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Dr. Jocelyne Fletcher Denies Endorsing Victimisation Of The Police During UWP Protest

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Former Saint Lucia Diaspora Affairs Ambassador Dr. Jocelyne Fletcher has denied inciting opposition United Workers Party (UWP) supporters against the police and planning to victimise officers once the UWP gets into office.

Fletcher’s denial was in response to a viral video of comments she made during an opposition protest march in Vieux Fort on Saturday.

However, she told St. Lucia Times that the recording did not capture the whole story.

Fletcher, while acknowledging that she is militant, said she always preaches peace.

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She said she was responsible for controlling the crowd because they listened to and respected her as a long-standing UWP member.

“I was keeping our people in line,” the former Ambassador explained.

She recalled that a small group, comprising mainly people from the diaspora, were near a public road where armed police advised them they could not enter.

Fletcher said most of the crowd returned, but a small number wanted to stand on the road and take photos.

She said when the police did not allow them, the group started to agitate, at which point she received a call to intervene and went behind the police barrier to get the group to go back.

“I was physically pushing our people back because they were determined to go and take pictures and they felt their rights were being trampled upon,” Fletcher recalled.

She said UWP political leader Allen Chastanet arrived and wanted to conduct a media interview but was not allowed to go in front of the St. Jude Hospital building.

According to Fletcher, she told the people the police were following instructions and advised them to be obedient.

In addition, she said a senior police officer expressed gratitude to her for helping to control the crowd.

She also said she told UWP supporters to take pictures of the officers’ faces and mark their faces in their minds.

Fletcher said her comments were in response to a question from supporters, and the intention was that once the UWP was back in power, the officers’ should be asked why they acted in that manner, which she felt was wrong.

“I was facing my people. I never spoke to the police,” she stated.

“I said, ‘Let us go. We don’t make rules. The people are doing what they are told to do, even if it is not right. So mark their faces. Note them. Take pictures of them so that when we get in power, you can go back to them and ask them why they did that when they themselves would not feel intimidated or victimised,” Fletcher stated.

“I actually said, ‘Ask them. Why did they do this’,” the former Ambassador said.

“If you had the whole video you would see me pushing back the crowd, physically pushing the people who were more vocal and were in front,” Fletcher told St. Lucia Times.

Headline photo: Dr. Jocelyne Fletcher (Stock image)


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  1. Nonsense Dr. Fletcher! However the SLP are in no position to speak. Aren’t these the same set of persons who were trespassing on private lands and pushing police officers aside. I recall the following “Don’t try it” and “I was your commanding officer, so you cannot tell me nothing about policing” The sheer arrogance! Politicians in St Lucia really sicken me!

  2. Let me first begin by saying that I endorsed what was said by Dr. Fletcher at the time, but on hindsight I totally rejected her insinuation that on the return of the UWP, the officers in question would be made to pay. I love the police wholeheartedly and don’t take kindly to people attempting to threatening them. Dr. Fletcher was emotional during that episode and I don’t think that she means bad for the police. She should attempt to soften her position on the police, instead of attempting to deny that she said it. Dr. Fletcher’s position is certainly not the position of the UWP.

  3. Poor excuse ! That’s the kind of lawlessness that is being emulated by our young people today and we all see the results . If they at the head cannot set good examples, what would they expect of their blind followers. The blind need to stop following the blind. Only that they can’t see . The laws of the country must be followed at all cost, if when we disagree. This is your turn but we will have our turn bull sheet. The fight is for personal gain Not for country !

  4. Politics is nasty for this island as a whole, everything is just riddle with politics interference and those who have to be held accountable for their actions needed to be dealt with regardless of the consequences. The security of this island should not or never be associated or dabble in politics or be forced to carry out instructions by politicians’ ministers or otherwise. If you are doing such then you are not a security force officer who are taking tax payers money to support wicked mind set and agenda. Foolishness has no place for excitements!

  5. You can deny the statement as much as you want,you made. Being militant is to be combative and aggressive in support of a political party,to incite violence and be confrontational.This is exactly what you did,we often wonder why are young men and women behave in such a riotus and angry manner.
    It’s directly as a results of the behavior of influential person like you in society.

  6. Wow when SLP want to discredit a person they will use the highest words in the dictionary to Maline people waiting for anything that moves so that they can comment in a high couluten way. Sick people.

  7. Joycelyn Fletcher I need you to listen to the video over and over , until you understand what you’re reading.

  8. I can remember RF ejecting spittle into the face of a police inspector whilst screaming at him. I remember CH, the prostituted pot-banging faux-nationalist, doing the same thing. Many in the police are now considered as bought and paid for by Richard.

  9. Implying or stating violence is unacceptable. There has to be a level of self-control by all, if we hope to move forward. How many times that we have heard, “I was emotional” after those primitive outbursts? If we can’t keep our impulses in check then we are no better than the primates that roam the jungle. Those political parties and their misdirected fanatics, will be the bane of this place.
    Both parties want to be at the feeding trough at the same time. No one wants to wait for the other to end engorgement. In actuality it’s a case of Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

  10. Total garbage,she realises that she was wrong and now try to spin it,Go back and ask them what?Ask them why they did iwhat they did,total nonesense…..Jocelyn you were caught on tape,saying just what you said dont try to spin it not working,you are making yourself look foolish…


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