going on?
    We as the populace can determine what we accept and reject. Lets grow some balls and stand up for whats right.
    We aid, harbour and abet. Lets switch gears and see if shit wont be sorted.

    Anin and Oreally it seems like you both have been sleeping on one side for too long. These bed sores are huge. Turn, move around there is more to learn.
    Be mindful, politics and everything that comes with it is just a big show. No one hates anyone. The psycology of it works well on the masses. STOP being prey.

  19. Satan 🐍 acting in 😈man !
    May ⚖️ justice hold him responsable,and pay for health damages due to his cruel 😈 act !!

  20. We have high youth unemployment, we lack a proper justice system, we have low crime detection and conviction. Who is responsible for all of those things ?

  21. you must have spray your insecticide on the man while trying to get raid on the blood suckers from inside your dwelling area. We have alot in politics too…


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