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Man Shot Dead In Dennery


One man died following a Saturday night shooting at Bois Jolie, Dennery, at about 11:45 p.m.

The deceased, who appeared to be in his thirties, was discovered at the side of the road with a gunshot wound to the head.

He died at the scene.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting were not immediately apparent.

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  1. Our islands are overrun by demons… it’s time for us to take it back. Our church leaders aren’t speaking about the ills and frustrations in our societies nowadays. Once monies are in the collection plates, fine. Foreign preachers come in and it’s all about the money, while our young and not soo young folks are being murdered and our women and babies are raped everyday. Stringent measures need to be put in place to deal with the criminal elements in our societies. BRING BACK HANGING or execute the convicted murderers

  2. Folk people don’t go to church now a days. The churches are all but empty. Moat young people don’t want to hear that Babylon system. When we chase God the demons 😈 runs in.

  3. The churches have their agenda and all they care about is their offerings/Collections when the congregation needs assistance they ask you to pray to God wake up Sheeple, our God says where 2or3 are gathered together in my name I am there, put not your trust in humankind!!!

  4. why go church? is the same church that promotes same sex marriage. what yall dont see whats going on in the world?

  5. Per capita where does Lucia rank in terms of murder? We have to be top 5 this point with this amount of murders for such a small population. This generation of illiterate animals raised by single mothers will ruin the reputation of St.Lucia that has been built up by our predecessors. This county has degenerated so much in one generation it’s scary.

  6. We all have a lot more work to do individually, as families, as communities, socially, spiritually and financially. We have to reclaim the faith and moral examples of our fore parents as well as teach our children to work honestly hard while being patient and satisfied with what they have….or don’t have as yet.

  7. Homicide # 66 was recorded or reported on November 26, 2022. On October 14 we recording homicide # 67. Smh. I now sit back and ask myself what has improved in Lucia. PJP we need our Lucia to improve, increse go forward.
    Like less murders. crime, vehicular accidents, road fatalities, improved working conditions, reduction in unemployment (btw STEP is not employment), more money in our pockets, reduction in prices of goods compared with our salaries (more buying power), less highschool dropouts, I could go on and on. I swear to God me Nah Go Vote again. Curse the day all u political leaders were born. Sorry but. All that improving is the all u lives and your immediate family. Aftter All. Meanwhile all u a.. in the diaspora traveling. Whta day RF, EH, KC now PJP and AJ in Diaspora. How many of u all hv millions and refuse to invest so us young ppl can get a job. The 1 man who has done it. All u wanna crucify the man because he not supporting all u. You own colleagues eh investing in Lucia but all u in the Diaspora whiles Yutes frustarted down here killing each other

  8. A.a….how is the church uh! You all focus on all the negativity surrounding the church… all acting like there is absolutely nothing good in an institution that promotes love peace humility charity etc. When yol bad boys children get shot dead, the first call yol make is to the same pastors and priests for prayers and burial arrangements. The church doesn’t promote sitting by the block and watching people all day…the church will teach an honest living and get rewarded by the sweat of thy brow. …stop raising heartless pigs in the streets and send yol children to hear about the word of GOD.

  9. Bad drug deals and gang activity are behind these ridiculous shootings. Police should target the Dennery area because it has become a crime hot spot. Those fools need to realize carrying a gun and shooting your Lucian brother is just not worth it!

  10. 2Real >sint lucia with its small population and high murder rate ranks very high on the scale all countries would love to avoid. Only Trinidad and Jamaica in the english caribbean would outdo sint lucia . St. Kitts used to be high on the murder per capita scale.

  11. Talking about Demons in St. Lucia? you haven’t seen anything yet. Let me remind you, we are living in the ‘end times’ now, there ain’t too much time left.
    What just happened between Israel & Hamas may not be new, but a series toward the big one. The World is witnessing the rise of evil; evil we have always had from the beginning of time, but this thing is the culmination of and the build up of a greater shock to come and soon too. I don’t want to stray too far from what has been happening in St. Lucia the last few years. While it is true the Churches are not doing what they should, and are happy to be living in the past. That will be to the detriment of the structure of the ‘Church of Christ’ as we once know it. I’m grateful to my parents who saw to it I attended Church every Sunday, and so I taught my own & they’re all very blessed indeed.
    A few years ago this ‘Lady’ from Trinidad found it fit to invite ‘International Witches’ to attend a Witches conference in St. Lucia. Oh poor St. Lucia like you didn’t have enough troubles of your own; of course we always had shootings, But I find it strange that since the invasion of the Witches along with their invisible powers (Demonic Spirits) all Hell broke loose In St. Lucia, and it hasn’t stopped.
    @ Jacob – I agree to bring back hanging or execution of convicted murderers; I am all in favour of public lashing of young culprits found guilty of minor crimes; teach them an early lesson so next time it could be worse. Some politicians may use that as racism, I don’t care if you’re guilty, you need some flogging & your face shown publicly in the media; that will not get rid of the demons; the answer is Prayer to ‘Almighty Father in the name of Jesus’ – find a strong Church, worship the Lord & pray often reading the ‘Holy Bible’.

  12. thats at lease 7 people being killed by gun violence each month with a population of 180k. I find the homicide rate pretty low

  13. Re Article and comments,, It’s true that we are currently experiencing evil at its best.. And that too shall pass away… The bottom line is a Lark of spending power to the fullest..
    We can avoid this problem by sharing the wealth..
    Pay the workers a decent minimum living wage..
    Quote! A hungry dog is an Angry dog..
    All male hungry Dogs…. The Richer and Richest must help the weakest ones, which is the poor and overworked people.. How do the employers short pay their workers and expect their children to be like the days of Yore?
    If we share the wealth, we can leave a perfect life..
    I endorse my thoughts and observations..

  14. First of all the church need to TEACH THE TRUTH.
    The TEN COMMANDMENTS is the key to the life we are supposed to live.
    They want to add and remove from the WORD OF GOD to suit their lifestyle.
    We are all seeing the signs, yet still we turn a blind eye to it.
    We are doomed if none of our so call leaders don’t stand against the things GOD HATES.

  15. A llison
    no matter how much wealth is shared human beings a greedy, jealous, envious ect… They don’t want to see good for others. The so call poor people need to stop leaving beyond their means. One day they will eat poop for chocolate.

  16. @The Most Honorable Lucian Highgrade
    You notice once one party is in power the other party always want to act as if there was no crime ect….under their watch?
    Crime has always been happening and will always happen . We have NO LOVE FOR EACH OTHER

  17. Wow you said 67, but by my count it is at least 69. No media fraternity or the police have come out to tell us about the murder in Piaye. Why is that so? SLT ask the police about the decomposing body that was found in Piaye last Monday with bullet wounds to the head. Maybe they are awaiting the autopsy report.
    This is very serious and I heard a government minster reveal that we are second in the hemisphere when it comes to murder rate per capita. SLT check Shawn Edward for clarification. He made the pronouncement, not the I DON’T KNOW, Minister of National Security. The one who has never been to Vieux Fort.
    Talking about Vieux Fort, should Dennery be designated a Crime Zone. Over to you I DON’T KNOW or THAT’S NOT YOUR BUSINESS minster.

  18. Well it comes down to a weak leader. If we were to treat Vieux Fort and Dennery like they are Hamas, you would see how fast dem mothers and girl friends would be crying and giving up the little punks who causing the trouble.


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