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UWP Demands Suspension Of 2.5 Percent Health & Security Levy


The United Workers Party demands the immediate and complete suspension of the 2.5% Health and Security Levy.

This is in response to the rising cost of living, the adverse impact on the local business community, and the volatile global economic climate.

We call on the Phillip J. Pierre Administration to spare no effort in completely abolishing this ill-conceived measure.

The Health and Security Levy has had an unquantifiable negative impact on ordinary consumers, especially vulnerable citizens who are already burdened by the increasing costs of everyday commodities.

Even before the imposition of this tax, essential items such as bread, electricity bills (with a 30% increase), food in supermarkets, LPG cooking gas, petroleum, diesel, and even bus fares have seen unsustainable price hikes. It is evident that this tax has burdened an already dire situation.

Therefore, we demand for an immediate and total suspension.

The business community is also grappling with the repercussions of this policy. Companies from various sectors continue to express their frustration over the confusion and disruption caused by this measure.

The Health and Security Levy is unquestionably hindering the private sector’s ability to expand and create jobs, especially considering the unemployment rate, which stands at unacceptable levels according to the Economic and Social Review.

The tax must be immediately and completely suspended.

We are disappointed that the government did not heed the Chamber of Commerce’s call to postpone the tax until January 2024.

Many businesses are still struggling to implement the necessary administrative and policy changes to collect this tax on behalf of the government.

There is a genuine fear that many might inadvertently violate the state’s tax laws, subjecting them to severe penalties.

The cost of doing business will undoubtedly increase as companies face the real and present threat of additional costs, as services subject to the H&S Levy, such as advertising, accounting, security, and brokerage services, will incur an additional 2.5% charge. This burden will inevitably be passed on to you, the end consumers.

An example of this scenario can be seen in the notices issued by KFC, National Housing Corporation and Digicel indicating that the prices of their products will increase.

Even though the SLP administration has gone to great lengths to explain that food prices will not be affected by the tax, raising the costs of services will inevitably lead to higher food prices.

Due to the volatile global economic climate, which has been further compounded by the Russian-Ukraine war and growing instability in the Middle East, there is a global energy crisis with a ripple effect on consumables.

This exacerbates the global inflation problem. Given these circumstances, there is no better time than now to immediately and completely suspend the Health and Security Levy.

SOURCE: United Workers Party

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  1. it right to happen to us chas cause if yall were doing what yall had to do when yall was in power yall would have still been there and we would not have no security levy imposed on us.

  2. In April 2021, the Government of Saint Lucia paid the company $7 million for these COVID-19 vaccines. To date, the company has not delivered any COVID-19 vaccines to the government and more than $5 million is still outstanding. What say you Allen???

  3. @The anarchist you are entitled to your express yourself however before you make your comments try to get an up on whatever it is that you want to elaborate on. Also this article has nothing to do with the missing $5 million
    whether it’s the SLP OR UWP you should be thankful someone is trying to reduce the cost of leaving for us.

  4. In an environment where inflation is at least 50% to impose additional taxes on the population scraping by is utterly destructive. It is almost by design Pierre’s regime is trying to destroy the country,

  5. @HN Anarchist is bring out a point and I believe you must listen carefully. In a nutshell its reference to the poor management of the country finances from the previous administration which is impacting us now. The hundreds of millions given away.
    No government would want to impose stiff taxes on the public without a need to.

  6. @CARBAY Thank you, it’s just one example of the poor management of the country’s finances by the former administration in the middle of covid with persons out of work and crying out for help you give away 7 million dollars of the country’s money. If Allen Chastanet had not mismanaged our country’s finances we would not be in this suitation.

