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Female Cop In Custody After Gun, Ammunition Found In Barrel At Vieux Fort


On Tuesday, October 17, 2023, about 11:20 am, Officers attached to the Criminal
Investigations Department at the Vieux Fort Police Station, responded to a call from
the Customs and Excise Department in relation to a discovery at the Vieux Fort

It was reported that a barrel was inspected and

 one (1) 9mm pistol,
 two (2) .45 magazines,
 two (2) 9mm calibre magazines,
 one (1) .40 calibre magazine,
 one (1) speed loader,
 one (1) holster,
 two hundred and eight (208) .45 calibre ammunition,
 ninety-eight (98) 9mm calibre ammunition,
 fifty-nine (59) 7.62 calibre ammunition,
 forty-three (43) .40 calibre ammunition,
 thirty-two (32) .380 calibre ammunition
 and thirty-four (34) .22 calibre ammunition, were discovered therein.

Currently, a female Officer is in custody concerning this incident; preliminary
investigations are ongoing and an update will be provided to the public in due

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Stock image.

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  1. That’s what’s wrong with st lucia in a nutshell our police officers are too Damm corrupt babonneau police station money talks


  3. No doubt this is directly linked to the ongoing feud at Vfort.this has gotten this infectious that even police and ministers of that community are directly or indirectly siding with the creebo’s.

  4. Therefore,let no one judge ⚖️ the other, but examine each other ❗
    If God does not put his trust in his holy ones,more less than a sinner ❓
    One day as in our childhood, while playing with my cousin she,we found an empty pk of cigarette contains a$20
    dollars note…
    Each one telling one another do not take it,whithout knowing what is in the mind,we both end up meeting face to face to collect it…

  5. Y’all took the lapo officer into custody but not one soul was taken into custody when y’all got the container of drugs was “intercepted”. Not one soul was taken into custody when the fridge of arms was intercepted. Not one soul was taken into custody when the barrels of drugs was intercepted.

    The big guns walk but the lapo peipyare taken into custody.

  6. Young lady, how does it feel to now realise you’re about to lose your freedom? Dumb decision, so you win the prize.


  8. Pierre you eh have no deterrence. Foreign criminals continue and will continue to ship guns and ammunition unless you make it costlier. Every time contraband is found, the senders never face local justice. A tap on the hand is normally applied to local receivers…sometimes they simply walk away. We need to double tap those senders because they are the more dangerous. On all instances, we need to get them down here even if they have already faced US justice. We want to increase the fear factor, so that thinking of illegally shipping guns and ammo would generate heart palpitations. There is no excuse for not getting senders here. One must first present identification to ship a barrel through US ports. The shipper has that information. There are also fingerprints on the shipping documents. The cops need to act fast so the US law enforcement can lay their hands on that new POS.

    While you are it Pierre, change the easy bail laws for illegal guns. Finally, your last act should be signing off as the security minister. You don’t comprehend deterrence, plus are very bad at the job. Hire a security professional.

  9. To do my job without fear, favor or prejudice. Good job Customs and Police. However, the Customs should inspect their colleague’s barrels etc also and not only other persons own. Guess the scanners and equipment working well. Big up to the government who gave it. To other public servants, please don’t embarrass yourself and loved ones for a few more dollars or friendship. Time has a way of catching up with our misdeeds.

  10. Re Article, Good job by the good Popo.
    And a very bad day for the cancer that exists in police Forces… Job well done good Popo..

  11. well come to think of it crime pays way more than their salary, police have to work so hard and sometime barley get vacation so they see it as no risk no reward

  12. you know how many times this must have pass tru. the discovery is a tip of the ice burg perhaps a coincidence. The person that got jail in the US for shipping guns here you think it was just him?

  13. Well I am not surprise about this findings, I have been saying this all along custom hold her because they never got their cut. All that ammo which means their must be buyers with the guns ALREADY so this should give one an indication how much has pass thru customs. Some Clowns talking about the PM don’t have no deterrance customs should be the deterrance but those profiting from gun crimes in St Lucia are the ones that need to be arrested

  14. Wake up St. lucians its high time we start holding these politicians, police officers, custom officials accountable for our safety, as it relates to more hefty penalties for crime on the island, periodic testing of police and custom office including psychological, lie detector and background checks and more thorough searches and inspection of goods coming into the island. We are losing our, fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, grandchildren mainly through gun violence and no one seems to care. This has become the norm and goes like business as usual. St. lucia do not manufacture guns, so when find guns in barrels and such, let us not just charge the person who came to clear the barrel, but contact the relevant authorities where the barrel came from, so they can launch their own investigation, because exporting illegal guns and ammunition outside of most country is illegal as well.

