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SLP Calls For Retraction, Apology Over Chastanet’s ‘Slavery’ Remarks


On Thursday, October 12th during a live broadcast show hosted by the Chairman of the UWP, Therold Prudent, the Leader of the United Workers Party, Hon. Allen Chastanet, called for public flogging of a 100% Black Cabinet of Ministers, comprising of both men and women.

When asked about the SLP’s performance in government, Allen Chastanet exclaimed, “They should be publicly flogged for what they are doing,” calling for a breach of Article 5 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states, “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

The Saint Lucia Labour Party is appalled that yet again, the former Prime Minister continues to showcase the mindset of a slavemaster, as citizens of Saint Lucia are continuously reminded of their enslaved past.

It was this same member, during his time as Prime Minister, who claimed that “colonialization had a conscience”, whose father built and owns a building known as “Colony House” where the Police Traffic Department was moved to under his administration.

Will Allen Chastanet flog his children or his friends? Or, is that reserved only for Black people and supporters of the Labour Party? The SLP reminds the Leader of the Opposition that as recent as 16th December 2022, United Nations experts were deeply aggrieved that flogging went on in certain countries and called on the organisations involved to halt immediately, all forms of torturous, cruel and degrading forms of punishments.

The SLP demands that Allen Chastanet issues an immediate retraction and apology and that the United Workers Party distances itself from a leader who adopts this colonial mindset in 2023.

SOURCE: Saint Lucia Labour Party

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  1. Seriously! With all the effing crime in this place. With a hospital unfinished after 12 years. Roads utterly deplorable. And a litany of dysfunction. This is how SLP is trying to spin this? This is why I never vote. A bunch of unintelligent morons representing the people. I can’t be represented by idiocy.

  2. Mr. Chastanet’s comment on public flogging for cabinet members is insensitive and concerning. This brings back the horrors of the historical past. He is literally calling for a public lynching. This is coming from a privileged elitist. I am not alleging that the former Prime Minister is racist but that kind of language is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. He definitely needs racial/cultural sensitivity training. It scares me that our opposition leader is displaying such disrespect and condescending attitude towards the leaders of our government. He needs to stick to the issues and defend his record or lack there of.

  3. Choooooopse. Years ago I remember St. Lucians calling for criminals to get cat o nine and bullpistle on the square. The Labour party are hypocrites. Didn’t they change the constitution to deny the people a democratic referendum on the CCJ. They believe that the CCJ would hang those directed by the government. Meanwhile maybe a massive drug dealer, murderer and money launderer in political is being fed information on the citizenry by the police. The SLP could be considered a bunch of reprobates. Racist, narcissistic and a true representation of champagne socialists.

  4. To the UWP supporters, I understand your personal loyalty, and I understand the depths of friendships, but sometimes somebody needs to take a stand here, against your leader who is trying to further divide the country on the basis of race and promote the evils of white supremacy. You have to be thoughtful yet firm and hold your leader responsible for defying objective reality. Certain utterances in the public square are not acceptable to people of African descent and “flogging” is one of them. Similarly, using the phrase “gas chamber” to a Jewish person is offensive.
    If you listen to Allen Chastanet you will immediately note that he is woefully ignorant, or feigning ignorance, about Black issues. Mr. Chastanet had the temerity to exceptionally articulate that “colonization had a conscience.” Despite his confident delivery in disparaging Black people, a great deal of what he says makes no sense whatsoever. In addition, he is prone to denying his own words.

  5. Its rather fortunate for St. Lucians that this man cannot hide his true colours.
    But yet we associate politically with him.

    St. Lucians wake up!!!

  6. The Labor party should be ashamed of themselves,Hon.Chastanet said nothing wrong.The labor party has been using race as a bait to fool the so called less conscious people of St.Lucia.One does not have to be a descendent of an indentured servant/Indian Looshan or an enslaved person/African Looshan to use the word “Flogging”.All people use to flog their children and others even to this day.The labor party should be very alarmed at the little black boys killing each other.The very religion that you follow is of european origin,created to dominate the world by what ever means.Stop that race rubbish in St.Lucia.Focus on developing St.Lucia economically and socially,

  7. Why is it that everything have to be about race for SLP everybody in Sy Lucia black. If you guys were governing properly there would be no need for deflecting and making everything racial. Such a shame just do the job you were place there to do.

  8. Lest we forget this politician Allen Chastanet is a power-hungry man who broke the law so he could help his buddies.

  9. This statement is quite useless and isn’t worth the read. I believe we can do better in terms of our communication. If this was written by a communication specialist, he/she should be fired.

  10. Chas, I hope you never retract the statement. Tell those SLP their interpretation tactics do not work and will not work. I am a black and I understand slavery. This statement has nothing to do with slavery. SLP always seem to talk to the low IQ people of SLU. They need to start to elevate the people instead make them stupid with their nonesense. It is like a black person can call you Nigger but if someone who looks different says it then they spin it with a different meaning. Stop the nonesense and focus on real issues

  11. “They should be publicly flogged for what they are doing,” To me that is petty. When i 1st heard that i took it to mean BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. Like hv them sit at a table each with a mike and the public demand answers to the many questions they have, that’s what it meant to me, but Whaaahhhh.
    Can there be a focus from the govt of the day to help restore the Club Structure so that yutes can be meaningfully engaged on afternoons after school. ? For once lv Chas alone. Like Grow Up and Plz hv a conscience.

