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UWP Ends Vieux Fort Protest Announcing Plan To March In Castries


The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) held its anti-government protest march and public meeting in Vieux Fort on Saturday, declaring plans to take its protest to Castries.

Former UWP MP Herod Stanislas dubbed the event the beginning of a movement to remove the most incompetent, clueless, visionless, and vindictive Prime Minister and government.

The Vieux Fort protest organisers expressed pride in the march and public meeting turnout.

Protesters at UWP march in Vieux Fort

UWP Public Relations Officer Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute thanked the crowd at the Cantonment playing field public meeting.

“You have shown your commitment to your country. You have shown your patriotism. You have shown your disgust and you have let them know that enough is enough,” the former Gros Islet MP asserted.

“But as the political leader indicated to you, we have just begun. This is a movement and it will mushroom,” Montoute stated.

“Nothing can stand in the way of momentum. We are just gathering momentum,” he declared.

He described Saturday’s protest as ‘minor’.

“If they think that they have seen something today. I want to announce to them that they ain’t see nothing yet because today’s protest is a minor protest. This is just the beginning of things to come. We are going to organise another protest, this time in the City of Castries,” the former Gros Islet MP stated.

He felt the protest turnout in Vieux Fort would encourage others who were hesitant about coming out.

“There is nothing to be afraid of,” Montoute said.

However, opposition leader Allen Chastanet said too many Saint Lucians are not standing up and speaking out.

“What has worked in the past where you simply say to yourself, ‘I am waiting for the next election to vote them out.’ In this instance, I do not believe that we have the time to wait for the next election,” the former Prime Minister told the audience.

He said something has to change.

Chastanet also criticised Castries Central MP Richard Frederick.

“Richard has been convincing people in Saint Lucia for the longest time and trying to convince all of you that Allen Chastanet is a white man,” the UWP leader stated.

“Now, that is important because as a white man, what he is saying to you and he is saying to me is I cannot speak to you as a Saint Lucian. He is saying that I am different and I don’t care,” Chastanet explained.

“But I want all of you to know tonight that I am here because I want to be here, not because I have to be here,” the Micoud South MP noted.

“Whenever I want to go on a plane and fly anywhere, I can go. I don’t need to be on business for Saint Lucia. I need to be on my own business. I can go anywhere. I can live and get a job anywhere in the world,” he told the crowd.

In addition, Chastanet said when he travels, it is not to enjoy himself but to return with new ideas for Saint Lucia.


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  1. Is that not the very Vieux Fort that Chastanet sold for a dollar to some Chinese man? I am not pro labour just pro country. But Chastanet made some very questionable decisions in his brief time in office.

  2. I live next to the Cantonnement playing field the maTch was more like a community carnival flambeau t-shirt band with just over 200 persons marching on one side of the newly contructed road. Couldn’t spot one person fron vf south, there was 1 from vf north Nancy Charles 2 from Micoud south Allen Chastanet and Phillip Jn Baptiste and there was a bus for Castries Central. LOL

  3. Uncle Chas, if itโ€™s nice you do it twice. Castries we going – be the voice of the voiceless. Talk about how you can attract investors instead of creating a dependency on other countries for donation. Please keep the momentum going. The pressure is on – keep on moving

  4. Not even 1/10 of labour match y years ago. St. Lucians should know by now eith Chas and Guy st the helm they dill never win another election.

    Similar to when Keney was at the Helm.

    Please search for new leaderdhip and UWP will stand a chance at next general elections. Chas/ Guy you did to much distruction….Just go . Same for Kenny.
    Luciand go not want you all.

  5. With UWP coming back to office with current leadership is not change. All i saw and heard yesterday from UWP is usual.
    Please work on substance and and leadership change so i can vote UWP for next general elections. Otherwise i keep to SLP again..
    Please flambeau please..

  6. @Mischief just like vf north was going to London lol. You’ll jokers must be crazy, have the maTch Castries on a weekday persons working on the weekends so you could have a bit more than 200 attendees and perhaps person from the Castries constituency cause you’ll had if not none but a couple persons from vf south yesterday LOL

  7. Flambeau carnival t-shirt band just over 200 revelers, a couple overeaters dem playing de mass judging by what they were wearing came prepare from the amount of s#!t that Chas spider the pig farmer and I want to whine Sarah was spewing Morgee won road maTch. LOL Chas we looking forward to Castries north maTch bum bum wall and thing LOL

  8. From my personal observation and estimation the march had approximately 2000 participants and the meeting over 3000. This is democracy in action regardless which party. I was surprised and impressed

  9. That is it. Was watching with my friends in the getto last night and we like the vibe make them man know what time it is gasa we not gonna match but we will vote chas all the way.

