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UWP Says ‘Uncaring Government’ Not Listening, So It’s Time To Take To The Streets


The United Workers Party has issued a resounding call for citizen action and protest.

After a series of Town Hall Meetings from Babonneau in the North to Soufriere in the West and Vieux Fort in the south, a protest march is scheduled for Saturday, 14 October from 3:30 pm, starting at the Windward and Leeward Brewery Gap to the St. Jude Hospital in Augier, to be followed by a Public Meeting nearby, at Cantonement playing field.  

It was very clear from the speakers and community leaders at the various Town Hall Meetings that Saint Lucia is in trouble and that we need to rescue it from the gross mismanagement, corrupt and uncaring government of the Labour Party.

Saint Lucians have indicated that they cannot continue to live under the hardships of the high cost of living including increases in bread, bus fares, food prices nor can they continue to pay the highest price for fuel ever in the history of the country.

The citizens are concerned about the continued upsurge of crime, the lack of healthcare, victimization by public officials, corruption, and the still unfinished St. Jude hospital.

The government borrowed $200 million for the St. Jude project, including the refurbishment of the eighty (80) year-old, dilapidated Old St. Jude with a completion time of two (2) years while the new, modern, state of the art structure with a completion time of six (6) months at a cost of $ 50 million remains unfinished and abandoned.  

This uncaring government is not listening. It is time to take to the streets and let our voices be heard.

The UWP calls on all citizens to join the march and public meeting. Together we can rescue Saint Lucia.

Let us speak in one voice to ensure we receive the hospital we rightfully deserve. 

SOURCE: United Workers Party. Headline photo: Stock image of UWP protest in November 2022.

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  1. Saint Lucia belongs to both uwp and slp at my age I never seen and administration like this pjp administration..people are in misery slp crying more than uwp

  2. That hospital should be entering into the Guinness book of world record. As a matter of fact i might write to them

  3. The pary who stopped construction on the hospital for THREE years has issued a resounding call for citizen action and protest, state of these clowns

  4. I think you guy should use that energy to take to the streets to match against violence and crime in st Lucia. that will be more meaningful

  5. Url should keep quiet. Flambeau moving the wax in their eyes and want to put it in labour eyes. Url forget too quickly. Can at least 20 young persons tell me what they achieve under Flambeau in their tenure, each of the 20 give me 1 achievement. I’m waiting. I want evidence to match what url say. Foolishness alone.

  6. UWP is just employing an old, tired and overplayed political tactic by calling march in Vieux Fort. They need to face bus drivers to address increase in bus fares. The whole western world has seen price increases. There is only so much the SLP can do hold down prices. UWP should be encouraging farming to reduce dependence on foreign imports of food. SLP has demonstrated caring with universal healthcare, increase investment in security, loss of income support and more. St .Judes will be finally completed under this administration. UWP is just trying to gain traction. There is no need for a protest march.

  7. GG, please clarify these for St. Lucians. What did Chas do with the 863 million dollars he borrowed? How many passports did he sell during his reign? Why did he sent54 million dollars to Panama? Why did he give away 7 million dollars for vaccine and we are yet to receive it? When these are clarified I will take part in the March.

  8. Dont worry folks. Big Steve arranging for cheap bitumen and stones from their dictator friend in Venezuela to fill potholes they blame on UWP!

  9. Chas tell the nation what your policies are. I visited a friend at Morne Ciseau and I spoke with Brother B he made it clear that Fedee did not do anything for Morne Ciseeau during the 5 years he was in power. Not even the field he refurbished. Shame on you Fedee.

  10. I wish St Lucians were able to protest during COVID when we were starving and you money were given money for us to eat. Chas and he mongoose gang said “we not giving any “money” in their hands”. says Teething Guy.De ban san Honte. Now you care.

  11. Protesting is a form of expression but my question is how can effect the changes needed to held politicians accountable for their behavior and actions. Few years ago I said leaders are born, criminals can just drop off from a plumb tree, corruption is like corrosion it eats away at anything it gets. Do we have anyone who can genuinely lead this banana republic to a more productive and self sustanance course and we can build on that, rather than recycling corrupted individual and foster criminals?

  12. Both parties have failed st Lucia. It is almost 25 years, none of the parties cant built a hospital that the Americans built in a few months., 70 years ago. And u all expect those same set of fellas to grow, the economy, increase employment, add will not happen under the UWP or SLP. They are not capable. They only using at Lucia name to borrow money and find ways to pocket it. They are corrupt clowns. Castries look the same way it was 30 years ago, vieux fort is a ghost town, it never was so bad in the 1990,s. It used to have people and business. These things happen because of no policies from labour or flambeau. None can do the job. In fact, we should fire every politician and let the country run. Cause they are not doing anything.

  13. That’s not my Job
    This is the story about four people named..
    Everybody,Somebody,Anybody,and Nobody…
    There was an important Job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it..
    Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did..
    Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody’s Job..
    Everybody thaught Anybody could do it, but Nobody (realised that Everybody would do it..
    It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Nobody could have done..
    Who are you ???
    Everybody ?
    Somebody ?
    Anybody ?
    Or Nobody ❓


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