  7. “Chamber of Commerce’s call to postpone the tax until January 2024.” I wish to read that advice from the Chamber of Commerce.
    “raising the costs of services will inevitably lead to higher food prices.” Only an inept person would not hv realized that. What is even more ridiculous is there are persons who refuse to Denounce this 2.5% levy after bus fare increase and already high inflation. Then idiots regurgitate Oh so and so mis manage the economy. ANARCHIST prove what u saying gvn facts, and figures cause i can gv u FACTS and FIGURES to refute your statement. FACT. INCREASE IN BUS FARE,INCREASE IN FOOD PRICES, INCRREASE TAX. What is the benefit from All these increases? More money for PJP and his guys to travel and create posts such Ambassador to the Ambassadors in secret and pay their buddy a hefty salary. Chooppss Tan

  8. If the previous Administration didn’t mis manage our funds St Judes Hospital wouldn’t have the cash flow problems and the need to increase deposits…. £2000 per night hotel stays, unnecessarily building new road to accommodate a horse track, which the developer passed the cost to us the people, cancer causing astro turf etc ect…..

  9. @ The anarchist – Before you go publicly to make such statements I would suggest you go about educating your self about such transactions. You read about the elephant’s tail and you believe you read about the entire elephant. There is much more to the elephant than just the tail.

    During the covid, no third world government could contact the Vaccine manufacturer such as Pfizer directly. Instead they had to go through a middle company which interface with the companies. At the time I am sure, the money would have to be up front so they can begin to negotiate on your behalf. Both Barbados and St. Lucia decided to purchase the vaccines for their citizens. Unfortunately, with all the demand being higher than the supply at the time the middle company could not fulfill the requests. Money was never lost or publicly misused. It was agreed the money would return to both Barbados and St. Lucia. Your source of information misinformed you and made you look like a fool with your statement. There is no legal activities going on or some form of negotiation. This money will return to the state at some time. It is just unfortunate it is take some time. People need to stop listening to the half truths and lies going around. It is your responsibility to educate your self and read the facts so when the lies state to fly around you can reject them.

  10. UWP I have to admit Chas and some of his supporters don’t like the poor people in St Lucia. 2.5% will help the poor people but uwp don’t want that.
    The predicament St Lucia is facing today is because Chas gave Sandals 24 million, 7 million for unknown vaccine, 863 million borrowed up to now we don’t know where it went to, passports sold we don’t know the quantity, 54 million to Panama. For heaven sake how can St Lucia go forward when all these monies gone in thin air. I support the 2.5 %to help the health of the poor people.

  11. So the Yellow Clowns complaining but on one hand THEY KNOW THAT IN JANUARY 2024 IT’S SLATED FOR AN INCREASE. Chooops….. October done already we are almost in November. So November, December, January. Where in this world healthcare is cheap ?? Only oil rich Arab country health care cheap……not even in Cuba anymore it cheap. The problem with St Lucians they don’t look beyond our sea shores to gauge how the rest of the world is living, they all swear everything the government can make CHEAPER. They never once think WHAT WE DON’T PRODUCE AND IMPORT GONE UP . Same thing with gas they want the government to buy it high pay to have it shipped here and turn around and sell it for pennies. You know what PM. Pierre cut back on the tax to please these clowns, BUT RAISE THE TAX ON LIQUOR AND CIGARETTES THEY WILL BAWL, BUT I BET YOU CAN’T FIND ONE EMPTY BAR IN ST LUCIA AFTER YOU RAISE THE TAX WHEREVER THE MONEY HAS TO COME FROM THEY WILL FIND IT.

  12. Antichrist has said nothing to condemned !!
    Followed by :
    A (gouvernement) has the stability to act promptly with ⚖️ justice :
    He was the first to condemned the hotel workers (all employees),to be consider as sheeps for slaughter to take the kiler 💉 vaccin…
    Followed by the SLP, which did not defend the workers from loosing their post (job)…
    Where were marry Franfesse ❓
    There is too much to be said, but was him complice in the suitation of the coconut bay affaires for not paying the employees a well deserved serverance pay for all their hard labour ❓
    Even on coals we would pay tax…

    While all the employees of the french national regions who did not accepts the killer 💉 vaccin, has regain or(reintergrate… their post back, God is good and the enemy has defeated…
    A question is not a reproach :
    Will the leader or,of 🇱🇨St Lucia do the same for his people…
    Except the late Hon..JMC… who treat the employees with a fair salary wage by implimente the labor code for all employees to be treat with a fair severence pay… though was not honest…
    Later, when he was no, was grieviously violeted by the KA administration, which today the employees are suffering the guilts…


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