  10. Anonymous, we have very short memories in St Lucia, that’s why politicians can and will continue to take us for FOOLS. That clause in the DSH project you talking about was put there when the project was first conceptualize under Kenny’s watch. Kenny’s issue with DSH was simply he initiated it and someone else would have implemented it. That’s why he was so bitter. Likewise with the Taiwanese paying the company for contracted work completed through their Panama account.

  11. I hope Richard Frederick is reading these comments. He will be the reason that the slp falls. A man of the people when in opposition but a sno an pompous being when he gets in power. He could boldly declare that ‘ I cannot help all ppl. It’s not because you vote for me, I will help you’. Well tonto tonto. Beat your chest about your wealth, about your influence, you MUST bring that govt down.

  12. St lucians in my years of living i have never seen it like that.i know when an election is won only the opposition would be out there .the party thats in power will not even care what’s going on but that not what it is now.the opposition is doing its thing and the red clowns are just not satisfied with what they have .some of them regret their actions because they know things are not going right .the red clowns had that slogan flat down plat atair not knowing they were saying st lucia is going to finish and the other slogan a woge that means blood sheed stupid set of people I have ever come across some st lucians.the prime Minister I dont even know what is his problem he cannot even express himself. This man is a big shame to st lucia.all the things he use to oppose are the same things he is guilt lucians have this man playing with their lives.i must say no positions will be able to stop crime and I must say parents are to be blame for their young boys and girls being gun down by each other and I say some parents because the way they raise their children but the crimes are happening but what is happening in the country to put streak measures in place to combat the crime situation. I feel our police officers are doing their best but getting those criminals bringing them to court and just a tap on the shoulder and they are back out with better guns what you think will happen.the next thing you hearing a minister saying they can get information from the police do you think that is not enough to get st lucian minister act like a prime minister you all behave like little boys in the house quarreling in the house with each other and even walking out.A prime Minister is surpose to be a humble man nothing is suppose to get to him he surpose to be a neutral man leading by example.what are you all living for our young boys and girls if they are to lucians I hop you all see we are heading for destruction with that kind of behavior. St lucians some of them they are only seeing red and yellow but we need to look into the best intrest of our children because they are the one who will form the next generation not those hard backs.the prime Minister need to step up or step lucia is in trouble and big trouble when you say that people may not understand until we are face with it where we cannot deal with it at all.i must say I am so dissapointed in the way this prime Minister would handle himself in the house it says alot.every one have a right to their choice and we need to respect the choice but I must say the prime Minister is the issue there I think if it was Kenny Anthony he would handle things differently I think so but this prime Minister is not ready to Minister. St lucians we need better we deserve better.i call them the clowns because they behave just like those stupid clowns in the house on social media in their speech they say what was not surpose to say you ask questions and they answer something else only clowns behave like that.i feel so sorry for us st lucians but one thing just remember those miserable ministers cannot save us only God can do so be mindful of our choices be very mindful. I did not post because of others post .

  13. Chastanet is not a white man, but he models himself on being one, as he was born in a family of wealth. His wife is a Du Boulay. They were involve in the enslavement of black people. They are French . After 400 years of slavery 44 years post independence. The working poor still work for them for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour modern day slavery is in st lucia

  14. Why was there such a meager turnout? Some have estimated it to be about 200 people. If the current administration was performing terribly then I would anticipate thousands to turn out in Chastanet’s aimless protest march. If Chastanet’s negative narrative of the government was correct then why did the international agency Freedom House assert that St. Lucia under the SLP is free at 92% ahead of France at 89% in terms of political rights and civil liberties? Freedom House cited the corruption under the UWP government especially the $7 million Chastanet’s opaque deal with Rebel Investment.

    It is not hyperbole to say that the UWP-led government under Chastanet was very corrupt and Chastanet is now using every deceptive means to regain power but the people are aware of his nefarious deeds. It appears that Mr. Bradley Felix knows Chastanet’s penchant for stating falsehoods so he separated himself from the UWP mantra of catcalls and ad hominem attacks rather like a statement he articulated the problems facing the nation. St. Lucia is better off without Chastanet and his henchmen. If only he had the skills and intelligence to secure a decent job he would not immerse himself in our politics.

  15. @Joseph George 2000 to 3000 are you having a laugh or you can’t do maths I live in Cantonment and it was not in the thousands it was no more than a couple hunded persons

  16. Joseph George 2000 to 3000 you must have attended Trump University cause you can’t do maths

  17. I cannot believe anything UWP will say, their leader has a MOM degree. That is masters of mantee degree. Now St. Lucians, who will answer these questions
    1. Isn’t sending monies to Panama breaking the Finance act?
    2. What did Chas do with the 863 million dollars he borrowed?
    3. How many St. Lucian passports did Chas sell?
    4. When will St. Lucians receive the money for the vaccine?
    Juke Bois answer these.


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