  15. Re IMPACS report and KDA’s national broardcast. Are there law enforcement officers involved in extra judicial killings? Is there a major money launderer on island that is very close to a political figure who is allegedly involved in drugs and assasinations? Why were the Vieux Fort 5 taken out? Why was Baje taken out? Who runs the drug trade in Vieux Fort and are they financing any political figures? Is there a fundamental reason that Vieux Fort must remain poor and out of sight and mind? What would be the best way to launder money in St. Lucia? Sell a product for cash that nobody actually knows how much inventory you have ie a natural resource?

  16. One thing I will say about this incident is you never trust the fox with the eggs or the chickens so don’t trust the fox to guard the HEN HOUSE full stop

  17. Working as a police officer and a security guard does not pay much long hours and low wages. The average security guard earns 3 t0 5 dollars an hour and police officer 1700 a month… When the government enact a minimum wage, I hope that a security guard will earn 12 hours a day

  18. No one receives the honor upon himself except his work will bring him to light…
    It will be revealed wether with fine to tast the quality of each man’s work either to received a reward or suffer loss ‼️

  19. This is why there is so much gun violence in St Lucia. Fools believe because the amo was found on the docks in VF it’s only VF it was destined for only yeah right. It’s St Lucians in the diaspora that’s fueling gun violence in St Lucia and I will take back no chat for saying so.

  20. You guys are blaming everyone else – when some of you Lucians are the very culprits – the blood is on their hands. Some folk will do anything for money including selling their soul, their mother’s soul etc. etc.

  21. So you are one of the main reasons why we losing our young souls. If only you knew how much it hurts to lose a Loved one in such a way. Shame on you 😡

  22. To think we know/understand this female police officers reasons for what appears to be a stupid involvement, is a sign that we have clearly not understood the drug and violence that has become part of our little island’s culture. Protect us Lord 🙏

  23. Money is the key ,even police officers dealing with drug Lord’s SMH,an urll saying urll want to stop crime

  24. what a great shame upon our people. all news headlines “a female officer”. whats about
    the others, container of drugs, refrigerator with guns. and many others. high level of hipocrasy.

  25. Let’s look at things differently for a while. It is a fact that we live in a veeery corrupt society, one where persons become rich overnight. Since that is the case, our young people, police or not will aspire to the same riches as our politicians and other persons in our society. We see individuals who could hardly make ends meet before becoming politicians and magically, over a five year period, become very wealthy or millionaires. We see the same in other sectors of our society. So tell me why should we expect the police to remain straight when everyone else is crooked or corrupt. Why should the police be ethical when everyone else is hustling to become rich overnight. Don’t they have the same needs and wants. Shouldn’t they become rich too. Why shouldn’t the police be corrupt, hanky and panky their way to the top and be called Sir too. The police didn’t fall from the sky – we socialized them and we should expect them be what they were socialized to be. We are too hypocritical as a people – Becoming rich through corrupt deeds shouldn’t be only for the elites and politicians amongst us. Sometimes, based on what I see and hear I wonder whether the word “ethics” is meant to keep us poor and destitute while our leaders and their families become rich, filthy rich. So while I don’t condone corruption, I do not expect the Popo to be straight in a society like ours. Garage in – Garage out.

  26. I personally believed the authorities acted too quickly on this one because I this lady officer was a very small fish so they should have offer her a deal and let her deliver the barell to the big fish because it always makes sense to use your expensive oil to fry the big fish
    Unless the police already know who the big fish is and don’t want to expose them in this bacarnal
    So my take on that is always go 4 the big fish because we need bigger fish to fry

  27. I personally think the authories should have acted differenly in this case and offer the lady officer a deal in other to catch the big fish by letting her deliver the barell to its rightfull owner we all know this lady was a small fish therfore we should go after the bigger fish unless they already know who the bigger is and don’t want to drag the big fish in this bacarnal in fear of too names going to called and too many thing exposed
    So we need to focus on the very big fish when we catch the small ones by offering a deal for information because catching the small fish without going after the big ones will not bring in good results so we need the bigger fish to fry we can’t afford wasting our oil on frying the little fish we need bigger fish to fry

  28. It shows that she can get away with that and it is a mistake. If it was someone else we gone to bordelais. And she back at work. Who knows how much pass already


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