  12. “They should be publicly flogged for what they are doing,” This i read and took it to mean HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. I took it in the sense of have all of them including senators it down on a table in public and be made to answer the questions that we the public have. Like seriously. To me that is stooping too low to turn this thing into race. slavery thing- smh like seriously.

  13. SMH, Lucians don’t follow those guys and their narrow minded thinking.
    1. CUT GRASS BY THE ROAD SIDE (tomorrow Sunday look out for them on the roadside)
    2. MAJOR CONTRACTS TO THE FOREIGNERS (CGRI Hwy, ECR =All were foreigners)
    3, TAKE YOUR ASSETS AND GV THEM TO THE RICH (Seabed, secure loan for Rocahmel)
    Think Carefully and always remember those who speak loudly and plenty and are politicians are just trying to cloud your judgement. Think for yourself.

  14. Anonymous October 14, 2023 At 2:16 pm
    “They should be publicly flogged for what they are doing,”

    Thank you. Only a moron/party hack would read it as anything else.

  15. We all got flogged by our parents growing up, does that make them slave masters. Y’all always pull the race card when it comes to Chastanet.

  16. ” They should be publicly lynched for what they are doing.” This reveals the mentality of an elitist , backward, authoritarian personality.

  17. The persons involved in the murder of Baje, Gobat and the Clarkes should be flogged and then hanged.


  19. As someone who has no interest in politics, you guys are aware that the Chastanets are former slave owners right!

  20. Bob Marley said to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our mind.
    But I can see our minds are not free.Every time someone of a different colour to us makes a flogging statement our little mind go straight to slavery.I can bet you that if pjp or anyone in his government made such statements it would be ok.Slp is betting on our ignorance to spin a simple statement into something that will make them look good.I may not be as smart as many of them but I am no fool.i have a brain that functions very well.and know shit when I see it.

  21. Reasons I said next time we vote for NGP. No affiliation here. But we need to take a stand and reject both SLP and UWP. Both parties were given many chances and yet they are stupidly wise. Clowns on both sides and still the get votes in. NGP wakeup. No weed! LMFAO

  22. If the master’s house caught on fire, the house Negro would fight harder to put the blaze out than the master would.

  23. Blah blah blah alone. We are all slaves to our employers . Just that we get a salary to
    Fool us so that they get what they want
    Thousands of us go to work stressed out
    Daily because we don’t know what tomorrow brings. Some of these employers are unforgiving: Slave Masters. And please leave Chas alone. He has worked too hard to make this Country and us outstanding. Just think of Covid. Grade A+ for the way it was handled. And this is just one.

  24. Race baiting at its finest. Disappointed with the SLP on this one, instead of coming out with an intelligent response and defending their record, this is what they came up with. At this point neither party thinks very highly about the intelligence of the Lucian public… maybe they’re right. What this country has become disgust me.

  25. An Israeli is my boss, and I work alongside British, Haitians, Jamaicans, Americans, Canadians, Turks and Caicos islanders, Filipinos, and fellow St Lucians. At no time do I think of nationality and color when I interact with anyone.
    I am also the same complexion as our prime minister. He should be flogged due to his performance as Prime Minster.
    If anyone wants to take this statement literally, to hell with them.
    I am underscoring how bad his performance is as prime minister.

  26. Greatest reach ever to equate the man’s comments related to punishment for a dismal performance to slavery.. Wow! Heal Labour Party, Heal. You guys are sick!

  27. To paraphrase Chastanet’s full quote “Colonialism had a conscience in that there were people behind it, Covid-19 does not discriminate. It affects all of us.” Bad analogy, poor choice of words but definitely not racist and forgiveable just like Pierre’s gaffes about Martinique being in Europe, and watching what you eat/ eating what you watch, that person’s contort themselves into defending. But I get it the party must contort itself into squeezing racial undertones into everything!

  28. Recently celebrated emancipation day but those slp ministers can’t seem to mentally emancipate themselves from it. We call each other nigga everyday but if a white person says it all hell breaks loose.

  29. That press release not even worth the bandwidth that was used to submit it. Whoever wrote that nonsense should be fired. And to think that the SLP associates it’s brand to this margie says a lot. Pure papishow! Labour party focus on running the country, please. Ah beg you. 67 murders and counting, Cost of living up because of inflation and you burden us further with a 2.5% tax. Can we get a statement and press release on that please? Nonsense!

  30. I like the way all you defending the white man. That is what we call Slavery mentality. I feel sorry for niggers in St. LUCIA.

  31. Vibe well said. It’s time for these always in opposition or always in campaign mode, SLP’s to realize they are in government and govern the country. While they are there protecting the victory and turning everything Chas says into a race card, the country is deteriorating under their watch. I think they need to study Sociology and they would realize that Chas is a black man just like 98 or 99% of St Lucians.

  32. How true it is that 🇱🇨 St Lucians dont wait on tables and depend on the pockets of politicians, but rather depend on the word of God…
    How great, blessings be upon each and everyone,a little longer,when the perfect comes in, the imperfect will disapear !!!!!


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