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St. Joseph’s Convent, District Three Counsellors End Successful Parenting Seminar


The first installment of the Parenting Seminar Series, organized by the Board of Management of the St. Joseph’s Convent Secondary School and District Three Counsellors, exceeded expectations.

That’s according to Sister Rufina Donat, Principal of the St. Joseph’s Convent, who was encouraged by the overwhelming support received from both students and parents of District Three.

“This is one of many proactive strategies we’ve undertaken to educate parents about potential risks in the digital realm and those protective measures that can be adopted to mitigate and even avoid these dangers. We are pleased that over two hundred parents attended our virtual seminar and close to one hundred participated in our face-to-face meeting. The Principal noted, that the success of this Seminar Series would not have been possible without support garnered from corporate brands like Republic Bank, LUCELEC, UNESCO National Commission in St. Lucia, Digicel, FICS, Massy Stores, Deeds Driven Dads and Exelsign Ltd. The backing of the Ministries of Education and Finance is also a true testament to the value placed on this initiative.

“This level of interest,” she noted, “is indicative of the growing awareness among parents and corporate St. Lucia about the need to address the impact of technology on traditional parenting.”

She further remarked that the students’ seminars were an eye-opener for both the teaching staff and parents as these underscored the importance of staying abreast of this rapidly evolving digital landscape and why it is imperative to continuously educate all parties involved in the holistic development of our youth.

International presenter and former Football Coach, Stevan Lynn of Deeds Driven Dads was heartened by the responses and noted that this Parenting Seminar Series is not just about addressing issues but more so about building a collaborative community that actively engages with the evolving needs of parenting in a digital age.

The other presenters including Education and IT Professionals Jaqueline Holden-Hunte of TeachTech, Bernice Lewis of Joie Innovative Learning Solutions, and Anna-Kaye Boodho of Orbtronix, all agree that expanding this initiative to include other forms is a wise move, as it recognizes that each stage of a student’s development comes with its own set of challenges.

While Bocage Secondary School, Entrepot Secondary School, Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary, and St. Joseph’s Convent were the first beneficiaries of this event, the ripple effect of this programme extending to other school districts is promising. District Three Counselors Lea St. Helen-Phulgence, Lynn Paul (SJC), Michelle Best (LHCSS), Lorina Augustin (Bocage), and Andrea-Jolie-Louisy (Entrepot), as well as Series Moderator Tracy Pilgrim-George, all concur that the Parenting Seminars demonstrate a broader recognition of the shared responsibility in preparing the island’s younger generation for a digital future.

The creation of a shared, common space for interaction and learning was one of the key objectives met as part of this exercise. The concept went beyond the traditional top-down approach to education and invited active participation and collaboration from both parents and students. While not entirely new, the idea of learning from one another created a dynamic exchange of experiences, insights, and best practices. The consensus among parents is one of excitement to see how this community-based approach will evolve over time.

The inaugural Parenting in a Digital Technology Age Seminar is a commendable effort toward building a resilient and digitally literate community.

The organisers are buoyed by this initial experience and anticipate even greater participation in such a forward-thinking and inclusive approach to parenting as the Seminars continue in the ensuing months.

SOURCE: St Joseph’s Convent Secondary School 

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  1. Please advise CCSS principal on your success. The principal at that school doges key issues with regards to the usage of cell phones, the teachers (some) boldly telling students regardless of what you do i don’t care i’m getting paid. Students in all forms are pimping girl child numbers to older men and other friends when they are unsuccessful in their agenda. Several letters written was ducted under the table and to story continues, imagine girl child and fighting other peers in that school for bfs. Just think of how soon that school will go to rags just now. In the office big sign up NO Cell Phones but they are 100’s on compound, during class sessions students are online etc. Yet above all the school couldn’t produce end of term reports in the digital age but when it was manual it was done few days before end of term. I am a parent of a form 3 kid, contemplating to move to private school.


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